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Ribtrax Tiles Questions & Answers

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Ribtrax Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

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In the instructions it says to leave a 1/4" gap from the wall to allow for thermal expansion. What if you put heavy cabinets, workbenches along the wall - would this prevent the tiles from expanding when needed? If so, would I be better off leaving the cabinets/workbenches/etc in place and cutting the tiles to fit around them with the 1/4" gap?
Placing heavy workbenches or cabinets on the flooring will not keep the flooring from expanding and contracting properly. The expansion gap is really for areas where the heating and cooling of the floor would be uniform. Since in most garages this is not the case, an expansion gap will not fix any expansion and contraction issues. Since our Ribtrax Tiles are vented, you don't get some of the issues that you see with our solid tiles. So we would recommend installing your flooring as per the instructions and feel free to place any equipment you like on our flooring.
Are the EcoTrax compatible with the RibTrax?
The EcoTrax will interlock with the Ribtrax Tiles. Since the pattern on top is a little different, there will be a slight difference in height.
Can this type of flooring be used as a pad for a motorcycle? If so, what can I use to anchor the pad to keep the flooring from shifting?
The weight of the tiles and the edging will keep the pad in place. As long as you don't peel out or stop super hard and fast on the parking pad, you shouldn't have any issues parking your car on our Vented XL Grid-Loc Tiles.
Have a 24ft X 20ft carport, roof with no walls which means it is exposed to blowing dirt, blowing rain and rain water runoff from the roof. Like the idea of the vented tiles because of the inability to seal the edges of 'solid' tiles to keep runoff water from seeping under and just sitting there. Would the male/female edging actually seal the edges?? Would need edging for 3 sides - ballpark pricing?
The edging for our Vented XL Grid-Loc Tiles does not seal the floor. Water and other liquids would still flow under the tile and the edging.
Is the top surface of the tile smooth or is it grooved. I want to use it in a small office room and want to ensure that the chairs could roll on it easily. Thanks.
Our Ribtrax tiles are a vented tile but allow chairs to be rolled over them.
Can this be used as a dance floor in a commercial hall and would it get damaged by stiletto heels?
We would not recommend our Ribtrax Tiles as a dance floor. These tiles are perforated and would pose a tripping risk to anyone wearing heels. We do offer a wide range of dance tiles that would be appropriate as dance flooring in a commercial hall, and you can find them on our dance flooring page.
Looking for best way to clean debris that collects below the surface?
The best way to clean our Ribtrax Tiles is to use a hose on the tiles. This will not only get the debris on top of the tiles but will also get the debris under the tiles as well.
Are the Ribtrax Tiles floor jack rated?
We do not recommend using a car floor jack on the Ribtrax Tiles as it may break the tiles. If you wanted to use a floor jack on these tiles, we recommend placing a piece of plywood or metal under the jack to protect the tiles underneath.
Can the Ribtrax Tiles be used for an outdoor basketball court?
You could use Ribtrax Tiles as court flooring for an outdoor basketball court. These tiles are made with the same material as other court tiles and would stay pretty slip resistant when wet as they are vented, allowing water to flow through and under the tiles.
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