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Regrind Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
Regrind Rolls
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$5.40 Linear Foot
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linear foot $7.20
Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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Could this flooring be installed over metal?
You can install our Regrind Rolls over metal. We recommend installing our rubber flooring over any hard, flat surface such as concrete, asphalt, plywood, and the like.
Have the cheap puzzle mats. They always come apart and/or buckle and move on me during high impact cardio. Would these roll mats also do the same? If so, do you recommend another type of mat that won't slide, come apart or buckle? Thanks.
Our Regrind rolls will not buckle or come apart as foam tiles would. The weight of the material will keep them in place.
I plan to put these rolls in my garage under a squat rack, and I plan to deadlift over it. If I were to drop 400 pounds from about waist height, would the 8mm thickness be enough to protect the garage floor? I also live in Michigan, so would the cold be a factor at all?
Our 8mm Regrind Rolls in Confetti can be used as flooring for deadlifting. 8mm is the standard thickness used in European commercial gym and is commonly found in American gyms as well. Our Confetti Regrind Rolls are actually more dense than our standard rubber flooring, ensuring that your garage floor will be safe when working out. The cold weather will not affect rubber flooring as it is made from recycled rubber tires. The only thing you will notice is some contraction and expasion as your garage warms and cools if it is not insulated.
We want to put rubber down under our squat rack in the basement. Would you use 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch over top of a Berber carpet?
Our 1/4" Regrind Rolls are plenty under a squat rack. Since plates diffuse more of the weight, a 1/4" roll typically is good enough for a home gym. If you are really concerned about the plates damaging your subfloor, you can use our 3/8" thick rubber, but it's not necessary. 3/8" thick rubber is the most common thickness used in commercial gyms.
My room is 13' x 28', 'Man Cave.' I Would like to know what is best, 3/8" or 1/2", and if the second grind material is good?
Chris Fussell
Our Regrind Rolls would work perfectly as flooring in a man cave. These rubber rolls are very durable and are easy to install and clean. For this space, you can honestly go down to a 1/4", but if you were choosing between the 3/8" thickness and the 1/2", 3/8" is plenty.
Is the Regrind roll acceptable for a kitchen trailer floor? Is it easily cleanable?
bill hague
You can use our Regrind Rolls as flooring inf a kitchen. Our rubber flooring is very easy to clean and is very slip-resistant, and more so when wet. Also, our rubber flooring is mold and mildew resistant. In commercial kitchen environments, we do recommend sealing the floor with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. This will plug up the small pores in the floor and also help to protect the floor from any grease spills.
I read that you said 1/4” over Berber carpeting was sufficient for a home gym. Would 1/4” be good over concrete, or should it be thicker due to the hard under-layer?
Terry Bruce
You can use any thickness of our Regrind Rolls over concrete. The hardness that you will feel is due to the rubber flooring itself and not the subfloor. Our 1/4" and 8mm thicknesses are typically used in home gyms. Our 3/8" thickness is popular with commercial gyms, and our 1/2" thickness is popular for anyone doing Olympic lifts.
Does the regrind feel any different than the other rubber flooring options?
Josh Boyd
Our Confetti Regrind is a little more dense than our standard rubber rolls. Our Black Regrind is a little less dense than our standard rubber rolls. The confetti color is used primarily in standard gym areas, whereas our black regrind is used in areas where shock absorbancy is necessary. Typically people who are doing jump training, plyometrics, or high-impact workouts use our Black Regrind Rolls.
We are looking to place this under a climbing dome for our kids in our unfinished basement. What thickness would be the best? It will be going over concrete.
Our Regrind Rolls have been used as safety flooring under playground equipment, but these rubber rolls do not feature a fall height rating. For playground equipment, we recommend using a floor that is fall height rated. All of our fall height rated flooring can be found on our Playgroud Flooring page. So you can use our Regrind Rolls, and if you do, we would recommend going with the thickest one, our 1/2" thick rolls, but we don't recommend using this flooring under playground equipment.
What is the weight of the 3/8 inch Regrind Rolls per sq ft or linear ft?
The weight per square foot for our Regrind Rolls is approximately 1.5 pounds for 1/4", 1.8 pounds for 8mm, 2.2 pounds for 3/8", and 3 pounds for 1/2".
What’s the difference between this and the 1/2" Mega Rubber Rolls?
The main difference between our Regrind Rolls and our 1/2" Mega Rubber Rolls is that the Regrind Rolls are made from the scrap material from our standard rubber lines. Our 1/2" Mega Rubber Rolls are a mainline product. With our Regrind Rolls, we offer two colors, confetti and black. The confetti color is actually harder than our mainline product, which means it is more durable. In contrast, the black color is less dense, providing a great floor for high-impact workouts, ensuring that your joints are better protected when working out. Other than those differences, they are made from the same material, recycled commercial truck tire treads.
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