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1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls
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$179.40 Roll
reg: $3.99 sqft
roll $239.20
Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Are the 10' precut rolls cut square so that multiple rolls can be installed seamlessly?
Our 1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls are not trued, so they will not be exactly 4' wide and won't be 10' long as well. They can be cut to fit so that multiple mats can be installed next to each other as they will be virtually the same size just like our standard rubber rolls. We do leave an extra few inches at the end of each roll because no room is perfectly straight. This ensures that you can install your flooring to fit the space you are trying to fill.
What is the easiest way to make a straight cut on the 1/2" Mega Rubber Roll?
The easiest way to cut our 1/2" Mega Rubber Rolls is with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Always make sure you measure twice and cut once to make sure your cuts are as accurate as possible.
Would the 1/2" Mega Rubber Roll flooring work in a Facility Kitchen Dish Washing Room?
You can use our Mega Rubber Rolls in a dishwashing room. Our rubber flooring is very slip-resistant and is actually more slip-resistant when wet. These rolls are somewhat porous, so we would recommend if there is any grease that can be spilled to seal the floor with our rubber floor finish and sealer. This will help to keep the grease from getting into the flooring and prevent it from breaking the flooring down over time. Cleaning of our rubber flooring is very easy with a mild soap and water solution and a synthetic mop head.
Can you use the 1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls outdoors?
You can use our Mega Rubber Rolls outdoors. These rubber rolls are mold and mildew resistant and are very easy to clean and maintain. Since these rolls are made from rubber, they are also very slip-resistant even when wet. The only thing you will notice with them being installed outdoors is that they may fade in direct sunlight over time.
Is your 1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls right for a small basement gym? What are the pros and cons?
Our 1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls can be used a flooring in a small basement gym. For most home gyms, 1/2" thick rubber can be overkill as this is typically used in commercial gyms where heavy Olympic lifts are being performed, but 1/2" rubber may be needed or desired if trying to match up to an existing floor. For most home gyms, our 8mm rubber is perfectly fine and will perform excellently. There really are no pros or cons between the different types of rubber flooring. They all have the same great benefits of being slip-resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and are very easy to clean and maintain. The only benefit of thicker rubber flooring is that it will better protect your subfloor and be able to withstand heavier dumbbells being dropped on it.
Is there any odor mitigation done to the 1/2" roll rubber flooring?
The best way to remove the smell from our 1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls is to mop the floor with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mop head and to let the flooring air dry. You will want to make sure that the flooring is in a room that has plenty of ventilation. To fully mitigate the smell, you may have to repeat this process a few times.
Do you make transition pieces to go from 1/2" rubber floor to adjacent bare concrete?
Our 1/2" Rubber Floor Ramps can be used with our 1/2" Pre-Cut Mega Rubber Rolls to taper your floor. You can find this ramp in the on-page accessory section on the product page.
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