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Diamond Flex Tiles Reviews

Diamond Flex Tiles
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Installation of Diamond Flex Tiles
Self-installed in Garage
Tom and Linda from Treynor, IA wrote...
Please see attached photos of Before and After installation of Diamond Flex Tiles using Dark Grey, Light Grey and Blue tiles. I wanted to also say that I was greatly appreciated the professionalism of my Sales Rep, Whitney ( x 5007 ) with regards to taking our order on 6/25/15 and working with the shipping dept on the expedite of our order. We installed the product in our garage ( 23 Ft by 25 Ft ) on 7/11/15 and took about 7 ½ hrs. to complete! In closing, we also purchased a 7 x 12 roll tile ( Stainless Steel and placed under Lawn Equipment ) after seeing the quality of the Diamond Flex Tiles.
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  diamond nitro roll / diamond flex tile review/pics
Installed in Garage
Scott from Munds Park, AZ wrote...
I purchased 1 diamond nitro roll along with 3 cases of the diamond flex tiles. Extremely happy with both products but as other reviewers have mentioned, the edges do roll. I taped the sides down, the side where the garage door closes on the roll has laid down but the other side still hasn’t. Will use more tape when it warms up as I think the cold weather/humidity is preventing the tape from adhering as well as it should. My garage really pops now, thank you Whitney for the great customer service. Thanks to Whitney for all of her help!
  Clean away
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Sylvania, OH wrote...
I have had my floor down in my garage for 5 years and have found--in response to the comment about the difficulty cleaning--that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will take up any dirt and stains.
  Excellent Service
Self-installed in Garage
Guy from Fairport, NY wrote...
I had a few questions concerning the tiles I was interested in purchasing. I called and spoke with Kimberly who was very pleasant and helpful. The product arrived in about 2 weeks and I installed it (by myself) in less than 3 hours. The quality is excellent! I am extremely happy with it. In fact, I decided to extend the flooring and have placed a second order. I contacted Kimberly and she was able to accomodate a special request. I highly recommend the product as well as the company.
  Outstanding Product and Results
Installed in garage
Jim Shannon from Rochester NY wrote...
I'm completely blown away by the beauty and ease of installation of the Diamond Flex Tiles!!! Our garage is 28 x 40 ft and our contractor did the complete installation in less than one day! It is gorgeous and the envy of our friends, many of whom are ″car guys″. One buddy built a large barn (117 x 54 ft) to store dozens of cars, trucks and boats during our six-month winter season in upstate NY. After seeing our new floor he now is going to install Diamond Flex Tiles. Another benefit of this product is that it allows YOU to create a floor design pattern that is uniquely yours, unlike any other seen on-line, if you chose. Finally this project came together because of outstanding customer service and care. Our floor had to be completed in less than two weeks from the time I contacted Rubber Flooring Inc. Luis walked us through the process and expedited our order allowing the project to be finished two days ahead of time! Thank you Luis!!! Also, I had a follow-up question the next day answered masterfully by Kim (Luis was temporarily away from his desk). My wife and I are thrilled by our new floor and, once again, is the envy of our friends and neighbors!
  Great Poduct
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Granbury, TX wrote...
This product looks great on my garage floor. Had recently purchased an older home with a garage floor that had stains and rough surface areas. This product completely transformed the look of the garage. It was easy to install. Took about 3 hours for a two car garage. I had a helper that kept me fed with the tiles. The rubber mallet is a must to use. I used a circular saw to cut the tiles. But also used a utility knife for the small cutouts. I would highly recommend this product.
  Exactly as advertised
Self-installed in Garage
Gary Thompson from Michigan wrote...
Good thickness, easy to assemble, color and product true to the website.
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Garage
Dan S. from Slidell, LA wrote...
Installed great!
  looks great, easy to install
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from Southeast Michigan wrote...
My garage looks brand new with these tiles. They were very easy to install for a person who is not the most handy. I would recommend using a table saw to cut the tiles. Made it much quicker, easier and less margin for error.
  Rare That I'd Right a Review
Self-installed in Home
Daniel C. Schwartz from Philadelphia, Pa. wrote...
Rare to never would I write a review. You can't purchase a pen at the office store without being asked to do one. But, here I am. Very happy with my floor. The 20x20 tiles are great for faster coverage per tile. Simple to install. Has a good feel under foot. The color selection is great. In my case I was able to match my Cabs and work station area. My primary home has a different product on the floors. So I have something to compare. ( no I'd not say which ). But the product at my home is a harder type material, it's hard to keep clean and is not aging very well at all. Can't speak the aging process of this floor of course. Just feel I made the correct choice here.
  My Diamond Flex Tile
Self-installed in Home
Scott Hager from Marietta, GA wrote...
I have only had my floor completed for about a week but, so far, everything seems great. The first row (I started from right front of garage) took a little time because of the cuts (easily done w/ an exacto knife) I had to make around the garage door sides. Instead of making a cutout for the bottom of the garage door runner (it was too close to the ground for the tile to slide under) I removed a little of the runner on each side w/ a hacksaw. After the first row was installed the rest went pretty smoothly. I removed and painted all of the floor molding (probably not necessary) but that way I could get the tiles closer to the sheet rock so the edges would be invisible and to spiff up the molding a little. The tiles themselves are only 4mm thick and I was a little worried about that but I can honestly tell you that these tiles are ″bullet proof″. The installation was simple..sometimes I had to fiddle w/ the tiles a little to line them up with the others but it really was no problem. The rubber mallet was all I need to make them interlock. My garage floor looks 10 times better now, as does my garage. Putting in the floor made me want to get rid of a lot of things I didn't need and tidy things up. I would highly recommend this product!! PS I did not buy samples before hand.
  Garage floor
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Franklin, TN wrote...
These met my expectations. The tiles were easy to install and it took me about 10 hours to complete a 20’ x 20’ space although two hours was due to a couple of pieces that had complicated cuts. The edge pieces were a little off. Overall it looks good and I’m glad I did it.
Customer review image of  in garage
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  turns your garage into a room of the home
Self-installed in garage
Craig from Mansfield, TX wrote...
If you want your garage to present as an extension of your home's living area, the floor surface has to be better than just a gray concrete slab. These vinyl tiles offer comfort for your feet, along with a do-it-yourself satisfaction of visual results. But, like the floors of your house, you'll need to be respectful of what you do on them, along with the necessary cleaning to maintain their appearance. I recommend ordering just a few boxes to get started. Of the few colors I used, black was the only one that had some difference in darkness and sheen from one shipment to the next, but it wasn't a problem. Even with a lot of time spent measuring, drawing, and layout planning, there's a good chance you'll have a few changes in your initial ideas of where to use different colors, and pattern blends. Cutting the tiles is easy...I recommend clamping them on top of a sacrificial chipboard sheet to save the tip of your blade, and a heavy metal strait bar to cut alongside. You don't have to do the entire floor (budget?), but, the look will encourage you to!
  Diamond Flex Tile
Self-installed in Home, garage
Eric Roberts from The Woodlands, Texas wrote...
The tile installed very easily and looks great. However, I am a little concerned as to how well the tile is going to stand up to daily use. I already have a few water spots I cannot get rid of.
  Grandpa's garage project
Self-installed in Garage
JJC from Trenton, NJ wrote...
Easy to install. Most of the work ( bending etc.,) was done by my 12 year old grandson. my garage measures 22x19. The Rubber Floor tile calculator was near perfect. I laid the tiles on a concrete floor. They are not going anywhere. No adhesive. Biggest problem was moving ″ stuff ″ in the garage. I used tiles of the same color. Made the job easier.
Self-installed in Utility area
James from Houston Tx wrote...
The sample I received and final product match perfectly. Easy purchase and delivery even with the shipping conditions I requested. Very easy installation and looks good. Time will tell on durability.
  Good product
Anonymous from Naples, FL wrote...
Great buy! I would recommend to anyone looking.
  Garage floor
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from South Carolina wrote...
Recently completed installation of tiles. Product as promised. Quick delivery and easy to install. Getting rave reviews from neighbors!
Self-installed in Customer Sevice and Check out office
U Pull Auto Parts from Pocatello Idaho wrote...
We installed this in our office where there is a lot of outside traffic coming in and lots of wet dirty feet. It went down easily and looks better than we can have imagined, it takes a pretty a good beating with foot traffic and equipment run across it and cleans up easily every time not to mentions staying slip resistant for our customers no matter how wet it is getting. Love this flooring and always get great compliments on it.
  Great Look
Self-installed in Food Truck
BobInVAB from Virginia Beac wrote...
Purchased this product for the floor of a food truck. I rated this a 4 and for some applications it could be a 5. But.... If there is a chance of water getting on the flooring, it seeps through the edges and finds it's way under the tiles and stays there..... Until it oh so slowly dries. When you walk on the floor some of the water tries to penetrate the top. It Looks Great and appears to be durable
results 1-20 of 67
1 2 3 4