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Coin Flex Nitro Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Coin Flex Nitro Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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What is the difference between the coin flex tile and the coin flex nitro tile?
The main difference between the Coin Flex Tiles and the Coin Flex Nitro Tiles is that the interlocking system is different. Other than that they are virtually the same product. They are made from the same material, soft PVC, and are both resistant to staining, mold and mildew growth.
Can you recommend a cleaner for the tiles. Also, I have tire marks (brownish color) on the gray tiles that I can't get out. Any suggestions. Although I love the gray tiles with the black tiles around the perimeter I think I should have gotten all black tiles because it hides the dirt and discolorations better.
Depending on what is causing the staining determines what you will want to use to clean them. If tar is causing the staining, then we suggest using Purple Power which can be purchased at a local retail outlet. If the tires are causing the staining, then the only solution would be to replace the grey tiles where your tires are parked with black tiles. To find the appropriate solution for your staining, we recommend contacting one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat or email and they will be able to assist you with your needs.
Can these tiles be glued down to concrete garage floor to prevent water from melting ice and snow seeping underneath tiles? Is there a better way to prevent this from happening?
You can glue our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles to a concrete floor. This will prevent water from penetrating to the concrete below. Another thing you can do is seal the floor with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. This wax-based sealer would help prevent liquids from getting between the cracks.
Which floors are easier to roll a heavy toolbox on, coin pattern or diamond flex?
Susan Schiffhauer
Our easiest pattern to roll a heavy toolbox over is our smooth patterned tiles, but if you were comparing between our coin and diamond patterned tiles, there really is no difference. Both patterns will allow for heavy tool boxes to roll over them with virtual ease.
If I spilled some oil, would it leak through on my concrete floor? How tight are those tiles to each other?
Prof Fomich
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles interlock very tightly and keep water and other liquids from penetrating the subsurface. There is always potential for water and other liquids to penetrate the flooring surface at the crack if there is some separation, but under normal conditions, water and other liquids would not.
I know on a garage floor cracks should be filled in but how about the expansions joints? Should they too be filled in so that the tiles don't flex and take the shape of the joints over time?
You will not need to fill in the expansion joints when installing our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles. You will need to keep those unfilled so that your subfloor properly expands and contracts throughout the day.
Which tiles are best if I need to cut them (for poles, other permanent structures in the middle of the room)?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are very easy to cut and can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. That is the best way to cut these tiles.
Are these flexible enough for slight slopes in cement? Our garage slopes down towards the center. Also, how much noise do they make?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are flexible enough to be installed over cement that has a slight slope in it. In regards to the noise, these tiles are some of our quietest garage floors we sell.
I may have missed it in the description however are Coin Flex Nitro Tiles carjack safe?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are car jack safe.
Can the Coin Flex Nitro Tiles be used in a garage with a wooden (plywood) floor?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles can be installed in a garage over a plywood subfloor. These tiles can be installed over any subfloor that is hard and flat like concrete, asphalt, and plywood.
Would this be good for a woodworking shop? Can i install very heavy, 500lb plus machines on it?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles would be great for a woodworking shop. These tiles are very durable and can handle having a 500 lb plus machine on them. If the machine is on the floor for a long period of time and has legs, there is potential for the equipment to leave impressions on the floor. These impressions may become permanent. To keep this from happening, we recommend placing furniture sliders under the equipment.
I have a drain in center of my garage floor. What is best way to handle this?
If you would like to keep your drain open, we recommend cutting a hole over the drain in the middle of one of our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles, or you can just not put a tile in the area of the drain.
Do they need to be glued down?
Doug stanley
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are an interlocking tile and don't need to be glued or taped down.
Will a car jack damage this flooring?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are car jack approved and will not be damaged by a floor jack being used on them. The only thing you will notice is an imprint where the car jack is being used.
I have a concrete floor. Over time it has cracked and so is not level. Will these come apart where they are snapped together at the bulges?
Jim Willett
Depending on how not level your floor is will determine how the tiles will interlock with each other. If your floor has very large peaks and valleys of more than a 1/4", then the tiles will not interlock properly and may come apart easily. If it's less than this, then the flooring should stay interlocked. For a floor that is that damaged, we recommend using a leveling compound on the concrete first and then installing the tiles. This will ensure that your new floor won't be damaged or come apart when driven over or used.
My dogs have access to my garage. Are these pet-friendly? My dogs wouldn't chew these up, but they might eat a rawhide or chew on a toy while on the service. Curious is that information is known?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are pet-friendly. They are non-toxic and have been tested. If you would like to receive the testing for these tiles, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via email, phone, or chat.
Would these nitro tiles be suitable for use in my small kitchen?
peter wrona
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are great as flooring in a kitchen. These tiles are slip resistant which is great if water or other liquids were to get spilled. Since they are non-porous, that means that anything that does get spilled will not seep to the subfloor below making for a floor that is very easy to clean and maintain. These tiles are also stain-resistant and will provide comfort underfoot which is great for any home chef. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant.
I have a moisture problem in my garage. Maybe sweaty garage syndrome. Will the tiles work in this situation?
Mike Marlin
You can install our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles in a garage with moisture issues. The moisture will not affect the tiles in any way. The moisture will collect under the tiles and when it drys it will leave a white substance behind. Do not be worried by this as it's not mold, but actually the salts that are coming up from the concrete. The salts can be easily cleaned off the tile with a mild soap and water solution in most instances. These salts will not affect the integrity of the tiles in any way.
Can individual tiles be replaced if damaged or stained?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are interlocking tiles and can be replaced if damaged or stained. All you would have to do it take a paint can opener or something similar at the interlock and pop the bad tile out and replace it with a brand new one.
I live in Montana, and in the winter our vehicles get snow and ice on them and bring it into the garage where it sometimes melts onto the concrete floor. Would this be a problem for these tiles and is there a way to deal with this?
Water and other liquids are not a problem for our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles. These tiles are non-porous so the water would just flow over the tiles and out of your garage or to a drain. The water over time will evaporate, but if you want it out sooner, you can squeegee or use a blower to move the water out of your garage.
I have an electric golf cart, will the battery acid spills damage the tile? What can I clean it with if I do drip acid?
Battery acid will not damage our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles. These tiles are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. If battery acid were to spill on the tiles, it can be cleaned up easily. You can use any appropriate cleaners to clean the acid off the flooring while not causing added contamination to the environment.
Will this flooring work with a 4 post car lift?
You can place a 4-post car lift on our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles. Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles are also car jack approved.
Are there edge pieces available for the Coin Flex Nitro Tiles to finish at the garage door opening?
Greg Rigos
We do offer a ramp for our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles that can be used at your garage door opening. These ramps can be ordered right on the product page.
Can this product be used outside around a pool?
Mike Mac
You can use our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles outside around a pool. These tiles are non-porous so they will not harbor any mold or mildew and are very easy to clean and maintain. Since these tiles have a button top pattern on them, they will provide ample slip resistance even when wet. The only thing that you will notice when using these garage tiles outdoors is that they will fade in direct sunlight over time.
What glue is recommended to install this product?
We don't recommend gluing our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles. These tiles are interlocking tiles, and when interlocked together are heavy enough to stay in place. If you still would like to glue them due to the way your driveway is set up or due to buckling issues, then we recommend using our polyurethane adhesive.
Will this affect the performance of my in floor heating system? I view it as an insulation barrier between my floor heat and the garage. Let me know your thoughts Thanks
Jeff Kirby
You are correct. When these tiles are installed over this type of system, you more than likely not get the full benefits of it as these tiles are non-porous and will keep most of the heat from transferring to the surface.
For my 20 x20 garage. The flex tiles sound best and are quiet. Will they stay together like the coin grid lock harder plastics.
Bill Kinyon
While these tiled do also interlock, they have a different interlocking system that the harder tiles, due to the thickness and composition of the tile construction.
Are these tile heat resistance? Will hot tire melt or leave stain on tiles?
The tiles will not melt underneath a hot tire. Some performance tires do have the possibility of staining colored tiles and in that situation we recommend choosing black 'runway' tiles for where your tires will drive over.
Does the flooring come apart easy?
Once interlocked, our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles stay together very tightly and will not come apart under normal circumstances.
Will water penetrate through and under the tiles? If so, how does it dry out and not get mold and mildew underneath?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles interlock very tightly essentially making these tiles water tight. So in most instances, water will not penetrate through your floor and get trapped. If water were to get trapped under your tiles, it would eventually evaporate. These tiles are resistant to mold and mildew growth, so this would not be a concern for your floor.
Will these work on sloped surface? Garage is 10' wide by 20' long, and the front five feet slope upward toward the garage door at a 5 degree pitch.
Maulik Shah
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles and can be installed on slopes.
Hi. I'm going to install your flex tiles in a newly constructed garage. Do I need to seal the cement or do any other special preparation besides a good cleaning beforehand?
You do not need to seal the concrete under your Coin Flex Nitro Tiles, and no special cleaning is needed. If your concrete is pretty porous, when you lift up your tiles you will see some white material on the bottom of the tiles. This is from the salts that are left behind when the water evaporates. This will not affect the tiles, and it can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.
Will this work with jack stands and roller floor jack?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles will work with jack stands and roller floor jacks.
Are these tiles susceptible to buckling in extreme heat?
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles can buckle in extreme heat. Our flex tiles take a lot more heat than our hard plastic tiles to get to this point. To help prevent this, we recommend keeping the tiles out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. This will help to keep the floor from heating up irregularly and causing this buckling effect. You can also place a rug or mat over areas where direct sunlight will hit the floor to help keep the tiles from buckling.
In the extreme case where the tile buckles, do they return to normal shape and size once they cool? Or do the buckled tiles need to be replaced?
If your Coin Flex Nitro Tiles buckle due to heat, they will return to their normal state once cool. To help prevent this, we recommend keeping the tiles out of direct sunlight. You can do this by keeping your garage door closed or by using a rug over the tiles where the buckling occurs the most.
We have floor heat, will this product still work for us? As we still want the heat to come through the flooring to keep garage warm and dry.
You can install our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles over a floor heating system. The only thing that you will notice since these are non-porous is that you will not get the benefits of the floor heating system through your floor. The heat won't affect the tiles; you just won't feel the heat like you would if it were ceramic tile or concrete.
Do these tiles have an insulation R-value and are there any ways to increase their R-value? Thanks
Our Coin Flex Nitro Tiles would have an R-value of 0.200. The only way to increase the insulating properties of this tile would be to add an underlay under these tiles.
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