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Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer Reviews

Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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  Easy to apply
Self-installed in MFW Gym
Eric from 34984 wrote...
Product was really good. It brought back a new look to my rubber flooring in my gym! My customers thought I put new rubber floors in. Thank you
  looks good!
Self-installed in Multipurpose room
Anonymous from Burlington VT wrote...
Good coverage. Easy to apply.
  Great floor sealer
Self-installed in Basement
Fred from Oak Lawn, IL wrote...
It was easy to apply and dries fast. It had low order and gave my floors a nice sheen. As far as durability, I'm not sure yet. It's only been about a month but it looks like the finish is still on there. Hopefully it lasts awhile. I have about 200 sq. ft. of flooring and I put down 4 coats and have maybe about 1/3 of the gallon left. I didn't use a sponge mop, but rolled it on with a paint roller which made it real easy. Each application took about 5-10 minutes.
  Floor finish and sealer
Self-installed in Gym
Anonymous from Pittsburgh , Pa wrote...
We use this product on floors in some gyms in the PITTSBURGH area and the general managers are always surprised on how awesome the product works and their gym floors look great for their clients! When the GM’s are happy I’m happy! My techs love how easy it goes on and the difference is almost immediate! Thanks for handling a great product!
Customer review image of  in Commercial Gym
Customer review image of  in Commercial Gym
Customer review image of  in Commercial Gym
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  Before and after
Self-installed in Commercial Gym
All Bright Pro Cleaners from Noblesville, IN wrote...
Looks great after using this product.
  Rubber floor finish
Self-installed in At a popular chain Gyms
Anonymous from Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania wrote...
This is a very good product the rubber floors that we have used it on our clients think we are miracle workers !! Easy to apply and drying time is fairly quickly. I most definitely recommend this product.
  Great Product
Self-installed in home gym
Anonymous from Los Angeles wrote...
Worked just as advertised. I've only used one coat and the gym floor is beautiful.
  Customer Service
Self-installed in Doggy Daycare
Anna from Saugus, MA wrote...
I ordered 2 cases of Floor Finish and Sealer and the product was delivered damaged. It was damaged in transit. I called Customer Service and they were very helpful in making arrangements to take back the damaged product and sending me new product quickly, so it didn't interfere with my project timeline. The Sealer itself does a fantastic job on the floor! Creates a like-new shine and protects against spills.
  Rubber Floor Finish
Installed in Wellness Center
Anonymous from Alva, Ok wrote...
Floor looks new again!
  Floor Finish
Self-installed in Indoor track
Anonymous from Alva, Ok wrote...
Excellent product
  great product
Self-installed in Commercial Gym
Anonymous from Valencia ca wrote...
Great product.
  Tile sealer
Installed in basement dog training room
Judy Ann Boles from Millcreek, UT wrote...
I like that the product is meant to protect the tiles, which is why I purchased it. I am a little sorry that my dogs' nails make marks where they turn. Fortunately, when I wash the floor the marks disappear, so toenail marks are not into the tile but only on the surface. My contractor applied the sealer with a sponge mop, only barely damp, and put on two coats as was recommended.-
Customer review image of  in Doggy Daycare
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  adds years to life of the floor
Self-installed in Doggy Daycare
Anna from Saugus, MA wrote...
My flooring is 6 years old and used in a doggy daycare, so it's gets a daily beating. I apply this product (2 coats) once a year. This sealer is so easy to apply and renews it's waterproofing ability and makes the floor look brand new.
Self-installed in Veterinary clinic
Hamilton Floor Care from Chas. SC wrote...
  Bring Floor to Life
Enrique from Manassas, VA wrote...
My rubber floor is the black with green chip that I bought from Rubber Flooring Inc. After the last 15 months my floor has sort of dulled, still looks great but there is a difference from a virgin floor and what I have now. I have this rubber in a Cycle Studio where we also have floor workouts so there is some normal ″Scuffing″ you have from jumping around and such. I put two thin layers of this amazing sealer on and my floor looks brand new, the green flakes pops like it used to but more importantly the scuff marks and dullness is all gone. Not to shinny at all but when I did the first half there was a noticeable difference for the better. If you can mop you can put this stuff down, I was hesitant because is not ″recommended″ for primarily black floors but this is perfect for me. Just a little shine and it brought my floors back to life. Lastly, easier to maintain and clean up sweat puddles.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from New York wrote...
Applied product to new garage mat, easy application. Drove on it and no tire marks. Very satisfied
  Rubber floor finish.
Self-installed in Inside a 16 foot Trailer. I am making a shop out o
Steve from Flinton, Pa wrote...
Great service and will do it again. Thank you for the quick service.
  So easy to instal
Self-installed in Basement gym
Jamie from Boston, Ma wrote...
The rubber is so durable but you can easily cut it with scissors. This makes it very easy to install.
  Excellent product seals but not slippery
Self-installed in Gym floor
Anonymous from Beavercreek Ohio wrote...
Was concerned that a sealer finish would be too slick for our gym floors but instead it gives the floors a nice looking finish without being too slick. Use it with the cleaner and the combination works well in our application
  Floor Looks New
Self-installed in VFW Post
James Iven Phillips from Smithfield VA wrote...
This product was simple to apply and after two coats the floor looked even better than when we put it down 4 years ago. If this sealer is as durable as it is in restoring a shine and protecting the rubber floor then it is a bargain.
results 1-20 of 21
1 2