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Weave Carpet Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Weave Carpet Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Is this particular carpet tile good for garage applications where a car will be driven on them daily? Thank you!
These carpet tiles are approved for garage applications and will hold up to cars driven on them daily.
do the carpet tiles come with adhesive backing and will it hurt a wood floor
russell miller
These tiles do have an adhesive back and would not be recommended to put directly onto wood flooring. You could create a floating subfloor to adhere the tiles to instead.
Can these carpet tiles be used on a terrace that could get some rain?
Yes, these tiles are approved for outdoor use and the elements.
I am wondering if these tiles will stick to vinyl flooring or does the vinyl need to be pulled up prior to laying these
As long as the vinyl is clean, the adhesive should stick to it.
Will they stick securely enough for the weight and movement of a vehicle pulling in and out of a garage ?
Yes, the tiles would be fine in this application.
Can this be put down directly on a concrete basement floor???
Yes, that would be fine.
Will these stick if there's some old oil or grease in spots on the garage floor?
Likely not. Subfloor surfaces need to be clean and free of debris as best as possible. If other parts of the floor are clean it should stick in those areas.
I'm interested in using these tiles over a concrete floor. If I want to change it out in a year or more; can the tiles be easily removed?
Yes, these tiles can be very easily removed, usually without leaving much (if any) residue behind. Any residue can be removed by rolling it up between the fingertips or with a tennis ball.
How do these carpets tiles work over rough concrete in a residential garage application
To ensure adhesion, these carpet tiles should be installed over a smooth surface. They are unlikely to stay in place on a rough surface with the impact of vehicle traffic. We would recommend one of our garage tile products for this application.
Can one of the weave tiles (outdoor type) be removed, washed in a sink or tub, dried thoroughly and then be put back into place?
No, that would not work.
I have commercial carpet glued to the floor. Would it be possible to put peel and stick carpet squares over the carpet. It is very flat nap
This is not recommended.
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