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Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series Reviews

Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series
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$10.97 Tile
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in 4 season room
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Installed in 4 season room
Anonymous from Mansfield, OH wrote...
We used the Slate Flex tiles in our new sunroom and lay them right on top of our concrete slab. My husband started the job and our contractor finished up and both said it was easily done. The floor looks wonderful and is a cinch to clean. We are very happy with the result!
Customer review image of  in basement laundry room.
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  love my new laundry room
Self-installed in basement laundry room.
priscilla smail from Fountain County, Indiana wrote...
After our basement was flooded in historic rains this spring, we looked for alternative flooring. These slate flex tiles from the designer series at Rubber Flooring, Inc turned out to be practical, and beautiful. They are very easy to install, are very comfortable to walk/work on, and look like they were made for our needs. We have lived in this house many years and have had carpet, vinyl and painted floors. This is my favorite!
Self-installed in lower level (basement)
Andrea from Pennsylvania wrote...
For years my husband and I have looked for a flooring solution to the very humid lower level of our bi-level home. With over 400 sq/ft to cover, every time we tried a product and it failed, we wasted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Previous products buckled, peeled and warped. My husband and I installed the Slate Flex Tiles ourselves in about 2 days. We probably would've been done sooner, but we had many cuts to make to go around the hearth of our fireplace. The tiles are attractive, durable and look great!. We did use furniture movers to slide our piano and bar because they will scratch sliding heavy items across the tiles. They are very easy to keep clean with a damp mop. I am completely satisfied with the results. The only regret I have is that we didn't find this product sooner.
Customer review image of  in dining room
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  Slate tiles a big hit
Self-installed in dining room
CF from West Lafayette, IN wrote...
I was somewhat leery about laying the rubber slate tiles in our dining room but my daughter was convinced that it was the best solution. She put them down (in jig quick time after ripping up the carpet) and the result was stunning! Good looking, serviceable, and oddly comfortable. Of course, the acoustics of the room changed and we are now using the room as a music room instead of a dining room. I am completely satisfied and wondering what other rooms would benefit from a rubber tile floor!
  Install as in home gym flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
Melissa from Apple Valley, CA wrote...
Creating an in home gym. It was fairly easy to install, using a soft ended mallet to snap together, except even the soft mallet marred every single tile. My hands weren't strong enough to snap them down, so had to use the mallet. It looks pretty good now that it is installed except for all of the scratching/marring from the mallet. (Men's hands might have been able to snap them in without any tools). On the good side, it looks pretty nice and is easy to clean. I can vacuum or mop it. I didn't want to go with black, as black shows so much dust and dirt, so I choose the dark grey. Now that it is installed, it is still a bit dark and shows dust and foot prints, but it much much better than black. I should have gone with light grey, or maybe a light and dark combo, but, not that unhappy about it. (should have ordered a sample but we were on a time limit)so can't really complain about the color....just giving opinion to possible help others. All in all, it is easier care than having a carpeted gym room, where mopping would be impossible. It's nicer than the foam type tiles which are very hard to mop as well, and it's sturdy enough to roll around the smith machine bench, and stable for doing a kettle bell workout or zumba workout. Would still need a yoga foam roll matt for floor work. Installation much easier than regular tiles since there is no grout. I laid all the middle tiles myself in a couple of hours and then had my husband help me with cutting the edges the next day. Edges took longer since measuring and cutting each one took a little time and care.
  Great Look & Easy to Install
Self-installed in Guest Bedroom/Exercise Room
Rich from St. Charles, Missouri wrote...
I was looking for a floor solution to put in a guest bedroom that would also double as an exercise room. This floor looks and feels great and will fit this need perfectly. In addition it was easy to install. I would highly recommend this floor.
  Practical and contemporary
Installed in Garage
Nicki Harper from Birmingham, AL wrote...
LOVE the tiles! So very clean looking, no grout lines, no bulges just seamless tiles that look like ceramic tile in the garage! We hired a crew to install the tiles because we didn't have the time or energy to do it ourselves but this crew of 5 had this knocked out in 4 hours. The only unfortunate thing was we were short a case and had to reorder one. They tell you that the darker tiles have a color difference but so do the lighter ones. We have black tiles under the cars and tan ones along the sides of the garage just to break up all the black. We were short a case of tan so reordered it and there's a noticeable color difference but it's the garage, right? The black hides dirt great but does show water stains from rain dripping off the car but cleans like ceramic tile, just a swipe with the Swifer wet jet and it's all done. Vacuums like a dream too. We are very pleased with the product. One other caveat... if you live in a subdivision with narrow streets, a commercial carrier won't be able to access your property to deliver the tiles. Each box contained 6 tiles, looks like pizza boxes but kind of heavy! We had to courier ours up with a neighbor's flatbed pick up truck, otherwise? not sure what we'd have done.
Self-installed in home den area and in the laundry room area
DARRELL MONAR from San Francisco, CA wrote...
Excellent product that was much more than expected. Each tile file perfectly as designed and manufactured. The texture was most impressive as it wasn't to hard nor soft to the touch and for the projected function. I am already planning for more use of the product through out my garage, den area, and particularly heavy trafficked sections of my home. Your Rep. Chase came through for me with an excellent product recommendation for my immediate needs and for many other future considerations. Greatly appreciate the exemplary customer service where product knowledge was a key and necessary factor.
Customer review image of  in
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  Happy Customer
Cheryl P. from Westboro, WI wrote...
We so love these tiles. Thank you so much for working with us.
Customer review image of  in She Shed
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  She Shed Project
Self-installed in She Shed
DeAnna L. from Fombell, PA wrote...
Just finished installing Slate Flex Tiles (Antique Brown) in our newly renovated She Shed... love it! It was very quick and easy to install, fun doing a puzzle! We started at the garage opening and aligned the tiles so that there was even spacing on each side of the building between the wall and tiles. This caused a slight issue because the tiles need to be aligned in the same direction in order to snap together. We ended up running out of ″whole″ tiles, but were able to cut the tabs off to fill the perimeter. Can't wait to do the garage floor at the house!
  Love it!
Self-installed in Basement and attic
Jill from Delanson, NY wrote...
We used these tiles in our basement and also in an attic storage area. They are awesome! So easy to install and instantly clean up the area. They are also very sturdy. We have a refrigerator, washer and dryer on them and can move them around without any scraping or damage to the tiles. I would definitely recommend them.
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Great result
Self-installed in Garage
Michael Vogt from Wesley Chapel, Florida wrote...
We are extremely happy with the way our garage turned out. We picked this style tile because the interlocking is hidden and you end up with a straight seam. Installation was extremely easy. As with any project, the 20 percent takes 80 percent of the time. In our case we had a water heater, water softener, and air exchange to work around that took most of our time. We did a checkerboard pattern light and dark grey with black boarder and black square in the center.
Self-installed in screened in back porch
Chris Long from Salt Springs, Florida wrote...
The product is AWESOME LOOKING and was relatively easy to install. We put in on our screened in back porch and so far I can't complain at all. Hopefully it will stand the test of time. I highly recommend it and the service with the company was awesome as well. Thanks for everything.
Customer review image of  in kitchen
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  Just what we needed
Self-installed in kitchen
MFish from Biloxi MS wrote...
We needed a floor that was easy to install and forgiving of an irregular floor. we have a very old house and the kitchen floor is uneven and not square but with this flooring and choosing a solid color with not design we were able to install and make allowances for the non-square lines - it worked great - we have had so many compliments on it. Oh and we have 2 dogs 2 cats and 6 grandkids so it is a high traffic area. easy to sweep and mop. well worth the price
  Great Tiles
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from Port Ludlow, WA wrote...
These tiles were easy to install in my 2-car garage. I miscalculated the number of tiles it took and need to order more for edges. The sun hit part of the floor for a while and caused uneven expansion, so ensure the tiles are all the same temperature for easier installation. This makes a real nice floor.
  Everything we hope for and more!
Self-installed in living/dining room
Anonymous from Upstate NY wrote...
My husband and I are so pleased with our purchase or the Slate Flex Designer series tiles. From the time we ordered our samples, to the delivery of the tiles, and finally installation the process was a breeze. So thankful for such a quality company. We will be placing another order for sure as it is perfect in our home. We have dogs and were looking for a good looking and durable product and this fits the bill. Installation note...a rubber mallet is a suggest tool...I can assure you it is absolutely NECESSARY! Seats the tiles together quickly and securely.
  I had high expectations, they were met
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Milwaukee, WI wrote...
Once I decided I wanted interlocking slate PVC tiles for my garage I shopped and get samples of virtually every option. I picked the slate in interlocking tiles from rubber flooring Because they were the 20 inch version and their price was very competitive. I was able to ladies down in my 3 1/2 car garage in one day. They were easy to trim and cut with my craft master. The results are stunning. My only criticism so far it is that my tires are leaving some marks on the tiles. I believe some of the tiles have an ingredient that illuminates that. The marks are easy to clean up with a little water and mop.
Customer review image of  in Sunroom
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Self-installed in Sunroom
Jane Konkler from Tulsa OK wrote...
Love these tiles! Easy to install & not too hard to cut. Used in sunroom.
  Better then imagined
Self-installed in Ice cream shop
Anonymous from Florida wrote...
I bought this floor off line,salesman and women were very helpful,chatted with someone over texted message first then placed order .The product arrived quickly,installation was quick and easy using a rubber mallet,razor knife and straight edge.we installed it on a concrete floor that wasn't completely smooth but you would never know.when you walk in the room it just speaks volumes we are so glad we purchased it and will be buying more for the other side of building thanks again for making such a great product.
  Great product easy to do
Installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Nc wrote...
The floor is great and easy to install. With all the colors it was perfect
results 1-20 of 31
1 2