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Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.6 / 5
Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls
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Customer Rating 4.6 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do you have outdoor rubber rolls? We need to transform a concrete School parking lot to a safe play area.
Karen Krebs-Wellerstein
Our Eco-Flec rolls can be used as flooring for outdoor spaces. We recommend not installing our rubber rolls over asphalt that is less than 5 years old. Fading may happen to these rolls, but they will hold up to the elements just fine.
Can I paint the Eco-Flec flooring? Would it require a sealant before the paint? Or just an epoxy colored paint? I need guidance on the type of paint if paintable at all. Thanks.
Our Eco-Flec rubber rolls can be painted. You can not use an oil based paint. The floor would not have to be sealed.
I have old glue on our basement floor do I need to remove it before I lay the rubber flooring
You can lay our Eco-Flec Rolls over top old glue.
Wanting to use the 1/8 inch flooring as an outdoor complete weed prevention mat. The rubber flooring would be covered with beauty bark. To be used in a climate west of Seattle with around 20 inches of rain a year and occasional winter snow. Normal weed fabric doesn't stop horsetail fern. Any concerns?
There would be no concerns using our Eco-Flec rolls for this purpose.
Will high heels, chairs, or tables puncture the floor?
High heels, chairs, or tables will not puncture our Eco-Flec Rolls. These rolls are very durable and will be able to withstand having weight equipment on them.
Can I use this product in a one season screen porch over older pressure treated floor? I live in NH so it does get very cold.
Our Eco-Flec rolls can be used as flooring in a one season screened in porch.
Can this be installed in a basement? Will humidity affect the life of the product? Can this be installed over vinyl tile?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can be installed in a basement and humidity will not affect this product. We don't recommend placing rubber over vinyl flooring because the rubber can stain the vinyl. To prevent that, we recommend using a plastic sheet between the rubber and vinyl.
I am planning on using this over lawn in our yard. How do we attach the rolls together at the seams where they meet?
You can use our Eco-Flec Rolls outdoors. To attach the rolls together, we recommend using our Seam Sealer glue.
My 24 x 32 space (barn) will be both a weight room and basketball court. The floor is concrete. I was considering 8 mm, but wonder if a ball will bounce well on a rubber floor?
Barry Gell
A ball will bounce on our Eco-Flec Rubber Rolls.
Does the Eco-Flec Roll flooring have a VOC/green label rating? I need something with zero to no VOC. Thanks.
Our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls are not Green Label products and do have VOCs.
Would this flooring be appropriate for a wood shop? I could be wrong, but It appears this flooring is somewhat porous. In other words, do you think sawdust would be easily swept up on this type of floor or would some other type of product you have, be better suited for a wood shop floor? I'm looking for something durable, easily cleaned, and will be functional for a long time to come.
Our Eco-Flec Rolls have been used as flooring in a wood shop, but they are semi-porous and small pieces of wood can get trapped in the floor. If you want to avoid this, we would recommend going with our Nitro Rolls. These rolls are non-porous and can be easily cleaned.
Can this placed on top of a flat roof? I have a metal roof in one of my sunrooms, and when it rains the sound is unbearable. i am trying to find a buffer between the rain and the metal roof - I thought this could potentially be a solution. Also does this product absorb water? or does water slip off of it? Can it withstand weather conditions (Hot, cold, rain, etc?)
You can install our Eco-Flec Rolls on a flat roof. These rolls would help to reduce the amount of noise that you get from the roof when it rains. Since these rolls are somewhat porous, the water would just sheet off the top of the rubber roll and off the room. I will not pool or soak into our rubber rolls. The only thing that you will notice is that over time the rubber rolls will fade in direct sunlight.
Can I place the Eco Flec rolls on top of the grass as flooring under our 10' x 10' wrought iron gazebo?
Our Eco Flec rolls can be placed over the grass underneath your gazebo. These rolls are not fade resistant, so in areas that get a lot a sun fading of the flooring will occur.
How absorbent is this material? if a dog potties would it soak it up or would it sit on top of the material until it was cleaned? looking for a rubber flooring to cover a dog daycare play area that won't absorb the urine and poo smells into it!
Our Eco-Flec rolls are somewhat porous, but they will not soak in pee or poop right away. Any liquids will sit on top of the surface for some time before eventually migrating into the pores of the floor. To totally prevent this from happening, we recommend the use of our Floor Finish and Sealer. We also co offer a wide range of non-porous rubber tiles and mats that would be perfect on our Dog Kennel Flooring page.
Can this be used on a basement floor?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls are great as flooring in basements. These rubber rolls are resistant to mold, mildew, and water.
How would this hold up in a private garage?
If this roll is gonna be used for a garage gym and no vehicle will be driven over it, then it is perfect. Our Eco-Flec Rolls are less dense than our standard rubber rolls and would not be able to hold up very well to a car being driven over them. We do offer a wide range of garage rolls and tiles that are more appropriate for driving a vehicle over.
When in a tire shop there is a strong rubber smell. I am wondering if this material has a strong odor? If so, how long does it take to dissipate?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls do have an odor to them, but not as intense as the on you experience in a tire shop. The smell does dissipate on it's own over time, but to speed up the process we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution and letting the floor air dry. If you are very sensitive to smells, you may have to repeat this process a few times. Also, if you are super sensitive to the rubber smell, we do recommend purchasing our Virgin Rubber Tiles. These tiles are made with virgin rubber and do not have the tire smell that is typical of most recycled rubber floors.
Does this flooring give off any kind of odor?
Mark M.
Our Eco-Flec Rolls do have an odor to them. It is similar to the smell of a car tire, since that is what they are made from. To help dissipate this smell, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution.
Would eco-flec work well in a bathroom, or is it porous and would hold or soak up liquids and begin to smell?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls would work great in a bathroom. These rolls when wet, are more slip resistant. They are somewhat porous, but if cleaned on a regular basis will not smell. The liquid would evaporate from the roll, but some salts and minerals may get trapped in the floor.
In a basement application (home gym + ping pong area), do you suggest securing the seams or perimeter of the Eco rolls with any kind of adhesive or two-sided tape?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls, in most instances, can be loose laid. Since they are pretty heavy, it does take some force to move the rolls. If you are doing some strenuous activity on the floor such as playing ping pong or have a home gym, for most home gyms all that is needed is some double-sided tape to ensure the rolls don't move.
Will this floor hold up to softball and baseball spikes? If not, do you offer a product that will?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can withstand the daily abuse of baseball and softball spikes, but they are not an ideal floor for that application. These rolls are made less dense than our standard rubber rolls and thus would not last very long. We typically recommend our 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls or 1/2" Mega Rubber Rolls for this type of application. Both of these rolls are denser and are better equipped to handle the daily abuse of spikes on them. They also will last much longer than our Eco-Flec Rolls.
Would the Eco-Flec Rolls be good for kids basketball court? What thickness?
Since our Eco-Flec Rolls are less dense than our standard rubber rolls, we do not recommend them for use as a basketball court. These rolls tend to flake and breakdown under strenuous side-to-side use.
What can I use for a concrete floor in a kids indoor family fun center with bounce houses.
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can be used over a concrete floor. These rolls will help to cushion any falls that may occur as children come out of the bounce houses. These rolls are easy to clean and maintain and are also mold and mildew resistant.
Do you have a rubber flooring product that I can lay on top of my apartment carpet?
Any and all of our rubber flooring can be installed over carpet including our Eco-Flec Rolls. We recommend placing our rubber flooring over low pile, commercial grade carpeting, but they can be installed over plush carpet as well. The only issue you may run into on plush carpet is some separation due to the padding under the carpet becoming depressed.
Hi. Are there any problems with allergies such as latex or chemicals?
Our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls and all of our recycled rubber products are not latex allergen free, but typically carry very little latex in them. To test out if you will be allergic to our floor, we recommend ordering a sample and placing it on your skin to see if there is a reaction.
I have 2 garages which have compacted/leveled gravel unfinished flooring. Can I use the rolls on that surface?
You can install our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls in your garage over leveled gravel. If you do plan on parking a car over these rolls, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, these rolls are not made as durable as our standard rubber flooring and may tear when a car's wheels are turned. Also, if your car leaks oil, there is potential for the oil to break down the rubber over time. Other than those things, these rubber rolls are perfect for garages.
Need to cover a handicapped ramp made of wood, any suggestion?
Our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls are great as flooring for handicap ramps. These rolls are very slip resistant and are more slip resistant when wet. They are also very easy to clean and are mold and mildew resistant.
Is it possible to color this after install? Perhaps some sort of paint or rubber-based paint?
You can paint our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls with a water-based paint.
My dog kennel club is looking at options for flooring for dog training. What would be the best option to use for dog training and some basic agility training for our dogs?
Because our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls are less dense than our standard rubber rolls, we don't recommend using them for dog agility. If you are looking for a low-cost flooring option for this, we recommend going with our Regrind Rolls in the confetti color.
I'm looking for something durable and cushioned for a country kitchen-dining-great room. Stylewise I can make it work. But will it work in a kitchen? With dining chairs?
Our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls can be used as flooring in a kitchen. These rubber rolls are slip resistant, even when wet, and are resistant to mold and mildew growth.
Can vinyl or laminate flooring (EVP, LVP) be installed over this .25" roll?
You can install laminate over our Eco-Flec Rolls, but we don't recommend placing all vinyl over them. Rubber and vinyl typically don't mix, and staining can occur with vinyl when placed over rubber.
Hello, I am opening a new restaurant and we are looking for more durable options for kitchen flooring. Have these ever been used for such a thing? Are they up to code for commercial kitchens? Thank you
Our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls would not pass most commercial kitchen codes because they are porous, but they could be used as matting in areas that are not directly in the kitchen area. Places, where these mats have been used, are by exit doors, in employee smoking areas, and more.
Do you have rubber flooring for basketball for outside?
You can use rubber flooring as a basketball surface. We don't recommend using our Eco-Flec Rolls because they are less dense than our standard rubber flooring.
If installed on a second level directly on concrete, what level of sound proofing will this product provide?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls as with all of our rubber rolls will give you some soundproofing when installed on a second floor. We don't have any specific testing on our Eco-Flec Rolls, but they will help to deaden sound transmitting from floor to floor.
Does this product have an R-value? My concrete is cold.
Since our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls are made from rubber, they would have a typical R-value of about 1.100.
Can this be used in an outdoor baseball dugout? Can it withstand metal cleat traffic?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls are less dense than our standard rubber rolls, and we would not recommend them as flooring in a baseball dugout.
Can you bounce a basketball on this surface?
You can bounce a basketball on our Eco-Flec Rolls.
How do you clean these floors?
For large dirt and debris, we recommend either sweeping the floor or using a vacuum with just suction to clean our Eco-Flec Rolls. To clean off stuck on dirt and debris, we recommend mopping the floor with a synthetic mop head and a mild soap and water solution. You would then allow the floor to air dry. We also offer a cleaner for our rubber called our Rubber Floor Cleaner and Degreaser. This product is highly suggested to keep your rubber flooring look spick and span. You can also seal your floor with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. This will help to make your floor water resistant and keep it looking like new longer.
What is the best way to clean this flooring?
The best way to clean our Eco-Flec Rolls is to either use our Rubber Floor Cleaner and Degreaser or a mild soap and water solution. You would just vacuum any large dirt and debris and then mop the floor with either cleaning solution. We recommend using a sponge mop or synthetic head mop. Then you will let your floor air dry.
What is the warranty for the Eco-Flec Rolls?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls come with a 5-year warranty.
What is double-sided tape/glue adhesive is recommended?
Depending on your application, we offer two types of installation methods, double-sided tape or adhesive. You can choose either method for your installation and can see how to install our Eco-Flec Rolls in the installation tab on the product page. If you still have further questions about the proper installation for your floor, feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, email, or phone.
I want to put the rolled rubber in my restaurant kitchen. Is that ok? Or do you have another product? It would have to be swept and mopped every day and be ok with grease spills. Tell me what you think please and thank you.
Deborah Bane
Our Eco-Flec Rolls could be used as flooring in a commercial kitchen. Since rolls are somewhat porous, they will need to be sealed with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. You can clean these rolls every day with a broom and mop. When mopping, we recommend using a mild soap and water solution. To make our rubber rolls resistant to oils and grease, you will also need to seal our rubber flooring with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer.
I read your answer to the question about carpet but wanted to take that a step further. Want to make a section of my bonus room into a home gym area. So I want roughly a 15ft by 15ft section of padded gym floor in the center of the room to use while working out but the entire room is carpeted. Does your roll floor have to be glued/adhesive down or can it just be rolled out on top of the carpet and because of its shear weight it stays put where it is? Your answer to someone else about carpet mentioned "The only issue you may run into on plush carpet is some separation due to the padding under the carpet becoming depressed." What does this mean? We have a frieze type carpet that has longer strands. Thanks
Our Eco-Flec Rolls do not have to be glued when installed. The sheer weight of the product, in most instances, is enough to keep the flooring in place. If there is movement due to certain exercises being performed, then we recommend using some double sided carpet tape under the rolls. When we talk about plush carpet, we are really talking about the pad that is under the carpet. Most homes have a plush carpet with a thick pad under it. These pads are typically about a 1/2" thick. Since the pad is very soft and is meant to depress when weight is applied to it, there can be instances where the rubber on top can be depressed as well creating a potential tripping hazard. If your carpet doesn't have a thick pad under it, then this is not an issue, but if it does, then there can be a potential issue.
Life expectancy of Eco-Flec Rolls and your standard 3/8 rubber in a children's playroom and adult gym application?
Bruce Paul
We don't have a standard life expectancy any of our rubber products since there are so many factors that can come into play, but our Eco-Flec Rolls can easily last for as long as you own the play area and gym when maintained properly.
Do your Eco Flec rolls lie flat when initial unrolled?
Scott Putman
Our Eco-Flec Rolls typically will unroll flat. There is potential for some curling with the thinner rolls which will go away as the flooring relaxes. We recommend flipping the roll over and placing some weight on the edges for 24-48 hours to help get the flooring to lay flat. Once flat, you would then flip the roll over. You can also glue or tape the rolls to get them to lay flat as well. You would still want the flooring to acclimate for 24-48 hours in the area in which you will be installing the flooring.
Can you push/pull a weighted sled across the eco roll flooring?
We do not recommend pushing and pulling sleds across our Eco-Flec Rolls. Rubber flooring is very slip resistant and has a very high coefficient of friction. This makes it a little tough to push and pull sleds across it. We would recommend using a Turf Roll for pushing and pulling sleds.
Can the rubber flooring be placed over an existing wall to wall carpeting where it will take up part of but not the entire carpeted area, or does the carpet for the gym area have to be first removed?
You can install our Pre-Cut Eco Flec Rolls over a commercial grade, low pile carpet with ease. You can install our rubber rolls over a plush carpet with a thick pad, but due to the pad getting depressed under the rolls, you may get some separation of the flooring.
Can this flooring being installed on a plywood surface?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can be installed over any hard flat surface such as plywood, concrete, asphalt, and the like.
Can this be placed in a basement which has tile flooring?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can be installed in a basement over tile. Our rubber flooring can be installed over any hard, flat surface like concrete, asphalt, tile, and the like.
Can this put down on top of a basement concrete floor or do I need to lay plywood first? If the former, what thickness do you recommend for home gym use - 8 mm, 3/8th inch or 1/2 inch?
You can install our Eco-Flec Rolls over any hard flat surface like concrete, plywood, asphalt, and the like. So yes, you can install our rubber flooring over a concrete floor in a basement. These rubber rolls will not be affected by any moisture that was to come up through the concrete and are mold and mildew resistant. The thickness of rubber that we recommend for home gym use is 8mm. 3/8" is typically used in commercial gyms and our 1/2" thickness is typically used in areas where Olympic lifting is done.
Do you have a product that can be used in a gym that includes weight benches, etc. but don't have that rubber smell? The owner doesn't want anything that has that smell.
Reid Eichner
If one is looking for rubber that doesn't have a rubber smell we recommend using our virgin rubber tiles or our soft plastic gym flooring — both of these smell pretty much like a new toy.
I'd like to roll this rubber flooring out, use it and then roll it back up daily. Does it mark up the floor? I'll be putting it on a hardwood floor. We'll use it for workouts when we want a more "cushioned" surface instead of the hardwood. Thanks for your info!
You can use our Eco-Flec Rolls over a wood floor without it leaving a mark on the floor. These rubber rolls will provide ample protection to your hardwood floor and would be easy to roll up and roll out as needed.
Can I use this product for a garage for motorcycles?
Mark Mumford
Since our Eco-Flec rolls are less dense than our standard rubber rolls, we do not recommend driving any type of vehicle over them. The constant back and forth on the flooring would cause the floor to break down over time.
Can I use this on an outside deck? Is it waterproof?
Lee Ewing
You can use our Eco-Flec Rolls outdoors. These rubber rolls are made from the same material as your car tires and would be able to handle the elements. These rolls are not UV stable so, they would fade in direct sunlight. Our rubber flooring is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. They are very easy to clean and maintain and will not harbor any mold or mildew. Water will pool on top of the flooring and would flow to a drain or off the side of the deck.
Can this flooring be cut? What is the best tool to use to cut this?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls are very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Cutting these rolls is like cutting butter with a warm butter knife.
Can this be used as an underlayment for a floating hardwood floor?
Our Eco-Flec Rolls can be used as an underlayment under hardwood flooring. This product was designed to be an underlayment, but have suggested and used this as a floor for anyone looking for extra shock absorbency when doing high impact workouts.
Can you put a Urethane or an epoxy sealer over the flooring to help keep it clean? Is this good to put in a commercial weight room and will dumbbells that are dropped damage the flooring?
Jeff Rathburn
We recommend using a wax based sealer on our rubber flooring. Other types of sealers may react to the properties of the rubber flooring and cause it to fail over time. Our Eco-Flec Rolls are great for both home and commercial applications. For commercial gyms, we recommend going with our 3/8" or 1/2" thick rolls. These rolls are less dense compared to our standard rolls, so we don't recommend dropping any dumbbells or kettlebells on the floor. These items have the potential to damage the floor. Dropping of bumper plates would be ok allowing you do perform several Olympic lifts.
Can you install the rubber flooring over luxury vinyl plank?
We don't recommend installing our rubber flooring over vinyl flooring, but with our rubber flooring can be installed over most luxury vinyl planks. The reason it is safe to install over these floors is due to the wear layer. This layer actually protects the vinyl from getting stained by our rubber flooring.
If I place this over top commercial grade low pile carpet will it sweat between the 2 types of flooring?
When installing over any subsurface, our Eco-Flec Rubber Rolls or any rubber flooring will not sweat on its own. You will get sweating due to moisture coming up from the subfloor below. Typically you will only see this when installing over concrete as it is a porous material. If you have this issue, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the moisture from reaching the flooring surface. You can place a plastic sheet between the floor and the subfloor. This will prevent the moisture from flowing from the subfloor to the flooring above. You can also seal the concrete. This will also prevent moisture from flowing to the flooring surface.
When using in a garage, my concern would be oil spillage and in seeping between seam lines. Or is there a sealer between seams?
James Mehner
If you are concerned about oil seeping between and through our Eco-Flec Rubber Rolls, we would recommend using a combination of our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer and our Seam Sealer. The Finish and Sealer would fill in the pores that are located in the flooring. The Seam Sealer would prevent any liquids from flowing between the rolls. Both of these will help to protect the rubber from oil spills and will also prevent oil from getting under the rubber.
I plan lay the rubber roll in a 9' x 9' concrete area beneath my patio. Will any water pool on the mat, or is it porous enough to get to the drain below the mat?
Dalen Everett Matthysen
Water would pool on top of our Eco-Flec Rolls. Our rubber rolls are only semi-porous.
How would the Eco-Flec rolls go into corners and exactly fit the space? Should we send the exact measurement, or can they be cut and placed as needed?
You can easily cut our Eco-Flec Rolls to fit any space with a sharp utility knife and straight edge. If you are looking for a specific length, we do offer a custom cut version of this product that you can have cut to the nearest whole foot. With these rolls, you will get some extra material as with any rubber roll since no wall is truly square.
Do you sell a beveled edge guard for the 1/8" rolls? We are looking for something to prevent a tripping hazard when using the Eco rolls.
Caroline Hiteshew
Our 1/8" Eco-Flec Rolls are very thin and thus don't have a recommended edge. Typically anything 1/4" thick and above is considered a tripping hazard. If you would like a transition piece for this thickness, you could still use our Rubber Floor Ramps for 4mm - 6mm thicknesses. You just would have gapping at the juncture of the floor and the ramp.,
Can I lay this product over wood pallets?
Beckie Wright
You can use our Eco-Flec Rolls as a protector over wood pallets.
I was wondering if anyone has used this in a horse stall? It seems more economical than purchasing 4' x 6' foot mats.
Our Pre-Cut Eco Flec rubber rolls have been used as flooring in horse stalls. These rubber rolls are durable enough to be used as flooring for this application. They are very easy to clean and will provide the horse or other animals with improved comfort underfoot.
Does the rolled material need to be glued down? Will it stay in place if on a raised area without a border? Is it precut to my measurements for a home gym with a smith machine?
Depending on what thickness you use, we may or may not recommend gluing the floor down for optimal performance. For our 1/8" and 1/4" material, we recommend gluing the flooring down due to them being so thin. For any of the thicker rolls, we gluing the flooring is optional. Overall, you don't have to glue the flooring down. Using glue or tape all depends on what the flooring will be used for. For most residential installations, no glue or tape is necessary as the flooring is heavy enough to stay in place. For commercial spaces, like gyms or walkways, glue or tape may be necessary to keep the flooring in place. These rolls are pre-cut to certain stocked lengths that are not set to a particular fitness machine. You can easily cut these rolls to fit any space with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Can I use the 1/8" roll as cushion for Laminate floor installation over an uneven concrete floor? Will the rubber compress and conform over small bumps or cracks in this application?
Frank Roma
You can use our 1/8" Eco-Flec Rolls as an underlayment under laminate flooring. The rubber will provide optimal sound absorption and reduction. The rubber flooring really won't compress, but can be installed over small bumps and cracks without tearing.
Can I lay your Eco-Flec Rolls on top of an exiting rubber floor?
paul rodriques
You can install our Eco-Flec Rubber Rolls over an existing rubber floor. Our rubber flooring can be installed over any hard, flat surface such as concrete, plywood, asphalt, commercial carpet, and the like.
How is rubber for soundproofing? May I use it against or glued to sheetrock to soundproof a wall?
Dennis P Geoghan
Our Eco-Flec Rolls were designed as underlayment but are durable enough to be used as flooring for high impact workouts. These rubber rolls are great as a soundproofing agent under existing floors or on walls, as well. You can glue these rolls to sheetrock with the use of a polyurethane or wood glue.
Are the rolls pre-cut?
Our Pre-Cut Eco-Flec Rolls are pre-cut to the following sizes in various thicknesses: 4' x 25' and 4' x 25'.
Can I use this inside an ice fishing shanty with fishing cleats on our boots? Will the 1/8" work? What's your recommendation for this application?
Since fishing cleats are pretty sharp, we wouldn't recommend using our 1/8" Eco-Flec Rolls for this application. For this type of application, we would recommend going with a thicker rubber, at least 3/8" or to go with a vulcanized rubber product like our Rubber Gym Tiles. These will be able to withstand the abuse of cleats.
I am looking to use this on bare ground, gravel, or sand outside of RV for a power wheelchair to move and turn on. Do you think this, or another product would work?
You can use our Eco-Flec Rolls as a temporary floor outside of RVs over sand, ground, or gravel to allow a power wheelchair to move and turn on. What is great about this floor is that it is slip-resistant when wet, easy to clean, and can be easily rolled up and rolled out when needed.
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