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Coin Nitro Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Coin Nitro Rolls
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$1,595.79 Roll
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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We are looking for a waterproof floor covering to install on a screen porch at our NC coastal cottage. Will this product withstand hot summer and cold winter temperatures?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls are a very durable product made from polyvinyl that is able to handle hot summer temperatures and cold winter temperatures.
Was thinking about using the coin nitro vinyl to cover the floor of my center console boat. Can it be installed with indoor outdoor carpet adhesive? How will it hold up to sunlight?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be installed in your boat with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The flooring is made to be installed in areas where sunlight will be present. These rolls are not fade resistant, so in direct sunlight they will fade. Other than that issue, these rolls are great in areas where water may be present, because they are resistant to mold and mildew and are slip resistant.
I'd like to install you coin flooring in my race trailer. The floor is wood particle board. Is it ok to glue down? If so, what product should I use?
You can glue our Coin Nitro Rolls with a pressure sensitive adhesive.
I recently covered my garage with epoxy. Can I use this product on top of the epoxy? How do you recommend adhering the Nitro Rolls to an epoxy floor.
You can place our Coin Nitro Rolls over your epoxy floor. To adhere the flooring to the epoxy, we recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Is the raised coin flooring PVC or another vinyl formulation? Can you elaborate on what material it is?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls are made from recycled PVC in a monolithic vinyl construction.
What about the smell? I have purchased other similar products in the past and there was a fairly strong smell for quite a long time. Does your product have a strong out-gassing smell?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls are constr​ucted with polyvinyl which has a smell similar to a new toy. These rolls do have some off gassing, but it is very minor. To help dissipate the smell, we recommend washing the flooring with a mild soap and water solution and allowing the floor to air dry.
how hard is it to cut nitro rolls? Can you use a box cutter and a straight edge or is there a better way? We are using it on a wall. Thanks!
The best way to cut our Coin Nitro Rolls is with a sharp utility knife and straight edge.
We're thinking of installing this in our internal garage which has radiant heat (hydronic). Any concerns of whether this product would work on top of a "heated" floor?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be installed over a radiant heated floor.
Do you recommend an underlayment over a plywood surface in a bathroom or kitchen installation to help hide any irregularities in the floor surface. If so, what material and thickness do you recommend?
You can install our Coin Nitro Rolls over an underlayment. We would recommend installing it over a cork or foam underlayment. The thickness we would recommend would be 2.5mm for cork and 2mm for foam.
Is this a low voc product?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls are low VOC.
I read a review regarding "slippery when wet". My concern is that in Ohio the car will bring in snow / rain etc. When i pull in and stop, will the car slide on this flooring?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be little slick when walked on when wet. When driving over a wet roll, your tires will have enough traction to not slip.
Do you have this in RED?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls only come in three colors currently. They are Midnight Black, Stainless Steel, and Sahara Sand.
I installed one piece coined floor in my race trailer but the expansion and shrinkage of what I used makes it not ideal for this application. How much does your material shrink and expand due to the temperature?
With our Coin Nitro Rolls, there is no minimum or maximum for how much the material will expand or contract. Expansion and contraction are very dependent on the temperature, so this can vary greatly. The best way to minimize this is to use double-sided tape under the roll or to glue the roll down.
I would like to install the Coin Nitro in my basement which is on a concrete slab. What type of insulation would I need to keep cold air from coming through? Currently it is carpeted and I do not feel cold air.
You wouldn't need to add any insulation to our Coin Nitro Rolls over your concrete slab. These rolls are non-porous meaning cold air will not travel through the roll. If you did want to add insulation to these rolls, you could place a foam or cork underlay under these rolls for added comfort and warmth.
Planning to use your vinyl roll flooring on a newly constructed 14' x 36' wooden shed (truck, motorcycles, and garden tractor storage). The floor is plywood over 12"oc floor joists. Obviously, moisture will, over time, affect the wooden flooring. Has this product proven satisfactory in this type application? Since it won't cover a 14' width without a seam, do I need to worry about moisture (dripping from vehicles) leaking through said seam?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls have been used over a plywood subfloor successfully. These rolls are nonporous so that water won't flow through them. For seaming the rolls, we would recommend doing an overlap seam so that no liquids get under the rolls via the seam. For complete instructions on installing your rolls with this type of seam, please feel free to view our installation instructions on our site.
I have two questions. I just bought a 7.5 ft by 14 ft with v nose enclosed trailer. Is this flooring good for an enclosed trailer? the second question is the interior width is 7.5 ft. It is 6 inches narrower at the wheel well. Is this product 7 ft by 5 inches wide or 7.5 feet wide? How easy is it to trim to size.
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be installed in an enclosed trailer and can be easily cut with a utility knife and a straight edge.
Can I use these for motorcycle mats? Will the kick stands / center stands cut through them? I also don't want to have to glue them down. Can I roll them out for when I want to do the dirty work on my bike and have them lie flat?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be used as a motorcycle mat. The kickstand from the bike will not leave a permanent mark in the vinyl. You can easily roll these rolls up and roll out these mats as need be for various projects.
Would these coin nitro rolls be good to put as flooring in a spare bedroom to let our puppy run around? Is the rubber safe for a puppy and also how durable would it be to dog feet and nails?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls would work perfectly as flooring in a spare bedroom for a puppy to run around on. Our Nitro Rolls are very safe and have been tested. To get copies of this testing, please feel email, chat, or call one of our Flooring Heroes.
I live in an rented townhouse with a garage and want to be able to work on my car without risk of staining the floor. Can the mat be secured to the floor with some of non-permanent adhesive so I can remove it when I move?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be installed with double-sided tape for a nonpermanent installation.
How well does it hold up in winter areas? Salt damage it ? any special requirements for winter maintenance?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls will not get damaged by salt, and no special maintenance is needed during winter conditions. These rolls are stain, mold, and mildew resistant and are very easy to clean and maintain. We have sold these garage rolls all over the country and Canada with great success.
Can the coin nitro product be laid over tile. We don't want to glue the product down but to use it to soften our tiled kitchen floor for our German Shepherd dog to lie on. The tile has sharp edges and is very hard on the dog's body. We were thinking of just laying this product without gluing it down to the kitchen tile. Would this product harm our kitchen tile and/or the grout? Thank you
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be laid over tile without having to glue it down. It will not affect the tile or the grout.
We have an upstairs stairway where people come out of water to enter the stairs. These are made of metal pans with concrete. Water dripping from people on the stairs leaks to the ceiling below through the edges of the steps. There are a couple of landings that are too large for on piece treads and risers to cover. I am thinking of getting this product and cutting treads and risers to cover those steps. Can this be bent and installed to cover 45-degree angles to seal the steps where risers meet tread and where tread meet walls and over the edges of steps? Would it endure foot traffic over the step edges?
Our Coin Nitro Tiles can be molded to fit around stairs. These rolls are made from polyvinyl which is very flexible. These rolls were made to endure daily car traffic, so they will be able to withstand daily foot traffic with ease. Also, since these feature a coin pattern on the surface, they will be very slip resistant when wet.
We are needing a rubber flooring solution for a dog daycare we are remodeling now, is the Coin Nitro Rolls recommended for dog daycare?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls would be a perfect flooring option for a doggy daycare. This product is stain resistant and mold/mildew resistant. Since these rolls are non-porous, they are very easy to clean with a mild soap and water solution and will not let pee seep through to the subfloor.
Can I use this product in a walk-in cooler?
You can use our Coin Nitro Rolls in a walk-in cooler. Our Nitro Rolls are freeze/thaw stable. The Coin pattern will also provide slip resistance when wet.
Can this product be used over a plywood floor in a laundry room using a old ringer washer that needs to be rolled around?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be installed over a plywood floor in a laundry room. These rolls are made to be installed in the harsh environment of a garage, so they are slip resistant and resistant to staining, mold, and mildew growth. Since they were developed for garages, they can handle rolling loads like cars and old ringer washers.
Can this be used over 2x6 deck boards on the outside, not covered patio?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls can be installed over deck boards in outside not covered patio. The only issue you may come across is that the flooring may fade in direct sunlight. Our Coin Nitro Rolls are mold, and mildew resistant are slip resistant when wet. So they would work perfectly for this application.
I am considering two standard grade nitro rolls for a two car garage. I am wondering how durable this is to cuts from car tires etc. Is the standard grade the most popular? Are the ratings based on standard grade installations?
Our Standard grade Coin Nitro Rolls are really just our residential version of this product. They will not tear from car tires. These rolls were designed for use in a home garage with daily car traffic over it. These rolls are made from very durable polyvinyl and are resistant to staining, mold, mildew, and are resistant to most chemicals. The ratings on this product are for both commercial grade and standard grade installations. Our commercial grade is our most popular option.
Are these water proof? Sounds strange but I am looking to use this as flooring in the room my bunnies run around in. They pee on my rug so if I spilled something or they pee will it go through to my floor or even soak into the nitro roll. How easy is it to clean? I'm hoping it would be as easy as just spraying with all-purpose cleaner and wiping off with a paper towel? Also how durable is it? I know this is not marketed towards animal flooring, lol, but say they tried to dig at it with their nails, which they also do to my carpet, is it tough enough that they couldn't penetrate the material or scratch it up or bite through it? It seems if you are parking cars on it and putting gym equipment on it that its pretty durable. Or even better is there a way I could buy a small sample of it to test in their room and feel it for myself? Maybe if this works out, you'll have another market to target. Crazy people with pets! Thank you so much!
Our Coin Nitro Rolls are water resistant. These vinyl garage rolls are non-porous and will not allow liquid to penetrate through the floor. Our coin nitro rolls are very easy to clean. All you have to do is sweep and large dirt and debris and mop the floor with a mild soap and water solution. These rolls are very durable. They are meant to be used in very harsh environments like garages and workshops, but they can be cut with a sharp knife. Animals nails will not penetrate these rolls, but they may create surface scratches in the material. These minor scratches won't ruin the integrity of the material; they are more of a cosmetic issue. You can order small samples on the product page, or you can buy a small roll for a very affordable price. The smallest size we offer is a 4' x 4' mat in our Diamond Nitro Rolls. We have had many people uses these in dog kennels and doggy daycares. So hopefully more people will see our Nitro rolls as a perfect option for animal flooring.
Can I use hot or cold weld for the seams?
We do not recommend hot welding our Coin Nitro Rolls. You can use cold weld these rolls, but the best method for sealing the floor is actually to do an overlap joint at the seam. To find out how to do that, we recommend following the instructions in our installation section.
My garage floor is very uneven and pitted. Can I lay out your vinyl roll over this floor or is there a better product available? My neighbor had his concrete slab replaced and I am looking for another option.
You can install our Coin Nitro Rolls over an uneven concrete surface. Depending on how deep and large the pits are there is potential for the flooring to become damaged. To help prevent this, you can place plywood over your damaged concrete subfloor and then place our vinyl rolls over the top of that.
What do you do about floor drains?
You can cut our Coin Nitro Rolls to fit around floor drains. These rolls are made from flexible vinyl and are easy to cut with a sharp utility knife.
What is the R value of this product? Will in interfere with radiant in-floor heating?
The approximate shore value for our Coin Nitro Rolls is 0.200. These rolls can be installed over a radiant heat system but since they are non-porous, you will more than likely not get the intended benefit of having the system.
We live in Midwest and so a lot of harsh weather/salt in winter, also I would like to know for a cement garage do you use glue to keep roll down?
You don't have to glue our Coin Nitro Rolls, and we recommend not using glue to install our Coin Nitro Rolls. This product is best used when not restricted from expanding and contracting. Also, cleaning these garage rolls can be made easier when you pull the rolls out of the garage to the driveway to take advantage of the slope allow for proper draining of the water used to clean your flooring. If you do want to have a more permanent install, you can use double-sided tape or a pressure sensitive adhesive around the edge of the roll.
Thinking about using this as bathroom flooring; How well does it work in a wet environment? Is it slip-resistant when wet? Can it be mounted with flash coving?
You can install our Coin Nitro Rolls in a bathroom. We have had many customers do this. These rolls are mold and mildew resistant and are also slip resistant when wet. We do recommend placing mats in the bathroom still since copious amounts of water can be present which could potentially cause a slip hazard. You can mount this vinyl roll with flash coving.
How best to seal seams & edges so can wash out with a power washer or water hose?
To seal our Coin Nitro Rolls, you can either butt seam the rolls or overlap the rolls. An overlap seam is the best option when trying to prevent water from seeping down to the subfloor. To keep the seems in place, we recommend using either double-sided tape or a pressure sensitive adhesive. This will help to prevent liquids from flowing under the rolls.
Could I use this on the floor in a large commercial ski lodge restroom where skiers would be wearing wet ski boots?
You can use our Coin Nitro Rolls in a large commercial ski lodge restroom where ski boots would be present. Our Coin Nitro Rolls are non-porous and are mold and mildew resistant. The coin pattern on the surface of the roll helps to make it slip resistant even when wet.
I plan on using it to cover a weathered floating dock surface. Will it become to hot to walk on barefoot on hot summer days?
In direct sunlight, our Coin Nitro Rolls can become warm underfoot, but they will be cooler than concrete, asphalt, or even standard dock surfacing. To help keep these rolls cool in direct sunlight, we recommend spraying some water on them from time to time.
Can this be used to cover an outdoor deck?
You can install our Coin Nitro Rolls outdoors. These rolls are mold and mildew resistant and are very easy to clean and maintain. If the rolls are in direct sunlight for an extended period, you may notice that the rolls will fade in direct sunlight.
Can it be laid on top of a black mastic glue from the 1960's? I have varied opinions as to whether the glue creates a chemical reaction with vinyl causing a gooey mess and deterioration of the flooring.
You can install our Coin Nitro Rolls over black mastic glue. Since there could be some petroleum in the glue, we would recommend placing a plastic sheet between the mastic glue and our Nitro rolls. This will ensure that no reactions occur when the rolls are placed over the old glue.
Do you have to glue down or tape down the corners?
You do not have to glue or tape the corners down on our Coin Nitro Rolls. These vinyl garage rolls will lay down flat on their own.
I'm considering this product for the interior (cabin) deck covering for a charter fishing boat. It is imperative that it be non-skid, especially when wet. Is this the product for the job or do you recommend another?
Our Coin Nitro Rolls have been used for this purpose with great success. These rolls are non-slip even when wet due to the pattern on the top. They are also very easy to clean and maintain and are super easy to install.
Can you drive midsize 50 horsepower tractors on this product?
You can drive tractors of any size on our Coin or Diamond Nitro Rolls.
Can you actually work on cars and equipment on nitro vinyl flooring? Can it support a floor jack? What happens if gas spills on it?
You can work on cars and equipment on our Coin Nitro Rolls. These rolls were designed for this specific use. You can use a floor jack on our Nitro Rolls. The jack won't harm the flooring in any way. If left for a long period, the only thing you will see is an indentation where the floor jack was placed. The floor will bounce back a bit, but may not fully return to normal. If you were to spill anything on our garage vinyl rolls, the floor would not react. Our Nitro Rolls were designed to be resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. All you will need to is just clean up the spill properly.
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