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Eco-Flec Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.6 / 5
Eco-Flec Rolls
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$3.96 Linear Foot
reg: $1.32 sqft
linear foot $5.28
Customer Rating 4.6 / 5

Customer Questions

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What exactly is the difference between the Regrind rolls and the Eco Flec rolls?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls are less dense than our Confetti colored Regrind rolls and provide added shock absorption when doing high impact exercises. Our Black Regrind Rolls are the same as our Eco-Flec rolls, just in all black. Our Confetti Regrind Rolls are for anyone looking for a low-cost commercial grade rubber floor that doesn't care about aesthetics.
Can this eco flooring be used in a garage as well?
If this roll is going be used for a garage gym and no vehicle will be driven over it, then it is perfect. Our Eco-Flec Rolls are less dense than our standard rubber rolls and would not be able to hold up very well to a car being driven over them. We do offer a wide range of garage rolls and tiles that are more appropriate for driving a vehicle over.
Is the Eco-Flec or Regrind rubber flooring vulcanized?
Our Eco-Flec and Regrind Rubber Rolls are not vulcanized.
Are any of these options suitable to be left outside in the elements? I’m in SoCal and would be more concerned about extreme heat more than water exposure.
Our Eco-Flec Roll are made from recycled tires and would be able to withstand the elements just like your tires would. The only thing that you will notice is that these rolls will fade over time when placed in direct sunlight.
What is the R-value of the flooring? Does it provide any insulation?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls are made from recycled rubber. Recycled rubber has a typical R-value of 1.100. Our Eco-Flec Rolls will provide some insulation.
Is it possible to seal the seams so liquid doesn't get trapped in between or under the rubber?
Kimberly McRae
You can seal the seams of our Eco-Flec Rolls with our Seam Sealer glue. This glue helps to make your flooring water resistant. Depending on how the seam sealer glue is installed, there is still potential for water and other liquids to slip through the seam. You can also use our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer in conjunction with our Seam Sealer glue to further make your rubber flooring water resistant.
Is it possible to pass with a Pallet Jack over it easily or will it get stuck?
Tony Abreu
You can use a pallet jack over our Eco-Flec Rolls easily. These rubber rolls are just a little less dense than our standard rubber flooring but are still hard enough to allow things to roll over them easily without being damaged.
Can the rubber rolls (not permanently attached to the floor) be used in pole building under carpeting?
You can install our Eco-Flec Rolls under carpet as underlay. Our Eco-Flec Rubber Rolls are less dense than our standard rubber flooring and would provide excellent absorption underfoot.
Are you able to put an underlayment for additional padding under the rubber floor?
You can add and underlayment under our rubber flooring for more padding. Our Eco-Flec Rolls are made to the same specifications as standard rubber underlayment, so you wouldn't need to add one, but if you wanted to, you definitely could.
Do you have any rolled rubber floor that comes wider than 4 feet? I'm looking for something roughly 5 ft by 12 ft.
Linda Clark
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can come 5' wide. If you are looking for a width this wide, please reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, phone, or email and they will be able to assist you with this request.
How long does it take for the rubber smell to dissipate?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls do have a rubber smell to them, which will dissipate over time. There is no hard, fast rule as to how quickly this will go away. If you are sensitive to the smell, we do recommend mopping our rubber flooring with a mild soap and water solution and allowing the flooring to air dry. You will want to make sure the space where the flooring is being installed is well ventilated. One note, you may have to repeat this cleaning process a few times to help dissipate the smell.
Which flooring would be good to use in a kennel? The dogs and puppies would be on it all day when they are in there.
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can be used as flooring in dog kennels or doggy daycares. To make these rolls appropriate for dog kennels and doggy daycares, we recommend sealing the flooring with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer and to seal the seams with our Seam Sealer glue. This will ensure that any urine does not get trapped in the floor. To clean the flooring after the sealer has been applied, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution.
I'm looking to use this as flooring for a 10x10' trade show booth. Does it need to be glued down to stay in place?
You don't have to glue our Eco-Flec Rolls to keep them in place. For use as a trade show floor, we would recommend just using some double-sided tape around the perimeter of each roll and down the seam. Then once you are finished, you can remove the tape and roll the rubber flooring so you can use it at your next trade show.
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