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Rubber Floor Ramps

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BlackRubber Floor Ramps
Black Rubber Floor Ramps Black
Dark GrayRubber Floor Ramps
Dark Gray Rubber Floor Ramps Dark Gray
BrownRubber Floor Ramps
Brown Rubber Floor Ramps Brown
Burnt UmberRubber Floor Ramps
Burnt Umber Rubber Floor Ramps Burnt Umber
FawnRubber Floor Ramps
Fawn Rubber Floor Ramps Fawn
SlateRubber Floor Ramps
Slate Rubber Floor Ramps Slate
ToffeeRubber Floor Ramps
Toffee Rubber Floor Ramps Toffee
CamelRubber Floor Ramps
Camel Rubber Floor Ramps Camel
Light GrayRubber Floor Ramps
Light Gray Rubber Floor Ramps Light Gray
Product Highlights
  • Come in two different thicknesses: .25" for 4-6mm rubber and .375" for 7-9mm rubber.
  • Each transition ramp is 12' long.
  • Made from PVC plastic.

** Please note, this is an example of trim shape and size. Images are not necessarily specific to this particular product

  • Come in two different thicknesses: .25" for 4-6mm rubber and .375" for 7-9mm rubber.
  • Each transition ramp is 12' long.
  • Made from PVC plastic.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Product construction changed in September 2019. Previously ordered product will look different.
Description - Our Rubber Flooring Ramps are constructed of homogeneous PVC and provide safe transitions from one surface to another. Our edging comes in two different sizes, .25” and .375”, and can be used with our 4-6mm flooring or our 7-9mm flooring respectively. These strips can be installed with a polyurethane adhesive and can be cut to fit with a sharp utility knife. Our transition strips are also ADA compliant.
Material – Our ramps are constructed of homogenous PVC plastic.
Color – Black
Length – Both sizes are 12' long.
Width - The 4mm-6mm ramp is 2-5/8" wide and the 7mm-9mm is 1-5/16" wide.
Thickness - The 4mm-6mm ramp is 1/4" and the 7mm-9mm ramp is 5/16" thick.
Weight – ~3.99 Lbs. & ~4.4 Lbs. respectively
Recommended Uses – Rubber Floor Ramps can be used in any area where there is a difference in height. These strips have been used in homes, gyms, airports, commercial stores, entryways, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and offices.

In Stock - Ships between Nov 2 - 11

Rubber Floor Ramps are very easy to install. Installation instructions are as follows:
  • First, you will need to do is choose the appropriate size for your thickness of rubber. (4-6mm = .25", 7-9mm = .375")
  • Once you have the appropriate size strip, you can insert the rubber into the groove.
  • Next cut the transition strip to fit the desired area and then adhere it to the subfloor with a polyurethane adhesive.
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Does it work with the 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls? 3/8" is actually 9.5mm and wondering if it will go that large?
Jeff Smith
Our Rubber Floor Ramps will work with our 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls.
Which size should be ordered to use with your 1/4" thick Regrind Rolls?
The size ramp you would use for our 1/4" thick Regrind Rolls is our 4-6mm Ramp. 1/4" is approximately 6mm in metric measurements.
Does The 7-9 mm ramp works with the 3/4" thick rubber mat?
Our 7-9mm Rubber Floor Ramp will not fit on our 3/4" thick rubber mats.
I have 1" Fuji Tatami mats and need to add approx. 40' of transition ramps to stop the mats from shifting forward. How are the rubber floor ramps secured to the concrete floor below?
You can secure our Rubber Floor Ramps to the concrete with double-sided​ tape or with a pressure sensitive adhesive.
What is the best method to cut this ramp material, I am trying to cut 45 deg angles and finding it to be difficult, I tried a miter box and saw but it binds or pinches causing resistance and making it very had to cut.
The best way to cut our Rubber Floor Ramps is to use a band saw. If you don't have a band saw, a sharp utility knife can be used with a straight edge. Several scores will need to be made to get through with this method.

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Average Rating

  Tricky Installation
Self-installed in Home Gym
Amanda from Tampa wrote...
Good product. Looks nice and made with quality material. Installation was tricky because we didn't want to use glue on our hardwood floors underneath. We placed a bead of Liquid Nails on the ramp's lip that adheres to the rubber flooring. It's working for now, but we may need a more permanent solution later.
  Quick and easy installation
Self-installed in Garage
Dick Ammerman from Gig Harbor, WA wrote...
The ramp was just what I needed to provide the finishing touch to my garage floor. The coin nitro tiles look great, and the ramp makes the entire job now perfect! I love showing it off!
  looks great
Self-installed in gum
stefano from CT wrote...
but corners aren’t easy to cut and they slide off pretty easily
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