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Impressions Carpet Tiles

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15 reviews
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This product has been discontinued.
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  • 5-year warranty.
  • Great for high traffic areas.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Mold, mildew, stain, and water resistant.
  • Indoor/outdoor carpet tiles.
  • Will not fray, zipper, wrinkle, or unravel.
  • Won't stain or friction burn like other products.
  • Class 1 Fire Rating
Description - Impressions Carpet Tiles are a premium version of our Wide Ribbed made specifically for high traffic and commercial areas. These tiles feature all the great qualities of all of Foss's carpet tiles. These modular carpet tiles are mold, mildew, stain, and water resistant making them great as indoor/outdoor carpet and as basement flooring. These carpet tile squares are very easy to install and maintain and can be easily replaced if damaged. Since these are tiles, feel free to create fun and unique floors and area rugs with the different colors available. A 5-year warranty backs the commercial grade carpet tiles.
Recommended Installation Pattern - 1/4 Turn (Parquet).
Material - 100% Eco-fi PET fiber with a peel-and-stick backing.
Size - 24" x 24"
Face Weight - 32 oz/sq yd
Thickness - 1/4"
Weight - ~.25 Lbs./Tile
Traffic Type - Medium - (This Traffic type works well across all uses.)
Recommended Uses - Impressions Carpet Tiles are great for high traffic areas in homes and businesses and have been used as flooring in outdoor patios, as basement flooring, in commercial walkways, as home office flooring, in churches, as family room flooring, in dining rooms, in garages, in living rooms, as bedroom flooring, as custom area rugs and much more.
Carpet Tile squares do not require special equipment or cleaning products. Maintaining your carpet tiles is as easy as follows:
  • To keep your rooms clean and inviting, carpet tiles should be vacuumed frequently.
  • Spills should be removed immediately with an absorbent cotton cloth and clean water. For tough stains, you can also easily remove any floor carpet tile to better clean the tile and then easily replace it.
  • Periodic maintenance can be performed as needed using a hot water extraction-cleaning machine (I.E. carpet cleaner). Carpet tiles have a backing that prevents water from penetrating or harming the tiles.
Carpet Tiles are easy to install. Installation of our Impressions modular carpet tiles typically includes:
  • In wall to wall or rug installations, tiles can be loose laid and cut into place with a straight edge and a utility knife. Each tile has a self-adhering back that secures each tile to the floor without the need for glue, tape or tacks. If you do experience some movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double sided carpet tape can be used around the perimeter of the floor and directly under the seams of the tiles to prevent any movement.
For complete installation instructions, please Click Here.

Made in the USA

  • Keeping Production Local

Products that are Made in the USA provide jobs for our citizens as well as future generations. Domestically made products ensure that the items we bring into our homes are passed through higher quality control standards and are better not only for our families but for the environment.

Indoor / Outdoor

  • Versatile and Durable

This product is incredibly versatile, and can be installed virtually anywhere! Built to stand up to the harsh outdoor elements, but also comfortable and attractive enough to be used indoors, this product really does it all.

High Quality and Eco-Friendly

  • Durable, Clean, and Sustainable

This carpet is not only durable and eco-friendly, but it is also naturally resistant to any mold, mildew, and the odors that they cause.

Easy Installation

  • Take it Easy

Installation is a breeze with this carpet. Easily cut to fit your unique space, and don't worry - it won't unravel on you!

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Do the Cutting Edge Carpet tiles have a rubber backing? I want to use them in a garage but am concerned with water leaking thru to the concrete.
These tiles do not have a rubber backing.
does this carpet already have the glue on the back of the tile
marco daniel chavez
Yes this is a peel and stick tile. Each tile features adhesive backing.
How much prep does the concrete garage floor need? What if it has been painted already and some of the paint is peeling. Does the floor need to be sanded?
Jane Rimmer
The cleaner the floor, the better the tiles will adhere.
Does it damage the wood floors?
Lance Hayabusa
We would not recommend installing these tiles directly to nice hardwood floors as damage could possibly occur over time from the adhesive.
If carpet tile is installed on waterproof vinyl can it be removed later without damaging?
These tiles will most likely not cause any damage to the vinyl underneath. There is a chance that the peel and stick adhesive could react with chemicals in the vinyl and cause discoloration, so you may wish to test a tile, or use an underlayment between the tiles and vinyl floor as a precaution.
Could these tiles be installed in basement over concrete? Should we install padding before the tiles? Thank you!
Yes, this would be a great application for these tiles. Padding is not recommended for these tiles, however, we do have options with attached padding if you desire a more cushioned floor. See the "attached pad" filter on the carpet tiles page.
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  Extremely pleased
Verified Purchase
Kristen from Milton, FL wrote...
We are extremely pleased with our new floor tiles. Our back patio is complete with these great and easy to install tiles!! Enjoy the pictures. We love sitting out there! Thanks, Kristen
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  Perfect substitutes for traditional solutions
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement & Garage & Mudroom areas
Frank Del Duke from Haddonfield, NJ wrote...
I was tired of painting the floors or tiling or epoxying. This was the perfect solution. Used two different color combinations around 1000ft square. Basement and garage. Not only looks amazing, but keeps dust down, warms the feeling of the rooms, and deadens sound. My kids helped to put this down and had fun while doing it. Of course I made the cuts, but always using a sharp blade and measuring twice, made this project a breeze.
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  Fit my needs perfectly
Verified Purchase
Installed in outdoor concrete high rise condo covered patio
Anonymous from Atlanta, GA wrote...
I was looking for an outdoor, peel and stick, carpet tile I could use on my covered patio on my high rise condo that would not negatively affect the substrate concrete. This patio being open on one side gets sun and rain, so I needed something that won't fade in the sun or grow algae/mold/mildew. It also gets botanical debris and pollen, so it is important that it is easy to vacuum. The stickiness of the tile was pretty good. In areas that might not have been cleaned well enough, outdoor carpet tape was added for extra stickiness, so when I vacuum the tiles are now staying stuck. I won't know for quite a while if the tiles stand up to their promise of preventing UV fade or growing any mold/mildew.
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