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20+ Garage Theme Ideas for Your Perfect Space

Get ready to make your garage pop! Create the perfect garage for you using these 20+ garage theme ideas including everything from Harley to wine bar.

It’s time to start planning that garage you’ve been dreaming of! There are few things more exciting (and overwhelming!) than taking on a big new project, but something tells me you are up for the task.

Before you start spending that hard earned savings, it’s important to figure out exactly what you want to do with the space. I recommend knowing all the things you want (including paint colors and lighting!) before you buy anything. This way you can be sure everything will fit together.

To begin, you’ve figured out how you want to use your garage. Now let’s decide if you need a specific theme to go with it.

If you’re using your garage as a library, that will be pretty self explanatory. However, if you plan to use it traditionally for parking and storage, you may want to spruce things up a bit.

Additionally, if you plan to use it as a living or entertaining space, we want to make sure we help you get everything you need to set the tone for your space.

By The Time Period

Old, new and everything in between. Iconic time periods are the perfect setting for a killer garage. Whatever style you’re into, you can make it happen.



There are plenty of decades to choose from for the vintage look. However, I feel like everyone has a very clear image in their minds of the classic 1950s look. Black and white checkered floors. Splashes of red decor. My mind immediately goes to that classic vintage soda shoppe.

I’ve never understood why sometimes shop is spelled shoppe.

Moving on…You can put in a little soda bar area with some vintage stools and add some neon signs. Don’t forget to add some nice shelving to display all your ‘50s decor.

Modern / Contemporary

modern contemporary

What’s hot right now? Sleek, minimalist designs, grays with a pop of color, bright whites and refurbished looks.

Start with a sleek black or gray floor. Then consider adding a pop of color on the walls or even doing an accent wall – they’re still in and you never see them in a garage. Or, you could add your accent with colored lighting.

Keep the sleek and minimal look with organized storage and shelving. Decide on just a few decor pieces that really pop, but don’t go crazy; contemporary looks are not cluttered or clunky. Keep it simple.


You can pick just about any era – go all the way back to Game of Thrones times or even into what you imagine the future to be.

Need help designing your garage time machine? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll help make sure we make your imagination a reality.

By Style

Your garage, your style. From classic to contemporary and everything in between, let’s take a look at just a few of your many garage style options.


Bright lights, big city!

I used to think that urban meant rural. I think I was so used to hearing “suburban” and I associated the two. Anyone else in my boat?

Anyway, an urban theme can mean a couple different things. You could model your garage by how things typically look in big, urban cities – modern, contemporary, space-efficient, chic; or you could even use your favorite urban area as your inspiration.

The New York skyline, for example, with Broadway posters lining the walls, a black and white checkered floor and plenty of culture.

The point is, urban can really mean very different things to different people. Just don’t leave it off the theme list if you’re a city lover. There could be a super cool idea hiding in your favorite city.

Country / Rustic

country rustic

This is just the opposite of an urban garage. It’s almost that “Everything is bigger in Texas” idea. Big, aged decor with plenty of character. A contrast to the sleek city look we discussed above.

You can use plenty of reds and browns. Create a brick interior wall and include your favorite country music posters.

I’d start with a dark, rich epoxy coating on the floor and build up from there. Maybe include some custom built-in shelving and don’t be afraid to distress your furniture for a little extra character.

Anything and Everything!

Your style is just that: yours . Anything you like, you can make a reality.

Not sure how to bring your style into your garage? We’ll get you on the right track. Just hit us up and let us help you make your dream a reality.

Man Cave

man cave

It seems like ever since I Love You Man came out, the man cave has had a surge in popularity. Since women tend to (but not always!) take charge on decorating and organizing the house, men seem to crave a space that is purely their own.

What better place than the one room in the house most women could not care less about? Garages are the perfect space to build your dream man cave for all your manly activities and hobbies. It’s also a great place for you to get away and have your own space, which can be difficult, especially if you have kids at home.

Because every man is different, every man cave is different, too. Just because a hobby or interest is social deemed “manly”, that doesn’t mean every man enjoys it.

Here are a few ideas for ways to use your man cave.

The "I Want to Watch Sports" Man Cave

the i want to watch sports man cave

Whether it’s Sunday football, college hockey or the NBA playoffs, sports lovers want a place to relax and watch their teams (hopefully) kick some ass. If you have a wife and kids, it’s unlikely that she will want you and 10 of your friends yelling at the TV in the living room for hours at a time.

This is your solution to the “Go watch the game at the bar!” comments you’re tired of hearing. You deck it out with a big screen TV, recliners (the ones with cup holders, obviously) and tons of posters with your favorite team.

If you’re not planning to park your car in this man cave, you should definitely check out our sports carpet tiles to see if we carry your favorite team. If you do plan to park in there also, a garage roll or garage tiles would be a great foundation along with a small storage area for all your manly things.

The "I Want to Drink Craft Beer & Cocktails" Man Cave

Your IPA and fancy scotch lounge awaits. I mean, if you drink Bud Light, I guess that’s okay, too. But we should talk about that sometime…

Anyway, a lounge/bar type man cave is a great idea if you’re someone who’s into the beer and cocktail experience. Like, if you have that brewery passport app or you spend $50+ on a bottle of your favorite liquor, this might be the man cave for you.

You can easily setup a home bar in the garage and decorate it like your favorite lounge.Add a TV to watch sports or movies and a storage option for all your beer and cocktail glasses.

A garage flooring roll would be an easy-to-clean option that still lets you park your car in the garage when you’re not having your favorite guys over. If you’re not parking in there, a nice vinyl roll can give you a wood or stone look at a crazy good price!

The "I Want to Play Foosball" Man Cave

the i want to play foosball man cave

Anytime I think about Foosball, I am immediately reminded of the countless episodes of Friends where Joey and Chandler played foosball. I’ve never really understood the fun in that game, but whatever type of games you want to play in your man cave, you can totally make that happen.

To turn your garage into a man cave game room, first decide whether you still want to park your car in there. That will determine what type of flooring is best. Then, pick out your games and furniture. And don’t forget a little storage for all of your things.

The "I'm Unique and Not Like Any of These" Man Cave

So that covered quite a few options, but I know everyone is different and your man cave can be whatever you want it to be! Ain’t nobody tryin’ to pigeon hole you here.

There are countless options for your man cave. More options than one person (a non-man no less!) could ever come up with on their own. Whatever type of man cave you want, you can make it happen with a little decor and, of course, the right floor.



Are you a Harley-Davidson lover? I feel like people who love their motorcycles really love their motorcycles. In fact, it’s not uncommon to design your whole garage around that passion.

Get started with the classic orange and black color scheme. Try a checkered floor with orange and black or black and white, keeping orange as your accent color.

You can add your colors to the paint scheme, get some Harley Davidson decor and, of course, don’t forget the motorcycle itself!



For the mechanic types that love working on their car (and their friends’ cars and their grandmother’s sister’s second cousin’s car) in their garage – this is your setup, my friends!

It’s a pretty traditional use for a garage, but not everyone goes all the way with the look and decor. There’s already a lot to consider with tools, lifts, car parts, etc. It can easily get overwhelming.

Let’s keep it simple. What do you need for your shop? A car to work on, your tools, a floor that’s easy to clean and made to stand up to oil and heavy machinery, and a place to put your things.

Once you’ve got the basics, you can add some signs, posters and decorative hanging spots for your most-used tools. And don’t forget some good lighting so you don’t end up putting the alternator on the hood!

Fancy Car

fancy car

I’m so fancy. You already know.

If you drive something like a Porsche or Ferrari you probably really love your car. You don’t invest in a car like that unless you’re a car person. And not just a car person, but a Porsche person or a Ferrari person, or a whatever-your-fancy-car-is person.

Why not jazz up the garage to match your car? Start with a sharp garage floor tile pattern that complements your pride and joy (the car!). Then add some posters and signs with the logo and other cars like yours.

Display some fancy car decor with some nice shelving and consider storage for all your extra car parts.

Race Car

race car

You don’t have to own a race car to have a race car themed garage! A guy/gal can dream, right?

No matter what you drive, it can still be fun to deck out your garage with signs and posters of your favorite race cars.

Growing up my parents loved Nascar, I mean loved it. So it’s easy for me to give you ideas on how to decorate a race car themed garage.

If you’re just a lover of all things race car, you can hang all kinds of collectibles on the walls, such as mini car hoods, die-cast replicas, racing helmets, and metal car brand signs. I’ve seen people do some DIY projects for their garage and make badass stools from old car rims and various old tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. And of course, no racing theme would be complete without a shiny new tool box!

But the one element that will really pull the look of this garage together is the classic black and white checkered floor! We offer a variety of garage tiles in multiple different textures to fit your vision of a perfect race garage!



People who love their sports tend to loooove their sports. I’m talking “Sorry, I can’t go to your birthday on Sunday – that’s football day!” kinda love.

While I suppose you could theme your entire house around your favorite sport or team, that could quickly become overkill. If you have a dedicated space where you’ll be watching your team kill it, that is the perfect place to go overboard on all your posters and memorabilia.

If you’re not parking in your garage, I cannot think of a better starter than carpet tiles with your favorite sports team. Starting from the bottom up, you can make this place scream your love for your team.

From there, you can add posters, cards, memorabilia, footballs/basketballs.etc., you name it.

Outdoor Recreational Sports

The great outdoors! Okay, let’s be real – outdoor sports require a lot of stuff. Chances are you are (at least) partially using your garage as a storage space for things like fishing hooks, guns, etc. if you’re into any of these things.

If you’re keeping everything in there anyway, why not go with it and make it the theme? There are so many things you can do!

Boating / Fishing

I’m pretty sure you could walk into a place like Cabella’s and leave with your entire garage decor. From a place to hang your fishing hooks to big wooden fish on the wall, there’s a lot of directions you could go.

Here is my advice: with boats and boating equipment comes water. Some vented garage tiles designed to handle water would be a great place to start. You can park on them too, so it’s a multi-use solution.

After you choose your floor, don’t forget some shelving for all of your decor and knick knacks.


If you’re an avid hunter, you probably want a place to display your accomplishments as well as store your guns, ammo, and hunting clothes.

I’d recommend going with an earthy brown / green color scheme. It matches the natural woods type areas where you hunt and it’s the perfect setting for all your gear.

You can put in some brown garage tiles or, if you’re not going to park in there, even look at some earthy colored carpet tiles. You’ll want plenty of storage to keep all of your things and great lighting – you don’t want to be messing with tools like guns and knives when you can’t see clearly!

And Beyond

Camping, hiking, the list goes on. If you can imagine it, you can use it as a garage theme. If you’re curious how to make it happen, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us help you out!

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Bar & Beverage

From Coca-Cola to Glenlivet, people love their beverages! There’s lots of fun bar and beverage ways you can use to spice up your garage.



I may not be a Budweiser fan, but I know there’s lots of people who are. I’ve seen plenty of Budweiser-themed garages and they come out looking super fun and perfect for a man cave type garage.

Additionally, if you’re a craft beer lover (me too, let’s be friends!), you can use old bottles, cases, signs and posters to decorate your garage showcasing your great taste.

If you plan on parking in this garage, make sure you start with some epoxy, garage floor tiles or garage flooring rolls to set a nice, clean tone for your space. Then all you have to do is collect your decor and decide on any furniture or storage you’d like to use.


Imagine walking into a garage and having it feel like a wine bar! You can get some nice wine racks and even create a wine tasting bar.

Take it up a notch and add a few small cocktail tables with tablecloths and a place to showcase your fanciest wine glasses. Add posters, corks, art, you name it!

You want a nice looking floor to match the upscale wine bar feel. Consider staining and sealing the floor with an epoxy coating or this black coin pattern garage flooring roll for an easy, DIY, affordable option.


Don’t throw away those bottles of Macallan 25! While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend saving your $7 store brand vodka bottle as a decoration (but, hey, to each their own!), if you drink fancy liquor, those bottles can turn into decor in your shiny, new, liquor-themed garage.

Personally, I would set up a bar area and decorate with bottles, art and posters of my favorite bourbons. But I’m a bourbon gal. You can really choose whatever it is you’re into and create a unique, fun space to sip those craft cocktails.

You can set the tone with a multi-use, car-friendly garage flooring roll (I think the black coin pattern looks super classy!) and some shelving to hold all that booze. Then create your bar, get a little extra furniture and decor and you’re good to go.


Imagine a classic 50s soda shop in red and white. A little counter, some cute red and white bar stools and a black checkerboard floor. How cute does that sound?

It’s pretty easy to setup a classic soda shoppe feel and people love to use the classic Coca Cola colors and logo. To get started, decide if you’ll also be parking in your soda shoppe. If so, you’ll want to figure out which section of the garage to dedicate or if the theme will just be in the decor.

Next pick out your checkered floor – either with car-friendly garage tiles or affordable peel & stick vinyl tiles . Put up some shelving and start collecting your Coca Cola memorabilia!


Step into the 1920s. Imagine a dark, secretive garage with a bar, a few cocktail tables, black tablecloth and a secret bell you have to ring to enter or get your drink.

Garages are naturally pretty dark closed off – it’s really the perfect setting for your own little speakeasy!

Start with a sleek black garage flooring roll or smooth black vinyl tiles . Add the bar and some nice cloths plus a little shelving for your bottles and you will be good to go.

And More!

Of course, the possibilities are endless. Don’t hesitate to call us up and share your vision. We can help you make it a reality.

Street Muscle

Similar to the race car theme, muscle cars have a plethora of options for decor! There are a couple different ways you could approach this theme: a very clean, sleek modern appeal, or my favorite, have it appear more grunge and dirty. After all, dirt and grunge have a lot of character just like a muscle car.

For decor, my first thought is a collection of old license plates to hang on the wall. You can spread them out or just make a beautiful solid wall of the plates!

Just like the race car theme, hanging metal car brand signs works as a great wall piece too. The DIY possibilities are endless with this theme, you can craft almost anything out of old tools and car parts to give your space a unique, custom feel.

For example, take all your old tools or spark plugs and make a chandelier! And for all those guys who like a challenging project, take the front end of car and mount it to your wall or turn it into a couch.

To tie the look and feel together we suggest using epoxy for your floor. There are endless possibilities with epoxy and you can get super creative with it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you with your design.

Game & Activities

There are few things more fun and exciting than a grown up game room. There are so many fun game and activity themes you can use to give yourself a place to unwind that also makes a great space for entertaining.


Imagine this: a few slot machines, some card tables, low lighting, a great bar area and one of those fancy casino carpets.

Of course, this isn’t a garage you’d want to park your car in. This is for the weekly poker night host that wants to keep the fun going 24/7.

It’s great if your significant other isn’t super into the poker/casino thing. This gives you a space to keep all your things rather than taking over the house on poker night.

Add a little storage to keep your cards and chips while you’re not using them. You could even add a Craps or Roulette table if you wanted to get really fancy!


Old school Pacman or the latest and greatest. Either way, you can create your dream personal arcade room right there in your garage!

The nice thing is these games don’t take up a ton of space. You could totally park your car in here and, if it feels cramped, just park in the driveway when you have your game nights.

I would start with a sleek black or gray garage flooring roll – that way you can still park over it, but it also looks great when there’s no cars in there. You can also get some shelving for some game knick knacks to really set your space.

You Name It!

Whatever games and activities you like, there is a way to make it happen. And if you need help, you know who to hit up (us!).


I have seen some sweet garage gyms in my day. When you think about it, it’s really the perfect place to put your home gym if you’re not set on parking your car in there. Garages are generally moderately big and open with a concrete subfloor that you don’t have to worry much about.

Working out and fitness mean different things for a lot of people. Here are just a few ideas of ways you can create your home garage gym.

Traditional Home Garage Gym

traditional home garage gym

If you’re looking to start a fitness regimen or ditch that Planet Fitness membership, but not super passionate about any specific type of fitness, a traditional home gym in your garage is a great place to start.

All you need your rubber gym flooring and whatever equipment you’d like to use, such as a treadmill, elliptical, free weights, total home gym, etc. You can put up motivational fitness posters, mirrors and/or anything else that motivates you.

CrossFit Home Garage Gym

crossfit home garage gym

This is my dream garage right here. The whole idea of CrossFit is kind of a no frills garage gym vibe so putting your own CrossFit workout space in your garage makes a lot of sense.

You don’t need any bells and whistles. All you need to do CrossFit is a good, thick rubber floor (⅜” is perfect) to handle all the heavy Olympic lifts, a barbell and some weights. A rack, pull-up bar, kettlebell and rower are also great to have around, but you can get by with the bare essentials if you need to.

Garage Yoga Studio

This can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. You can simply put down an inexpensive flooring like a vinyl roll (if you’re not planning to park in there) or peel & stick tiles then stock it with a few of your favorite yoga mats, blocks, straps and towels. You probably already have most of that at home.

Alternatively, you could make a full floor yoga mat with soft tiles that you can do all your yoga and stretching on without ever having to get out your mat. This is great if you have multiple people practicing at once.

Once you have your floor situation figured out, add some calming lighting and decor to make this a relaxing and meditative space. The more zen, the better.

Garage Martial Arts Studio

Garage Martial Arts Studio

For you martial arts enthusiasts, have you ever imagined having your own studio in your garage? Imagine the improvements you could make with a dedicated practice space just 20 steps from your living room.

Create your own dedicated practice space by covering your garage floor with martial arts mats. Up the ante by adding crash mats to the walls for extra safety.

From there add any decor or signs you want to personalize your space. And don’t forget some extra storage for your gi and any belts you may collect.

And Beyond

Boxing, Zumba, Barre…there are about a zillion (well-researched data right there – you’re welcome) types of workouts and if I tried to give examples of every one of them, this would become the Garage Use Novel.

If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you’re looking to start a garage home gym for an activity not covered, hit us up! We’ll make sure to get you on the right track.


There are tons of options in the world of entertainment. Just look at things like Comicon! Characters, locations, it’s like a mecha of possibility.


I mean, there are countless movies that would make kick ass garage themes. Star Wars, Batman, Deadpool, The Neverending Story, The Wizard of Oz… just to name a few.

If you’re a movie lover or even if your love is just for that one particular movie, how cool would it be to theme your garage that way?! Just imagine the endless decor, painting and lighting options if you chose something like Star Wars?

The best part about a movie theme is you don’t really need any extra space. You can still use your garage for parking and storage, but just add posters, collectibles and decor.

Don’t forget to tie it all together with a nice garage floor that matches the rest of your theme. You could even use epoxy or garage floor tiles to create your own yellow brick road or anything simple that matches your movie of choice.


Don’t judge me. The first thing I thought of was a Saved by the Bell theme. I am totally a child of the ‘80s. Obviously, there are way cooler ideas out there than Saved by the Bell, but, hey, I would never judge you because that show is classic!

Just like with a movie theme, you can do all of this in your multi-purpose garage. You don’t need an entire separate space to have your Seinfeld addiction. Still too nerdy? How about your Sons of Anarchy addiction? Better?

Finish everything off with a nice garage floor that fits your theme or maybe even includes an image or pattern from your theme. Don’t forget to add some shelving to display all your collectibles, too.

Video Game

video game

Personally, I’m an old school video game lover. A Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog garage would be pretty sweet in my world.

Of course, if you want to go with Halo, Minecraft, or Call of Duty theme , those are all great ideas, too. Obviously there are about a zillion (technical data-driven number right there) options. In fact, when we started discussing it here in the office, there were dozens of ideas that came up right off the bat.

You can start with a super cool 8-bit image using garage floor tiles , like the one above. Or, just start with a garage flooring roll or tile colors that match your theme. Don’t forget about shelving for all your collectibles!

The List Goes On

There are so many outlets in the entertainment industry all lending themselves to fun and exciting themes. Whatever it is you love, you can make it happen!
Ready to get started? Order samples of your favorite garage flooring today!