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6mm Energy Rubber Tiles

Our Price
$1.89 sqft
$7.56 tile, covers 4 sqft
reg: $2.52 sqft
tile: $10.08

Proudly made in the USA
Ships between Feb 23 - Mar 1
Color: roll over image to magnify

24" x 24" tile
Accessories for 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles
Transitions a taller floor to a lower floor
Rubber Floor Ramps
2.5" x 12 linear ft
$37.99 $50.65 Weight: 3.50lbs
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
Duracove Rubber Wall Base
2.5" x 3.2mm x 120 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
$195.99 $261.32 Weight: 25.00lbs
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
Duracove Rubber Wall Base
6" x 3.2mm x 100 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
$264.99 $353.32 Weight: 50.00lbs
Description - 6mm Energy rubber tiles are designed to be a low-cost rubber tile that is durable enough for any home gym and can be used in light duty commercial gyms. These recycled rubber tiles are available in center cut tiles in one popular all purpose color. The locks on these tiles are precision cut for a nearly seamless appearance and these tiles can be loose laid for an easy installation (no adhesive is required). Energy tiles can be cut with a utility knife and straight edge for wall to wall installations or to make square rubber mats using the tiles and like all of our rubber products, they are backed by a 5 year warranty.
Note: Confetti will not interlock with Teal or Violet.
Material – Recycled SBR rubber and colored EPDM virgin rubber flecks.
Size – 24” x 24”.
Thickness – 6 mm thick (approx. 1/4")
Weight – Each Energy tile weighs approximately 5 Lbs.
Origin – Made in the USA
Recommended Uses – Energy interlocking rubber tiles are an excellent floor tile for use as flooring for home gyms and workout rooms, as commercial gym flooring in light duty gyms, as dog kennel flooring, as baement and rec room flooring, and anywhere else a non slip and shock absorbing resilient floor surface would be useful.
  • 6mm Energy rubber tiles are in stock and ready to ship.
  • Energy interlocking tiles typically ship within 1-5 business days and deliver within 4-9 business days depending on your location.
  • An email is automatically sent to you with your tracking information as soon as your floor tiles ship and tracking information becomes available.
Energy rubber tiles are very durable as well as easy to maintain and keep clean. Maintenance for interlocking gym tiles include:
  • Vacuum any loose crumbs, dust or debris from the flooring surface when necessary.
  • Occasionally, you will want to use a damp mop with a mild soap and water solution. Recommended soaps are Dawn dish detergent or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Do not use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.

For more detailed cleaning instructions and commercial cleaning instructions, Click Here.

Installation of interlocking tiles is very simple and typically done by the consumer. Typical installation of these tiles is as follows:
  • First, clean your sub floor so it is free of all dirt, grease or debris.
  • Snap a chalk line on the sub floor 24” from one wall in your room. Snap another chalk line on the subfloor 24” from an adjacent wall. You should now have a pair of perpendicular lines making an approximate 90-degree angle.
  • Begin laying the interlocking tiles along the chalk lines, snapping the locks together as you go.
  • Leave the perimeter of the room open until the field is installed.
  • After the field is covered, go back and cut in lines along the walls in the room. Leaving a gap at the wall roughly the thickness of tiles being used is recommended to account for expansion and contraction of the floor tiles in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives are usually not used since the weight of the locked together product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double-sided tape or mat tape can be used around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.

For printable installation instructions, please Click Here.


  • Best value rubber gym tile.
  • Tiles are 2' x 2'.
  • 6 mm (approx 1/4") thick.
  • Easy to install and keep clean.
  • Guaranteed durability and long lasting 5 year warranty.
  • Confetti will not interlock with Teal or Violet.


Rubber Tiles Installation Made Easy

Rubber Flooring: The Basics

Rubber Rolls vs Tiles

Shipping Video

Rubber Tiles Installation Made Easy thumbnail
Rubber Tiles Installation Made Easy
Rubber Flooring:  The Basics thumbnail
Rubber Flooring: The Basics
Rubber Rolls vs Tiles thumbnail
Rubber Rolls vs Tiles
Shipping Video thumbnail
Shipping Video

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • 29


    What are sound attenuation properties of your rubber tile flooring? Can you send technical data please ? I'm not seeing anything on your site . Thank you, Julie


    Our 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles do not have any data on sound attenuation, but they are tested for sound absorption and transmission. To get the testing results for these, please feel free to contact one of our customer service agents at 800-613-0996 and they will be more than happy to send it to you.

  • 0


    Are these tiles waterproof in any way if you have a spill?


    Our 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles are water resistant, not waterproof. When water is spilled it will sit on top of the tile initially. Over time, the water may seep into the pores that are on the floor and eventually evaporate. What is typically left behind are the salts in minerals that were in the water.

  • 0


    Is this durable enough to drop barbells?


    Our 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles can handle the dropping of barbells on them. If the barbells are over 25lbs, we do recommend using a thicker rubber tile.

  • 0


    Do these 6mm Energy rubber tiles include the border pieces?


    Our 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles only come in center tiles. To create border and corner tiles you will need to cut the tiles with a sharp utility knife and straight edge.

  • 0


    I'm looking to use these for a home gym in a basement - the floor is currently concrete and I was wondering if this would provide enough support or if it's going to feel like I'm working out on concrete? Thank you in advance!


    Our 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles will provide you with added comfort underfoot and shock absorbent over concrete.

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Customer Reviews

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Average Rating

  Home Gym Flooring
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
from Rockford, MI wrote...
I don't write reviews for products very often - if I do, it's because I was either very impressed or very disappointed with a product. In this case, I am extremely impressed with the 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles.

The dimensions of the room I did are approximately 13' x 11'. I finished off a room in my basement for a home gym and installed them right on the concrete floor. I ordered 45 tiles (5 boxes of 9) and had 4 full tiles left over. I was very happy with the color fleck in the tiles (violet) which in my opinion appears more of a light grey than violet. I have grey walls, so the tiles matched the room very well.

Install was a breeze, the fitment of the tiles are so precise that it's difficult to even see where the seams are. I needed to cut the final row to fit, which was just as easy. Took me about 1.5 hours. All that is needed is a sharp blade and straight edge, and the tiles cut straight in seconds. Very low rubber odor, almost non-existent. These tiles are plenty thick for home gym use.

I can't say enough good things about these tiles, it looks like a pro installed them. If you're on the fence about getting them, you won't be disappointed!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
  Great flooring!
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Boulder, CO wrote...
As advertised, and just like commercial gym flooring.
  Amazing home gym product
Self-installed in Basement
from South Jersey wrote...
This rubber flooring is perfect for anyone who wants to set up a home gym in their basement. It provides the right durability for all types of exercise equipment. Install is easy and having it come in multiple, easy to connect puzzle pieces makes it possible to arrange the flooring the best way to fit your needs. Highly recommended!
  Excellent product
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Morgantown, WV wrote...
We purchased this flooring (in violet) for a basement gym and installed it on a cement floor that had many imperfections. It installed easily (I actually thought it was fun), cutting and shaping was much easier than I thought (be sure to have a new package of utility knife blades and use them generously), and it looks and feels great. We are so happy we went with this purchase and highly recommend it.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
  Great flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Iowa wrote...
Great flooring and great transaction!
  Looks great, strong material
Self-installed in home gym
from NY wrote...
Easy to install. Doesn't fade or ware.
  Great Gym Flooring - slightly labor intensive
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Richmond, VA wrote...
I have a 15'x13' room which I converted into a home gym. I purchased 6 cases (9 tiles per case = 54 tiles total). The material of the tiles is definitely high quality. After installation, you can't see any seems or any teeth between tiles - which I thought is very impressive given all of the other types of tiles available on the market (which are cheap and show teeth). The labor was slightly intensive to finish off around the edges of the room. No room has perfect 90* corner walls so the motto of "measure twice, cut once" is imperative. The job took a solid 6 hours of measuring, cutting, & installing (I do wish I had the proper work bench so I wasn't hunched over on the ground cutting all day - it did take a toll on my back and I am fairly sore the following day. I did run out of the correct side of tiles to use while finishing off the final 2-3 feet of edge on the room. I had to be creative a little bit so I cut all of the teeth off of the edges to make a rectangle about 4 inch by 20 inch to finish of the room. I will say though, the work paid off! The gym looks amazing and the floor seems sturdy as ever. I plan to do the 21 day fix with a mixture of p90x in my gym so I need to be able to run around without the tiles NOT splitting or moving. I feel pretty good that these tiles are staying in place due to the quality of the product. VERY IMPRESSED! I will come back and do a final review after some time of trying it out.
  Great product
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Winchester, Ma. wrote...
Great pricing and shipping. Tiles are well made and fit together tight. Great looking! Very pleased with purchase.
  Excellent Product!
Self-installed in Key room
from Newcastle, WY wrote...
We purchased the hard rubber flooring for a key room. It came in squares and they were very easy to install and looked great! You have to look very hard to even see the seams. Excellent product!
  Just as described
Installed in Home gym
from Soflo wrote...
Everything I thought it would be. Pieces fit well together, can't see a gap between them. They lay nice and flat without curLing at the corners. I will say though the odor is somewhat strong at the beginning but fades after a couple weeks, either that or you get used to the smell I don't know which it is LOL
results 1-10 of 91
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