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Diamond Nitro Rolls Reviews

Diamond Nitro Rolls
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Customer Reviews

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Issue Resolved
from Merrit Island, FL wrote...
To whom it may concern, Originally I had given a less than stellar review of rubber flooring inc; but working with Kanar Shareef from your company has made me see that this company truly cares about their customers. It was somewhat poor on my part that I did not see the detail that explains the mismatch issue, and I will work to roll out the bubbles / bellies. Kanar was very persistent calling me multiple times to be sure I received satisfaction. Actually, I can't remember a time when a company tried so hard to fix an issue for me and all I can say is good for you that you have people like her working for you. And, good for you that you care about your customers. Because of this gesture I would definitely buy again from your company or recommend you to my friends. Sincerely, Frank G.
Diamond Nitro Rolls Review
Self-installed in Two car home garage
Verified Purchase
from Colorado Springs, CO wrote...
The 'Diamond Nitro Rolls' are a very good product. The look and quality of the flooring is great. The black color is deep and rich. Cutting was very easy to do. The cost was far less than buying the plastic tiles from other companies. The one negitive point is that the ends of the rolls always want to roll up and 'NOT' lay down flat. I placed the "unrolled" mats out in very hot direct sunlight for a good half hour and then reversed rolled the mats back up and left them out in the sun for another 30 min. Even with that, the ends still kept rolling upwards. The sunshine "DID" get rid of the wave patterns. Using two sided tape appears to keep the ends down as needed. If the product lives up to its 7 year warranty, I will be a very happy camper. END

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Exceeded my expectations
Self-installed in Garage
from Indian Wells, California wrote...
Seamless Fed-Ex delivery, installed 2 rolls in garage. The look is wonderful. I live in the desert so the heat softened the material and it laid flat immediately. I still used your double backed tape as a back up.(suggest this purchase also) Very pleased with end result. Would order again.
Diamond Nitro Rolls
Installed in basement and garage
from Dayton, Ohio wrote...
Durable product. Came in time as scheduled. Difficult to hold down the edges when you glue/tape it down (in fact my edges are still coming up and I had to put something over them to not appear as though this was happening). Overall gets a passing grade, just keep in mind that edges will roll and stick up no matter what you do.
Excellent quality, look, and price
Self-installed in Garage
from Orlando, Florida wrote...
I purchased two of the diamond nitro rolls, the 17 foot by 7.5 foot ones. We have a two car garage that we do brings our cars into. I painted the rest of the garage, except the middle where the two cars, and the two rolls, would go. So this saved time. The two rolls edges butted up against each other perfectly. Having tried floor paint products (even those 2-part epoxy ones) this appears to finally be the ideal solution to keeping the garage looking nice, with a very clean, modern look, without tires and water damaging the floor. We've had this in over a month now. One of the best projects I've done. Very happy.
Good choice instead of a paint product
Self-installed in garage
from chicago, IL wrote...
Product delivered promptly after order was placed. Well packaged. Bought two, mats rolled out and are of good quality.
Tough product, easy installation, looks clean
Self-installed in Garage
from Mesquite, NV wrote...
My husband ordered these about three weeks ago. We got them delivered the same week which was nice. It looks really nice and seems pretty tough. You can't really seem to rip it or at least I wasn't able too. My Husband and my brother installed the rolls in about an hour and said it was really easy. The only worry we had was that there were some wavy parts in the rolls initially. After calling the company, they told me this was normal and that they were flat spots that developed during shipping. It's about two weeks later now and it looks like the company was right. The rolls have since settled and they now lay down flat. We didn't order the double sided tape initially but my husband ended up buying some at the store to put down near the garage door to keep the edge of the roll flat until it settled. So we would definitely recommend that. Overall though, we are really happy and we love not seeing all the oil stains all over the garage anymore.
Great floor
Self-installed in garage
from JBLM, WA wrote...
Bought for my toy hauler liked it so much I got one for my garage. Perfect price, shipped fast and is exactly what I needed and experience cited!
Nice quality
Self-installed in Work Space
from East DorsetVermont wrote...
Mats exceeded my expectations. So far very pleased. Will see how they hold up over time.
Self-installed in garage
Verified Purchase
from Gig Harbor WA wrote...
Diamond Nitro Roll did not roll out as shown on the video. If I unrolled as shown the diamond pattern would be facing the concrete floor. Pain to unroll. If and when you cut the vinyl make certain the vinyl flooring edges ar square to one another or it'll come out looking ugly. Take your time cutting! Easy to brush but staining could be a problem. I rushed my cuts and got off line now I have cut marks and seams are not perfectly fit.
Self-installed in 2 Car Garage
Verified Purchase
from Palm Springs, CA wrote...
We ordered the product and it was here in two days...amazing. We let it sit in the warm sun for a day as others recommended and trimmed off the curled ends so that everything would lay nice and flat. We did not think that the carpet tape alone was going to hold up, so we tried construction grade Gorilla Glue...bad idea as it would not smooth out and we ended up scraping it up. Finally settled on a vinyl adhesive that we spread all over thinly with a trowel and then placed the pre-cut sections and used a heavy duty tile roller that we rented from Home Depot to flatten everything out. We butted the seams rather than overlapping and it looks great...just make sure the edges are down good and tight. To give it some finishing touches, we added black rubber wall molding strips glued down at the front of the garage to make a transition from the drive into the garage, and then put down some painted 4" molding around the base of the walls for both a finished look and to hold down all the edges. Our neighbor put down and epoxy product in their garage and this flooring looks 10X better than that. Definitely satisfied with our choice.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Arrived fast, good quality, great service
Self-installed in Customer's Garage
from Santa Monica, CA wrote...
I am a custom home builder and my client wanted the diamond pattern for his 4 car garage and he made the request last minute when the home was basically complete. We needed to get the rolls fast and I called everyone. No one seemed like they could get me the rolls in time. Eventually I called these guys and they told me they had them in stock an ready to ship the same day. I gave them a shot and got the rolls 2 days later. Thank you guys for helping me out.
Installed in Garage
from Los Angeles, CA wrote...
Used it in our Garage and it is truly a great product, we will be moving in a year and plan on utilizing the same product in the entire Garage (3 car garage). Good company to work with, I highly recommend them! Albert S.
Order carefully
Self-installed in Garage floor
from Groveland, Florida wrote...
I use the flooring on my garage floor where I park my riding lawn mower and golf cart. I live in Florida and the hot weather makes the flooring very pliable and subject to punctures. If you live in a very warm climate, I would recommend ordering the commercial grade flooring as it is much more durable in hot weather (I have previously ordered the commercial grade which I use where I park my vehicle and find it to be excellent and very durable). I did not order samples, but I should have.
black diamond nitro roll
Self-installed in garage/studio
from kansas city, mo wrote...
love it, but if i had it to do over again, i would have chosen gray. the black shows everything- every footprint...
Great Diamond Plate Vinyl!!!
Self-installed in Floor of Sprinter Van
from Troutville, VA wrote...
Used this to cover the floor in a Sprinter Van, and not only was it easy to work with, the quality was top rate!
RubberFlooringInc- Customer RubberFlooringInc- Customer RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Good value
Self-installed in Garage
from Northern Va. wrote...
Shipping was fast and the item was double wrapped during shipping which prevented damage. The item is as pictured so there were no surprises when I received the material. Small samples were placed outside of the packaging at both ends so you were able to view the color before actually opening the packaging (very helpful if you had to return the product before opening). My only issue is the cuts in the material were uneven. On one end of the roll, I had to recut the product because there was an obvious curve at one end. Attention to detail and quality control is very important to me and that's why I'm not giving it a high review.
Awesome product
Self-installed in Enclosed trailer
from Michigan wrote...
Friendly sales staff, fast delivery and exactly what I was wanting purchase. Thanks again. I would definitely buy from them again.
Diamond rubber flooring
Installed in Enclosed trailer
from North Carolina wrote...
This product is very durable, I used this flooring in my enclosed trailer and it withstands my mowers driving in and out of the trailer. The only thing I found wrong with this flooring is that the heat has caused it to shrink just about a 1/16 of a inch.
Snow Country
Self-installed in two car garage
Verified Purchase
from Colorado Springs, CO wrote...
Living in Colorado we get snow and ice storms from time to time. The Diamond Nitro Rolls can take on the snow and ice that falls off our vehicles once the vehicles are in the garage. When weather allows, cleaning up of the dropped snow and ice mess in the garage is easy. The flooring looks good after a simple soap and water cleaning. I have had the flooring for several years and it shows no wear issues. My only wish would be for the company to make a connector clip piece so you could add two pieces together. I have told many friends about this product . *END*
results 1-20 of 167
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