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Smooth Flex Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.6 / 5
Smooth Flex Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.6 / 5

Customer Questions

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I would like to install your flex tiles on a commercial carpet. Will the tiles not separate? Can children dance on it without the tiles moving?
Mimi Frierson
Our Smooth Flex Tiles can be installed over a commercial carpet without the tiles separating. Children will be able to dance on the tiles without them moving. If for some reason the tiles did move, you can add some double sided tape underneath the floor to keep it in place.
Can these tiles be installed in a 'shifted' or 'offset' pattern, rather than the traditionally aligned 'checkerboard'?
Technically, yes you could install these tiles in an offset of ashlar brick pattern. To do this will take some work on your end, and you would need to glue the tiles down. First, you would need to cut the tabs off all the tiles. Next, you would use a pressure sensitive glue and follow the install instructions for how to use it and what trowel to use. You would then place and cut the tiles in the desired configuration. To figure out the number of tiles needed, please feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, phone, or email, and they would be more than happy to assist.
I have a 4 1/2 car garage measuring about 24' x 47'. Is there any type of "Tee-Mold" accessory piece available that can be installed at midpoint or third points to take up expansion / contraction? If not, do you have any suggestions?
Frank Montana
There are no expansion joints available for our Smooth Flex Tiles. We just recommend leaving a 1/2" expansion joint where the floor meets the walls.
Do the Smooth Flex Tiles provide any insulation? i.e. will they be as cold as the floor underneath or warmer?
Our Smooth Flex Tiles will provide insulation and will be warmer than the concrete below. They will not be significantly warmer, but they will be warmer.
Can you install this flooring over a wood deck outside in a screened in porch?
Ron Krauss
You can install our Smooth Flex Tiles over a wood deck outside in a screened in porch. There are a few things you may notice with having these tiles in this environment. These tiles will expand and contract if this space is not temperature controlled. We recommend installing the flooring with a 1/2" wide expansion gap around the flooring. The next thing you will notice is that if the tiles are exposed to direct sunlight, they will fade. To help mitigate this, we recommend placing mats in the areas that get the most sunlight. Cleaning of these tiles is very easy. Simply sweep any large dirt and debris and then mop the tiles with a mild soap and water solution.
Hi! Can the Smooth Flex Tiles be used outside, under a gazebo or will the color fade away with the sun?
Carole Welsch
The Smooth Flex Tiles are not UV treated, so fading can occur. We would recommend choosing one of our products that are designed for outdoor use to fit your needs.
can I put a pool table on this flooring or will the weight be a problem?
You can place a pool table over our Smooth Flex Tiles without damaging the tiles. These tiles were designed for use in a garage and can withstand heavy loads. The only issue you may run into with the pool table over the tiles is that it may create some indentations in the floor. To combat this, we recommend using flooring sliders.
We are interested in a tile floor in our bathroom with an open shower. Can these tiles be used on a shower floor?
This product has not been tested for this use. It is usually recommended for flooring in dry areas.
Is edging available for for a lead in. Plan to use in a garage.
David A Bequeaith
A reducer is available for our Smooth Flex Tiles. You can find this option in the product accessories area on that product page.
I am looking to install these tiles for a small office. I have large TV on a cart, will it roll over or will the tiles buckle and roll?
You can roll a large TV on a cart over our Smooth Flex Tiles without them buckling. These tiles were meant to be used in garages where heavy cars and carts would be rolled on them daily. The only thing that you may notice is that there may be some indenting where the cart sits for long periods of time. These indentations should go away over time once the cart is moved from that one spot.
I like to wash my cars in my garage which has a center drain. Will I be able to continue to do so without any leakage throughout the tiles?
You can wash your car in your garage with our Smooth Flex Tiles installed. If you would like to keep your drain free and clear so that water can still drain into it, we would recommend cutting the tiles around the drain to allow for water to properly drain. If you do have a slope to your garage, water will floor over top of the floor out of your garage to the driveway.
Is your eggshell color white are more cream as we want a black and white floor?
Eggshell in our Smooth Flex Tiles is more cream in color than white. To get a true sense of color, we recommend ordering a sample.
Is there a edging for the lip at the entrance for a smooth transition.
For our Smooth Flex Tiles, you can add a reducer to the entrance of your garage or room with the reducer that is on the product page.
Are these smooth flex tiles car jack approved?
Our Smooth Flex Tiles are car jack approved. All of our soft PVC or flex tiles are car jack approved.
What size are the red/white tiles? Is each tile both red/white or are they separate tiles of the two colors?
Susan Rogers
The full tiles are 20" x 20", with each small square of color being 10" x 10". One tile has both colors.
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