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Garage Flooring Inc offers a complete line of installation and maintenance products for your entire garage flooring needs. Whether you are installing a roll out vinyl garage floor system or making a cool design using our modular garage tile products, we guarantee we have everything you need to easily install and maintain your beautiful and new garage floor covering. The first tool we offer is our double sided carpet tape which works great indoors or out. This product is designed to make sure vinyl garage floor rolls or interlocking flex tiles stay in place and do not shift in your garage. The second install tool we offer is our reliable yet inexpensive utility knife which helps make custom cutting in your PVC flexi tiles or roll out garage flooring a breeze. This tool is often used in conjunction with our adjustable T-square to ensure all of your cuts are straight. For those people who are installing a modular lock tile that can snap together in cool designs, such as our grid-loc tile, we also have a shear cutter that can make clean and precise cuts in an polypropylene plastic tile. The shear cutter is not required as customers can also saw their tiles however the shear cutter will provide a cleaner cut in a plastic garage tile. For those customers who would like a more permanent adhesive solution, we do carry a polyurethane adhesive that is designed specifically for use indoors or outdoors. This kind of adhesive is usually only recommended for use with PVC or Vinyl garage floors and is not recommended for use with plastic garage floor tiles. Seam Sealer is also available for customer using more than one garage floor roll to cover their garage. Finally we do offer a floor cleaner and degreaser as well as a finish and sealer available. These products were originally designed to be used on our rubber flooring on our sister site however after quite a bit of testing, we have determined that these cleaner also work well on our PVC flex tile and rolled vinyl garage flooring. Neither of them are really recommended for use on the modular plastic tiles however.