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3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls
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$205.28 Roll
reg: $2.73 sqft
roll $273.71
Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Does this flooring have a fire rating?
Richard Dean
Our 3/8" Pre-Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls are Class III fire rated.
Can this be used as gararge flooring?
The only time when there will be an issue is when your car leaks oil. If your car leaks oil, over time the rubber flooring will breakdown.
Looking for flooring that would work over low pile carpet. Plan to put exercise equipment on it.
Our 3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls can be installed over low pile commercial carpet with ease.
Is this appropriate as a carpet for an outside patio? Do the edges need finishing ?
Our 3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls can be used as flooring in an outside patio. The flooring comes with three sides finished. You would need to cut one edge to fit your space.
What`s difference between pre-cut heavy duty and regular heavy duty?
The only difference between our 3/8" Pre-Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls and our 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls is that the Pre-Cut Rolls only come in select sizes. They are 10', 15', 25', and 50'. Our standard product can be ordered in any size with the minimum cut being 15'. Our Pre-Cut Rubber Rolls also ship faster with lead times of 1-3 business days.
Would this floor work as a sound cushion for flooring in an AV booth? Would chairs rolling over the floor at the booth cause the floor to warp or breakdown Does it require gluing down?
You can use our 3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls as a sound cushioning for flooring in an AV booth. These rolls would not be the best solution for this, but they would work. If you wanted to get something that would work better for sound absorption, we would recommend on our rubber underlayments. These rolls are very solid and would not warp or breakdown if chairs were rolling over them. You don't have to glue these rolls. You can loose lay the rolls, use double-sided tape, or you can glue the rolls down.
Is this hard to install around a free-standing sink and toilet? Special instructions? Thanks.
mary leuther
There are no special instructions to install our 3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls around a free-standing sink or toilet. You would install it like you would any other room, there would just be more cutting involved. You can easily cut our rubber rolls with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
The mat would be used in a home gym over a low pile carpet. Some mats say they have low or no odor, but these don't make any mention. Do these have an odor? Do they have an odor?
Our 3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls do have an odor to them. This odor will dissipate over time and is typically not very strong to most people. If you are sensitive to the smell, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution and then let it air dry. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of ventilation in the space where the flooring will be installed. You may have to repeat the cleaning process a few times to get the rubber smell to dissipate truly.
Can this product be used in a golf cart garage?
Our Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls can be used in a golf cart garage. These rolls are very durable and very easy to clean and maintain.
Does this come in brown?
If you are looking for more colors than we have in our 3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls, we recommend you look at the custom cut version of this product; 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls. Here you will find a number of colors to choose from to make your space truly unique.
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