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Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship

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AlmondRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Almond Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Almond
GunmetalRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Gunmetal Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Gunmetal
Stone BeigeRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Stone Beige Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Stone Beige
WalnutRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Walnut Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Walnut
BarkRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Bark Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Bark
BlackRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Black Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Black
GreenRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Green Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Green
OrangeRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Orange Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Orange
PurpleRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Purple Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Purple
Light GreyRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Light Grey Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Light Grey
Navy BlueRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Navy Blue Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Navy Blue
RedRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Red Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Red
YellowRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Yellow Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Yellow
Royal BlueRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Royal Blue Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Royal Blue
Light BrownRibbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
Light Brown Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Light Brown
Product Highlights
  • Residential carpet.
  • Peel & stick installation.
  • Stain resistant.

  • Residential carpet.
  • Peel & stick installation.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • Will not fray, zipper, wrinkle, or unravel.
  • Shop your favorite baseball or football sports team colors with our new color selection!
Description - Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles come in several colors that are sure to match any home decor. These floor tiles feature a self-adhering backing that makes for a quick and easy install as well as being mold and mildew resistant making them the perfect flooring for any room of the home. These tiles are great for any residential environment and have been constructed of 100% post-consumer polyester fibers, making these tiles a truly ‘Green’ product. Mix and match colors to make a colorful rainbow floor, or choose colors to create your dream sports theme flooring. Our color selection allows you to design your own floor to match your favorite baseball, football, college or pro team! Ribbed Carpet Tiles are a great low cost gift ideas for sports fans, as man cave flooring, as well as the perfect multi-functional flooring for a she shed, something for everybody!
Note: Carpet tiles are produced in batches, which can lead to color variations in your order. Colors can vary greatly between batches and thus it is recommended that you order more flooring than is needed for mistakes and replacements. This will give you the greatest chance to keep continuity across your floor. Batching will also affect color variation between samples and your order.
Recommended Installation Pattern - ¼ Turn (Parquet).
Material - 100% Post-Consumer Solution Dyed Polyester Fiber
Size - 18" x 18"
Thickness - ~1/4" pile height
Weight - ~.25 Lbs./Tile
Traffic Type - Low- (This Traffic type works well for the home but not suitable for commercial spaces)
Recommended Uses - Ribbed Carpet Tile squares are the perfect, cheap carpet tile. These tiles are recommended for residential use and have been used as flooring in kids rooms, living rooms, as wall carpet, garages, bedrooms, as patio floor covering, basements, kitchens, weight rooms, workout rooms, and elderly care rooms. Pick your favorite pro baseball team colors or college football team colors to complete your ultimate mancave space!

In Stock - Ships between Sep 28 - Oct 2

Maintaining your economy carpet tiles is as easy as follows:
  • Spills should be removed immediately with an absorbent cotton cloth and clean water.
  • For tough stains, you can remove any floor carpet tile to replace it with a leftover tile from installation.
  • If you choose to vacuum your economy tiles, we recommend using a vacuum without a beater bar as to not damage the fibers.
Carpet Tiles are easy to install. Installation of our Berber Carpet Tiles is as follows:
  • Thoroughly clean subfloor. It must be clean, dry, smooth and dust free.
  • Find the center point between the two longest wall, mark near each end of the room. Connect center points with the chalkline. Using carpenter's square, draw a perpendicular line crossing the first line at the center point. Extend the perpendicular line to the walls by striking a chalkline.
  • In one swift motion, remove protective backing and place first tile in the junction of the two lines at the center of the room. Lay tiles with ribs 90 degrees to each other working from the center of the room out. Continue installation to the walls until you are unable to lay a full tile.
  • Next lay a full tile upside down, with the pattern in the proper direction, and overlap the last tile installed near the wall. Mark a straight line on the bottom of the tile where the tiles overlap. Cut the bottom of the tile along the line. After cutting, lay the tile with cut edge to the wall.
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Don't see what you're looking for? 
Hi, We would like to put the carpet tiles over small tiles that have a wide grouting between them that dips a little inbetween. So it is not an even surface. Would this cause issues with installation as well as the final product?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles can be installed over tile with wide grout lines. As long as the grout lines and the seam of the carpet do not occur in the same area, you will be fine. An underlay can be used over your tile flooring making your installation of your carpet tiles worry free.
We're putting these over a concrete slab with residue from linoleum tiles. What ind of padding would we need between the tiles and the floor. How would the padding stay affixed to the floor?
The best type of underlay under our carpet tiles is a rubber underlay. To affix this or any other underlay to your concrete slab, we recommend using double sided tape or free floating it.
I plan to lay these carpet tiles over a rustic wood floor. When I remove the tiles, will the adheasive easily clean off the wood flooring?
Ceslie Armstrong
The adhesive on our Ribbed Carpet Tiles is a releasable adhesive, but can leave a residue behind on the floor. To remove this residue you can use Goo Gone or WD-40 to help remove the residue. You then wipe up the area with a dry cloth. Repeat this method until the residue is gone.
Looking for flooring for upstairs in our cabin in Alaska. At this time we are keeping cabin above freezing when we are not there, but that may change. Would the adhesive hold up to freezing?
The adhesive on the back of our Ribbed Carpet Tile will hold up to the freezing temps.
Can this carpet tile be installed over an underlayment?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles can be installed over an underlayment. The only type of underlay we don't recommend under these tiles is carpet padding. This is due to the thickness and softness of carpet padding. It can cause the tiles to separate which can cause a tripping hazard.

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  Very Impressed
Self-installed in Home Office
Jamie V. from Goldenrod, FL wrote...
Our project was rather simple - my wife and I were looking for a solution that: > Would provide a surface where office chairs rolled smoothly without the need for a plastic chair mat > Would be easier to find and vacuum small items usually stuck in carpet, such as staples for example > Would provide some level of sound absorbing, as opposed to a bare wood floor > Would be easy to replace sections as needed, as opposed to replacing all the carpet in the office. As you may know, in a home office scenario, most of the carpet will never be touched. So why have to replace areas that don't ever wear? These tiles have so far proven to provide us with all of the goals we set out to meet, and at a very reasonable cost - unlike carpeting. We are not only pleased with the product, but also impressed that a company such as you has personally reached out for feedback. By the way - the representative I spoke to at the time of placing the order was also a good start to an excellent customer experience, she was very helpful.
  Unexpectedly Awesome!!!
Self-installed in Office
Anonymous from Sarasota, FL wrote...
I needed an office floor covered fast and cheap, and this was the best deal I could find either locally or on the internet. Got two colors to do a checkerboard, and they arrived very quickly. They went down really easily, but while I was laying them I was skeptical about their durability. I was proven wrong by these things! I have had the floor down for about 6 weeks, with 8-10 hours of average rolly-chair action (and I am by no means petite), and it shows virtually no signs of wear. It is soft enough on my bare feet (work from home), looks great, easy to install, and incredibly durable...and the price is great making it an incredible value overall. Bottom line if you are interested enough in this product to be reading this review, you should get it...I was unable to find a better deal and the quality is awesome! And rubberflooringinc was easy to deal with and fast to ship...thank you!
  Just what we were hoping for
Self-installed in Basement
Rebecca from Chicago, IL wrote...
We were very pleased with our purchase of these carpet tiles. They are rather thin, but that is what we were expecting, for the price. We used them in our basement, which is a very uneven mix of old tile and cement, and they worked beautifully to hide imperfections in the leveling. The adhesive strips worked just right to stick on a bumpy and in some places, rough, surface.
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