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Soft PVC Tiles

Garage tiles can be made from numerous raw materials. One of the most popular materials garage floor tiles are made from today is durable PVC. Garage floor tiles made from PVC feel soft and pliable to the touch and many people often say they feel like rubber. These tiles were originally designed to be used as a garage floor covering since the tiles are resistant to most chemicals commonly found in garages however their softer more pliable surface under foot has made these tiles work well as a multiuse floor covering. Some common places you may find PVC tiles in use are as a gym floor tile, as kitchen flooring, utility room flooring, and in many other locations. PVC Interlocking tiles are available in numerous surface patterns including a coin pattern, a diamond pattern, and a slate pattern just to name a few. A wide variety of color options are also available which offers the customer the chance to make custom floor patterns such as checker board patterns or whatever else you can dream up. Free samples are available of each garage tile so please feel free to order them so you can see and feel the difference yourself.