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Nitro Tile Kits Questions & Answers

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Nitro Tile Kits
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

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I live in southern Louisiana. I am a little concerned about mold or mildew getting under the tiles. My garage is dry and the only moisture would be from the car following rain storm. I currently have no issue with mold and mildrew. Will this be a problem?
Our Nitro Tile Kits are mold and mildew resistant. They are also resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. The only thing that will collect on the tiles is salt from concrete that is allowing water to come up through it. This is not detrimental to the floor. You can easily clean off the salts with a mild soap and water solution.
Are your Nitro Tile Kits slip resistant?
Our Nitro Tiles are very slip resistant. The patterns on these tiles help to make them slip resistant. Our most slip resistant patterns are ou Diamond and Vented patterns.
What happens with an oddly shaped garage, or when you do not need a 3 car garage kit or different than what is provided in the kit. Ie. Just a few more boxes for odd areas and misshapen garages. Are there extra boxes of tiles available?
If you are looking for flooring to cover an area that is outside the pre-set Nitro Tile Kits that we offer, you can order the number of tiles you need from our Nitro Tiles page.
If I moved, how easy it is to uninstall it?
Our Nitro Tile Kits are very easy to install and uninstall.
How are the tiles secured? Glue? Interlocked, no glue? Other?
Our Nitro Tile Kits are interlocking tiles.
I am turning my garage into a dog playroom Would these tiles cushion the floors enough for dogs to play safely.
Your dogs can play safely on our Nitro Tile Kits without them getting hurt. These tiles would be no different than any other hard surface flooring. To add more comfort underfoot for you and your furry friends, we do recommend installing our ShockPad under the tiles. This rubber underlay will not only add comfort underfoot but will also help to quiet the floor as you and your furry friends walk and play.
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