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Garage Grip™ Non-Slip Floor Mats

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Product Highlights
  • Premium containment for oil & spills
  • Certified anti-slip
  • Easy to clean - vacuum or hose off

  • Premium containment for oil & spills
  • Certified anti-slip
  • Easy to clean - vacuum or hose off
  • Made from 100% first quality post-consumer polyester
  • UV resistant, puncture resistant, & long term weather resistant
  • Thick & flexible waterproof backing stops liquids from soaking through and staining your subfloor
  • Passes ASTM G21 for fungal resistance
  • Won't expand or contract
Description - Garage Grip™ Rolls are the ultimate garage flooring choice when durability is an important factor for your non slip garage flooring covers! This patented material has been specially designed for use in oil fields, underneath 100,000 lbs commercial vehicles to contain spills such as oil and gas from contaminating the environment. The waterproof backing allows spills to sit on top without soaking through and damaging your subfloor below. Meeting ANSI 137.1 slip prevention standards, Garage Grip is the perfect all-weather solution in wet and cold climates where you need to contain snow, water, ice & sleet while also maintaining your balance. Multiple size options make this garage mat perfect for multiple applications: as a motorcycle mat, ATV and golf cart mat, and containment mat for any vehicle size! Garage Grip™ Non-Slip Floor Mats are versatile enough for any space and can even be used inside the home as roll-out basement flooring for anyone in need of a durable yet functional option.
Note: This product is not recommended for use over unsealed epoxy paint.
Material 100% post-consumer polyester
Backing Waterproof thermoplastic polyolefin
Size 10' wide x 22', 17', or 5' (3" edge strip)
Thickness ~ 1/4"
Application Residential, Commercial
Slip Resistant Yes, meets ANSI 137.1 requirements
Weather & UV Resistant Yes
Sustainable Yes
Made in USA Yes
Garage Grip rolls are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning of this roll out flooring typically includes:
  • Sweeping, blowing off, or vacuuming any loose crumbs, dust, or debris.
  • For a more thorough cleaning, this product can be sprayed off outside the garage using hose and cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.

Installation of our Garage Grip Rolls are very simple and can easily done by the consumer. Typical installation of rolled garage flooring consists of:
  • First, clean your subfloor. Make sure your garage subfloor is clean, dry and free of debris. Sweep dirt out of your garage and remove any lumps or excess cement/debris that might cause the imperfection to telegraph through your flooring.
  • Next, unroll your flooring. Position your flooring at the front of your garage, one roll at a time. Roll the flooring out front-to-back and position carefully. Use double sided tape to secure your flooring in place around the perimeter.
  • When installing multiple rolls for a larger area, you will need to tape the prefabricated seams together using double sided tape.
  • When cutting material for wall-to-wall installations, make sure to trim edges around exterior walls, cabinets, bump outs, etc. with a sharp utility knife.
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can this be placed over an epoxy floor that is sealed with a polyurethane top coat? Thank you.
As long as the epoxy is dry (previously installed) there is no chemical compatibility issues between the two.
I was wondering how the flooring would hold up to snowmobile. Skis have carbide runners and tracks have steel studs.. I notice this product is1/4 inch . Do you have something thicker.
These rolls are very durable and can be used with studded tracks. We recommend that you be sure to drive slowly over the mats. Also, do not turn your studded tires on top of these rolls.
Will it hold up to snow and salt in Minnesota
Yes that would be fine!
Does the top layer grow mold/bacteria in high humidity climates of Houston? I'm concerned it would start to stink.
The mat is inert, and the top layer ribbed surface is made from 100% recycled polyester plastic. It will not rot. The mat itself passes ASTM G21 fungal resistance but if you were to leave food on the mat for days or weeks it would grow mold as it would left out anywhere.
Does heavy wheeled equipment such as floor jacks or wheeled shelving or large tool boxes roll easy or damage this flooring
Rocky Radcliff
Floor jacks, wheeled shelving, & large tool boxes would be suitable for use on the floor.
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Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Floor mats look good, and are easy to clean with
Self-installed in Garage
Jeff K. from Redmond, WA wrote...
I took some pictures of the installed carpet (attached) I bought the Garage Grip floor mats to cover one of my garage stalls. I wanted something slightly nicer than bare concrete floors to put my exercise equipment on. The floor mats look good, and are easy to clean with a vacuum. Installation was pretty easy. I used double sided carpet tape to secure the floor mats, and a razor blade to cut to size. One concern was that when I unrolled the floor mats, there were some pretty obvious wrinkles. I tried to lay the floor mats flat for a couple days in a heated garage, but the wrinkles didn't really relax. I tried to use a clothing iron - do not do this - and I accidentally scorched a patch. After about a month in place, the wrinkles are mostly relaxed, but still noticeable when viewed from certain angles.
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Happy customer!
Installed in Garage
Dick C. from San Jose, CA wrote...
Happy customer!
  Happy with the floor
Self-installed in 2-car garage
Cameron from Columbus, Ohio wrote...
The roll shipped quickly and was easy to put in place. It was shipped folded in half and it ended up laying flat within a few days. Overall I am impressed with the quality and how easy it is to clean. Looking forward to having the best neighborhood garage for years!
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