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13 Garage Theme Ideas for Your Perfect Space

Get ready to make your garage pop! Create the perfect garage for you using these 13 garage theme ideas including everything from Harley to a Super Mario Bros!

It’s time to start planning that garage you’ve been dreaming of! There are few things more exciting (and overwhelming!) than taking on a big new project, but something tells me you are up for the task.

Before you start spending those hard-earned savings, it’s important to figure out exactly what you want to do with your space. I recommend knowing all the things you want (including paint colors and lighting!) before you buy anything. This way you can be sure everything will fit together.

To begin, you’ve figured out how you want to use your garage. Now let’s decide if you need a specific theme to go with it. To make your decision easier, check out this compiled list of garage theme ideas, and some customer review inspiration, to kickstart your imagination.

By Style

Old, new, and everything in between. Whatever style you’re into, you can make it happen. You can pick just about any era – go all the way back to Game of Thrones times or even into what you imagine the future to be. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

garage theme ideas


There are plenty of decades to choose from for the vintage look. However, I feel like everyone has a very clear image in their minds of the classic 1950s look. Black and white checkered floors. Splashes of red decor. My mind immediately goes to that classic vintage soda shoppe.

You can put in a little soda bar area with some vintage stools and add some neon signs. Don’t forget to add some nice shelving to display all your ‘50s decor.

Feeling Vintage?

garage theme ideas

Modern / Contemporary

What’s hot right now? Sleek, minimalist designs, grays with a pop of color, bright whites, and refurbished looks.

Start with a sleek black or gray floor. Then consider adding a pop of color on the walls or even doing an accent wall – they’re still in and you never see them in a garage. Or, you could add your accent with colored lighting.

Keep the sleek and minimal look with organized storage and shelving. Decide on just a few decor pieces that really pop, but don’t go crazy; contemporary looks are not cluttered or clunky. Keep it simple.

Modernize Your Garage!

garage theme ideas


This is just the opposite of a contemporary garage. It’s almost that “everything is bigger in Texas” idea. Big, aged decor with plenty of character. A contrast to the sleek look we discussed above.

You can use plenty of reds and browns. Create a brick interior wall and include your favorite country music posters.

Rustic style also loves natural elements and earth tones. To start out, looking for a tan, or brown garage flooring would be best. Maybe include some custom built-in shelving and don’t be afraid to distress your furniture for a little extra character.

Found Your Garage Theme?

A Car Lover’s Garage

Some of us just love cars. Working on them, looking at them, collecting car-themed memorabilia. That’s why we have a whole section dedicated to car-centered garages.

garage theme ideas


The most traditional use for a garage is a place to park and work on your vehicle. For the mechanic types who love working on their car (and their friends’ cars and their grandmother’s sister’s second cousin’s car) in their garage – this is your setup, my friends!

It’s a pretty traditional use for a garage, but not everyone goes all the way with the look and decor. There’s already a lot to consider with tools, lifts, car parts, etc. It can easily get overwhelming.

Let’s keep it simple. What do you need for your shop? A car to work on, your tools, a floor that’s easy to clean and made to stand up to oil and heavy machinery, and a place to put your things. So, let’s get a durable garage roll, a toolbox, and some storage to start!

Once you’ve got the basics, you can add some signs, posters, and decorative hanging spots for your most-used tools. And don’t forget some good lighting so you don’t end up putting the alternator on the hood!

Get Your AutoShop in Order!

garage theme ideas

garage theme ideas

Fancy Car

If you drive something like a Porsche or Ferrari you probably really love your car. You don’t invest in a car like that unless you’re a car person. And not just a car person, but a Porsche person or a Ferrari person, or a whatever-your-fancy-car-is person.

Why not jazz up the garage to match your car? Start with a sharp garage floor tile pattern that complements your pride and joy (the car!). Then add some posters and signs with the logo and other cars like yours.

Display some fancy car decor with some nice shelving and consider storage for all your extra car parts.

Feeling Fancy and Inspired?

garage theme ideas

Race Car

You don’t have to own a race car to have a race car themed garage! A guy/gal can dream, right?

No matter what you drive, it can still be fun to deck out your garage with signs and posters of your favorite race cars.

Growing up my parents loved Nascar, I mean loved it. So it’s easy for me to give you ideas on how to decorate a race car themed garage.

If you’re just a lover of all things race cars, you can hang all kinds of collectibles on the walls, such as mini car hoods, die-cast replicas, racing helmets, and metal car brand signs. I’ve seen people do some DIY projects for their garage and make stools from old car rims and various old tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. But if you don’t want to make themed furniture, we also have racing-themed chairs, stools, and desks gearing up to take your garage off to the races. And of course, no racing theme would be complete without a shiny new toolbox!

But the one element that will really pull the look of this garage together is the classic black and white checkered floor! We offer a variety of garage tiles in multiple different textures to fit your vision of a perfect race garage!

Ready to Go Fast?

garage theme ideas

Street Muscle

Similar to the race car theme, muscle cars have a plethora of options for decor! There are a couple of different ways you could approach this theme: a very clean, sleek modern appeal, or my favorite, have it appear more grunge and dirty. After all, dirt and grunge have a lot of character just like a muscle car.

For decor, my first thought is a collection of old license plates to hang on the wall. You can spread them out or just make a beautiful solid wall of the plates!

Just like the race car theme, hanging metal car brand signs works as a great wall piece too. The DIY possibilities are endless with this theme, you can craft almost anything out of old tools and car parts to give your space a unique, custom feel.

For example, take all your old tools or spark plugs and make a chandelier! And for all those guys who like a challenging project, take the front end of the car and mount it to your wall or turn it into a couch.

To tie the look and feel together we suggest using epoxy for your floor. There are endless possibilities with epoxy and you can get super creative with it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you with your design.

Is this Car Theme Garage Your Style?

Games and Activities

There are few things more fun and exciting than a grown-up game room. There are so many fun game and activity themes you can use to give yourself a place to unwind that also make a great space for entertaining.

garage theme ideas

Casino Themed Garage

Imagine this: a few slot machines, some card tables, low lighting, a great bar area, and one of those fancy casino carpets.

Of course, this isn’t a garage you’d want to park your car in. This is for the weekly poker night host who wants to keep the fun going 24/7. Now, if you want a part-time casino and full-time parking spot, you can put down some epoxy that works for your card tables and vehicles with no problem at all.

This gives you a space to keep all your things rather than taking over the house on poker night. Add a little storage to keep your cards and chips while you’re not using them. You could even add a Craps or Roulette table if you wanted to get really fancy!

Willing to go All In?

garage theme ideas

Video Game or Arcade Themed Garage

Great news, you can have your favorite games in one place! Old school Pacman or the latest and greatest. Either way, you can create your dream personal arcade room right there in your garage!

Personally, I’m an old school video game lover. A Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog garage would be pretty sweet in my world. Of course, if you want to go with Halo, Minecraft, or a Call of Duty theme, those are all great ideas, too. Obviously there are about a zillion (technical data-driven number right there) options.

But this garage can be for any game you love, whether you’re playing or decorating. You can start with a super cool 8-bit image using garage floor tiles, like the one above. Or, just start with a garage flooring roll or tile colors that match your theme. Don’t forget about shelving for all your collectibles!

Start Gaming and Entertaining!

Home Gyms

garage theme ideas

I have seen some sweet garage gyms in my day. When you think about it, it’s really the perfect place to put your home gym if you’re not set on parking your car there. Garages are generally moderately big and open with a concrete subfloor that you don’t have to worry much about.

If you want a home gym-themed garage, it’s really simple. Grab some gym flooring, some gym turf if you need it, exercise equipment, and maybe a motivational poster or two and you’re ready to get your sweat on. No matter what type of workout you intend to do, your garage can be there for it all!

Start Creating Your Home Gym!


garage theme ideas

Are you a Harley-Davidson lover? I feel like people who love their motorcycles really looooooove their motorcycles. In fact, it’s not uncommon to design your whole garage around that passion.

Get started with the classic orange and black color scheme. Try a checkered floor with orange and black or black and white, keeping orange as your accent color. Get some Harley Davidson decor, some awesome motorcycle mats, and, of course, don’t forget the motorcycle itself!

Harley Theme, Always!


garage theme ideas

People who love their sports tend to want to dedicate any and all decor to the sport of their choice, and the teams they love. It’s that dedication that warrants a sports-themed garage!

While I suppose you could theme your entire house around your favorite sport or team, that could quickly become overkill. If you have a dedicated space where you’ll be watching your team kill it, that is the perfect place to go overboard on all your posters and memorabilia.

If you’re not parking in your garage, I cannot think of a better starter than carpet tiles that sport your favorite team colors. For those of you who still want to park in the garage, we have garage tiles and some awesome motorcycle mats that show off your team spirit while still having a place for your cars!

Starting from the bottom up, you can make this place scream your love for your team. From there, you can add posters, cards, memorabilia, footballs/basketballs, you name it.

“Sport Theme Me, Please!”

Outdoor Recreational Sports

garage theme ideas

The great outdoors! Okay, let’s be real – outdoor sports require a lot of stuff. Chances are you are (at least) partially using your garage as a storage space for outdoor gear if you’re into any of these things.

If you’re keeping everything in there anyway, why not go with it and make it the theme? There are so many things you can do! Camping, hiking, the list goes on. If you can imagine it, you can use it as a garage theme. If you’re not parking in the garage, why not choose a natural color scheme- tans, browns, and greens, just to get the outdoor aesthetic?

I’m pretty sure you could walk into an outdoor store and leave with your entire garage decor. From a place to hang your fishing hooks to big wooden fish on the wall, there are a lot of directions you could go.

Here is my advice: with outdoor equipment comes water. Some vented garage tiles designed to handle water would be a great place to start. You can park on them too, so it’s a multi-use solution.

After you choose your floor, don’t forget some shelving for all of your decor and knick-knacks.

Bring the Outdoors in Your Garage!


Not sure how to bring your style into your garage? We’ll get you on the right track. Just hit us up and let us help you make your dream a reality. Know your garage theme? Get started with some garage flooring, in-home flooring, and storage today!

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