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Octane Tiles

Our Price
$2.29 sqft
$2.29 tile
reg: $3.05 sqft
tile: $3.05

Proudly made in the USA
Ships between Dec 26 - Jan 2
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BlackOctane Tiles
Black Octane Tiles Black
BlueOctane Tiles
Blue Octane Tiles Blue
RedOctane Tiles
Red Octane Tiles Red
OrangeOctane Tiles
Orange Octane Tiles Orange
WhiteOctane Tiles
White Octane Tiles White
GreyOctane Tiles
Grey Octane Tiles Grey
GreenOctane Tiles
Green Octane Tiles Green
TerracottaOctane Tiles
Terracotta Octane Tiles Terracotta
YellowOctane Tiles
Yellow Octane Tiles Yellow

12" x 12" x 1/2" thick tile
Accessories for Octane Tiles
Female Edge
Female Edge
3" x 12"
$1.49 $1.99
Weight: 1.00lbs
Male Edge
Male Edge
3" x 12"
$1.49 $1.99
Weight: 1.00lbs
Corner Edge
Corner Edge
3" x 3"
$0.79 $1.05
Weight: 1.00lbs
Auto Floor Guard
Auto Floor Guard
7'9" x 16'
Helps contain snow, water, and ice.
$199.00 $265.33
Weight: 20.00lbs
Premium Auto Floor Guard
Premium Auto Floor Guard
7'9" x 18'
Helps contain snow, water, and ice.
$209.00 $278.67
Weight: 22.00lbs
Deluxe Auto Floor Guard
Deluxe Auto Floor Guard
8'6" x 20'
Helps contain snow, water, and ice.
$239.00 $318.67
Weight: 27.00lbs
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Description - Our Octane tiles are the perfect garage floor tile to use in any residential, business or commercial application handling any and all seasonal changes. These tiles have been specially engineered to resist oil, gas, most household chemicals and automobile fluids. Our tiles are extremely stain resistant and formulated to be UV stable allowing them to prevent fading in direct sunlight. Our diamond pattern tiles come engineered with a stronger interlocking system than most comparable garage tiles, with a 6 interlocking loop system. What really sets this product apart from other tiles is its unique diamond pattern which offers superior slip resistance. The octane garage tiles offer superior slip resistance while establishing themselves as one of the strongest tiles on the market today. So if you are looking for a strong and easy to install tile to improve the look of your garage, this is the tile for you.
Note: These tiles can be damaged under the weight of a car jack. We recommend using your car jack directly on concrete.
Material - These tiles are made from a high impact polypropylene.
Size - 12" x 12"
Thickness - 1/2"
Weight - 0.70 Lbs. per tile
Recommended Uses - Octane Diamond series tiles are truly built to be the most versatile garage tile on the market. These tiles are most commonly used in residential garages, but have also been successfully installed at car shows, airplane hangars, in auto dealership showrooms, as trade show flooring, in basements, as retail flooring, in game rooms, as gym flooring, and in workshops.
  • Octane tiles are typically in stock and ship within 2-5 business days. Note: When out of stock, orders typically ship in 12-15 business days.
  • An email will automatically be sent to you with your tracking information as soon as your tiles ship and tracking information becomes available.
Octane interlocking modular tiles are easy to maintain. Cleaning of these multipurpose garage floor tiles typically includes:
  • Vacuuming or sweeping any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the interlocking tiles when necessary.
  • Hose off or damp mop the floor tiles with a mild soap and water mixture for tough or caked on dirt and/or stains.

Garage tiles are easy to install. Installation of these floor tiles typically includes:
  • Clean your sub floor so that it is free of all dirt, dust, grease, or other foreign material.
  • When installing the hard plastic tiles, we recommend starting in the front left corner of the room and working your way out from there.
  • Make sure the female side (loops) of the tile is facing away from the wall.
  • After filling the left wall with tiles and the adjacent wall, proceed to fill the rest of the room with whole tiles.
  • When you come up to a wall or object, don’t worry. Just measure the area and cut the tiles with a tile cutter or a power saw with a fine-toothed blade and put the trimmed tiles into place.
  • When trimming the tiles into place, make sure you leave about a 3/4” space between the tiles and the wall or obstruction.
  • Once the tiles are in place, you can then snap in the edge pieces, if you purchased them.


  • 100% virgin raw materials.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Durable 6 loop interlocking system.
  • UV stable and stain resistant.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Patented 6 loop interlocking system that requires no tools or glue.
  • Performs perfectly under the most extreme temperature changes making it perfect for any season of the year.


Customer Questions & Answers

Don't see what you're looking for? 
Anything you recommend to put under so you don't here the clacking of plastic on cement?
To reduce the noise of our Octane Tiles, we recommend using our 2mm Shock Pad underneath the floor.
Looking at the Octane tiles and I don't see any warranty info. Is there a warranty on these tiles.
Our Octane Tiles are backed by a 10 year warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturer defects.
I was wondering what the big difference, if any is between The Diamond Grid-loc tiles and the Octane Tiles. We love the look of this flooring for our automotive retail space.
The main differences between the Octane tiles and the Diamond Grid-Loc tiles are that the patterns are different, the number of tabs are different, and there are some different color options. The quality of the tiles are the same, as they are made from the same material. Both are super durable and slip resistant and will look great in your automotive retail space.
How do you figure number of tiles and edges needed?
On our Octane tiles we provide you with a calculator on the product page that will assist you with the number of tiles you will need. All you will need are the length and width of your floor in feet. We also have a flooring designer that allows you to create designs and will also tell you the number of tiles you will need. Just click on the image that says "Make a Custom Design" and enter your length and width in feet. You can get as many edges as needed for your install. Each edge piece is 12" long.
I have some craftsman tile installed. 12" x 12" x 1/2" thick, with craftsman stamped on the front. Can I match that?
Even though our Octane Tiles are the same size and thickness, these two products will not interlock with each other. We do have tiles that would interlock with those tiles and they are our Grid-Loc Tiles. They are the same size and height and have the same loop construction. The specific product names are the Diamond Grid-Loc, Coin Grid-Loc and Vented Grid-Loc Tiles.

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  Pros and Cons
Self-installed in Garage
from Los Gatos, CA wrote...
Short story, it's easy to install, very affordable, and looks really good. But I probably would choose another product the next time. Why? - the plastic is static-prone, and dust is impossible to clean off - the floor sounds cheap to walk on, tapping and clacking; it has kind of a cheesy, cheap feel to it - any water tracked into the garage (like when coming in from the rain) puddles forever on the plastic, and then finally seeps into the seams between the tiles. I'm sure it's sitting there underneath, moist forever I fear. I'm going to have to lift up the floor after a few months and see whether mold is building up. Next floor might have to be an epoxy coating or some such, to avoid the moisture problem.
  Octane Review
Self-installed in
from North Texas wrote...
I mistakenly ordered the Octane to finish a floor project, started about 6 months prior, thinking it was the Diamond Grid. Quality of Octane is not the same as the Diamond Grid. BTW the octane has 6 interlocking tabs and Diamond 4, per side. The Octane will dent when jacking up a sports car, because of lower underside rib density, and the diamond does not. Approximately 20 of the Octane tiles had one or two the interlocking loops missing, or where open, on the corners. This was caused by an in-sufficient die void fill of the injected materials. Not a big problem, but clearly not what I was expecting. I did not return the Octane tiles as the return shipping was approximately one half the cost of the tiles. Octane colors not as vibrant as the Diamond grid. For the dime extra Diamond Grid is the way to go...
  Inexpensive cost. Expensive looking results
Self-installed in Barn
from Michigan wrote...
We love the easy installation of these tiles and the appearance it gave our room afterwards. we used them in our barn where we store some of our antique tractors for display. Easy install.
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
  Customer service above average
Self-installed in Garage
from Vancouver,WA wrote...
I received my product and started installation. It was easy to use and looked great. As I moved forward I realized UPS had not delivered 2 boxes. I called Garage Flooring Inc. and within 10 minutes they were shipping me two brand new boxes, no questions asked. This was amazing to me I thought I would have a battle on my hands to get my product. Love the floor and thankful for being taken care of.
results 1-4 of 79
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