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Stone Flex Tiles Questions & Answers

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Stone Flex Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can this be laid over carpet?
Our Stone Flex Tiles can be laid over commercial low pile carpet. Over high pile carpet, these tiles may separate due to compression of the carpet below.
Do you have a companion floor in wood look that would snap together with the Stone Flex, using the same locking tab pattern, to create a smooth and seamless transition from room to room? We are building an ADA accessible apartment and we must not have any raised transitions, but we want to vary the flooring styles from stone look to wood look.
Our Stone Flex Tiles can be combined with our Wood Flex Tiles to give you a stone/wood look on your floor.
Is there a urethane or other coating on top of the vinyl on the stone flex tiles?
Our Stone Flex Tiles have a two coat polyurethane wear layer which is five mils thick.
Do you carry the door transitions?
We do not have any door transitions for our Stone Flex Tiles. We do have rubber floor ramps that can be used at your doorway to transition from a higher floor to a lower one.
If you install this in a basement, do you need to put a vapor barrier down first? And, does the floor need to be leveled?
When installing our Stone Flex Tiles in a basement, a vapor barrier is not necessary. If you do have moisture issues, we would recommend sealing your concrete floor; This will keep salts, minerals, and moisture from collecting on the tiles. We do recommend that the concrete is somewhat level. If there is some minor imperfection in the concrete, in most instances the tiles will lay perfectly fine. But if there are major imperfections, they will need to be addressed before installing the flooring.
Can this tile be paid over existing ceramic tile? If not, what do you recommend using to level the subfloor with, if anything? And is it waterproof enough to use in the bathroom by shower? Thanks!
Our Stone Flex Tiles can be installed over existing ceramic tiles. These tiles are water resistant, so they would work perfectly in a bathroom with a shower.
Can spot electric heat system be installed directly under tiles?
You can use a spot electric heat system under these tiles. Since these tiles are non-porous, you may not get the desired effect of having this system in place.
Typical poured concrete basement floor with usual slopping to a floor drain. So it is a not a perfect level. Can the Stone Flex tiles be used to cover floor, allowing for the slopping to the floor drain?
Yes, this would be suitable.
Can these tiles be used outside?
Our Stone Flex Tiles can be installed outdoors. These tiles are constructed of vinyl and a soft PVC plastic base. This makes these tiles resistant to mold, mildew, and resistant to staining. These tiles are not UV stable, so in direct sunlight, they do have the potential to fade.
does the stone flex tiles have a UV protection coating...and if not can you recommend one.
It does not have a UV protection to the coating, and there is nothing out there for that as far as we are aware of.
Is this product suitable for an outdoor pool deck?
Stone Flex Tiles have not been designed for outdoor use.
can these be installed in the garage ?
They can be installed in a garage.
I am interested in the possible use of your products for an outdoor covered patio in the Phoenix area. Would they be suitable for outdoor use and intense Sun/UV ?
Stone Flex Tiles are not treated for UV protection, they would fade over time due to direct sunlight.
Will your tiles support the weight of a washer and a drier in my laundry room. Will they dent in the footprint of the leg of these machines?
Heavy furniture and appliances should be equipped with non-staining large surface floor protectors to help disperse the weight of the machines.
Can stone flex tiles be installed over existing vinyl flooring?
Our Stone Flex Tiles can be installed over existing vinyl flooring or any other type of flooring that is hard and flat. Our Stone Flex Tiles are an interlocking tile, so they are very easy to install.
Can I use this on my outside deck? Or is it too slippery?
You can use our Stone Flex Tiles as flooring for an outdoor deck. The tiles have a smooth surface, so they would become slick if water were on the surface. We recommend cleaning up any spills or moisture as soon as possible. The only other thing you will notice with these tiles is that they will fade in direct sunlight. Depending on the color, the change can be quite extreme. Other than that, these tiles would work perfectly outdoors.
Are these soft like EVA foam tiles? I need to put them down to protect myself from breaking a wrist if I fall.
These are thinner and denser compared to EVA foam tiles.
Will this withstand putting a cabinet down on the tiles? Or would they compress too much?
This would be fine.
Can I roll and office chair across the surface? Would it be like rolling over a regular vinyl floor or would it be like carpet?
You can definitely roll an office chair across the surface of the stone flex tiles. It will be like rolling over a vinyl floor.
Can this be used outdoors on top of a rubber roof?
These tiles are not UV stable and would fade over time.
Can you use a steam cleaner on these?
You can use a steam mop on our Stone Flex Tiles.
I have a big dog, how do they hold up to the wear?
The Stone Flex Tiles are very durable and will hold up fine to large dogs.
Can my husband park his car on these tiles?
You can park a car on our Stone Flex Tiles. These tiles are constructed the same way our other Flex Tile products are constructed. So they are very easy to install and are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. These tiles do have a protectant coating on them, but if that were to dissipate, there is potential for some staining to happen caused by certain tires. The only way to fix this issue would be to replace the tiles affected.
Can this Stone Flex tiles be installed in a garage and does it withstand car weights like regular garage floor tiles ?
Can this type of flooring be used on uneven floors?
These are a very flexible product and will not act as a 'leveler' for very uneven floors. Telegraphing of subfloor imperfections may occur through the floor.
Is this product glued to floor or snapped together.
These tiles are designed to be interlocked together.
Do you recommend using stone flex tiles in a laundry room, in which a 140 lb. dryer and a 250 lb. washer must be slid into position.
You can use this flooring for that use. Be sure to use caution and use furniture sliders so that it does not scratch the flooring surface.
Can you install Stone flex on stairs? If so, how is the best way?
You can install our Stone Flex Tiles on stairs. You would just need to cut the tiles to fit the stairs. You will essentially need to cut to fit two tiles to cover a standard stair and then glue those tiles to the stairs with a polyurethane adhesive to ensure a strong bond.
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