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Diamond Nitro Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Diamond Nitro Rolls
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I just order a diamond sample in black. I have a 2 car garage and want to put in down on the side my Harley sits on. Do I need an adhesive to make sure it stays in place?
For our Diamond Nitro Rolls adhesive is never required, but may be used if there is movement with the mat. You can also try double sided carpet tape to hold the mat down if there is movement as well.
Will a mechanic's creeper roll easily on this material?
A mechanic's creeper will roll easily over our Diamond Nitro Rolls.
Can you use the standard grade nitro rolls on a garage wall? I am using the commercial grade on the floor, if so what adhesive?
Our Nitro rolls can be used on garage walls. The type of adhesive that you would use to apply them to the wall is a pressure sensitive adhesive. Our 5000 series adhesive is great for this application.
My concrete garage floor sweats. Will this work?
Since our Diamond Nitro Rolls are a non porous product, we would recommend sealing your concrete floor before placing our product over it. This will help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew under the flooring.
I live in Arizona where the temperature in the summer can easily get to 115 - which means that the tires get very hot. What is the effect of hot tires on the various garage floor products that you offer?
Hot tires will not affect our garage flooring products.
Can this be used on stairs?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed on stairs as stair tread.
What is the flame spread of this item? I need a Class 1 flame spread rating and UL between 0 and 25, and was wondering if there's a spec sheet anywhere for this specific item? Thanks!
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are Class 1 Fire Rated. For testing documentation, please feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heroes via email, phone or chat.
You state that the flooring weighs 0.77 pounds/sqft. Is that for the Standard or Commercial grade?
The .77 lbs/sqft is for the commercial grade flooring. Our standard grade flooring is .51 lbs/sqft.
I have a small room 6' x 9' in my garage in AZ that I keep my golf cart stored in when I'm not using it. It isn't air conditioned and gets 125-130 degrees in there during the summer. Will the adhesive melt because of the extreme heat?
The adhesive will not melt due to the heat under our Diamond Nitro Rolls.
How difficult to cut to fit is the standard grade product? Can the tape be used to secure it to plywood flooring in a trailer?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are very easy to cut, almost like cutting butter. The best way to cut our garage rolls is with a sharp utility knife and straight edge. Our Nitro Rolls can be adhered to plywood flooring with double sided tape. This would be the preferred way of adhering the flooring to any surface.
Would I be able to cut this to use as my car floor?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Cutting these rolls is similar to cutting warm butter. These rolls would work great as flooring in your car since they are resistant to most car and household chemicals.
Can you use a floor jack on the diamond nitro rolls? Will it dent the flooring?
You can use a floor jack over our Nitro Rolls. There is potential for denting, but vinyl has some memory and will bounce back over time.
Is this material hydrophobic or will it at least resist oil and other vehicle fluid stains?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. It will resist oil and other vehicle fluids with ease.
Are the Nitro rolls suitable for under heavy woodworking equipment that are mobile?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls would work perfectly as flooring under heavy woodworking equipment that is mobile. These rolls are made from a very durable polyvinyl and are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals.
Have a concrete garage that is crumbly and dusty and unable to get concrete dust out. Not completely flat, can this be put on this type of surface? Will nitro rolls work?
Since our Diamond Nitro Rolls are made of flexible polyvinyl, these rolls are very forgiving and can be installed over a floor that is not totally flat or perfect. The only issue would be if there are sharp imperfections in the floor, they could tear the roll when driven over.
I`m looking for flooring material to put on my pontoon deck, I like the look, just want to know if it would be to slippery when wet?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed on a pontoon boat, and have. These rolls, when wet, are slip resistant due to the pattern that is on the rolls.
I have an 11'x10' outdoor shed. I have a cement slab and was wondering if I need any adhesives or double-sided tape to keep the flooring from slipping or moving?
For most installations, you can install our Diamond Nitro Rolls without glue or tape, and we recommend that. The material is heavy enough to stay down on its own. If there were movement for any reason, typically double-sided tape is all that is needed. If that still doesn't work, you can then upgrade to a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Would there be any problem with tar stains or tire marks from a lawn mower moving it in and out of the shed with a light color verses car tires driving over it ? The rubber floor covering would be used only in an outdoor shed .
There is potential for tar and tires to stain our Diamond Nitro Rolls. What we recommend is placing the tire on a small area to see if there is a reaction. This may take some time, so leave it overnight. If there is not reaction over that time, then the tires will more than likely not stain the roll. Tar can stain the rolls, but it can be cleaned with Purple Power. You can purchase this at any local department store.
I have a basement that tends to get wet with heavy rain in certain areas. It oozes calcium out of the concrete and looks terrible. I would like to cover this over but don't like the vinyl oder some vinyls have. Would this material be suitable?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls do have a very slight odor, but it is not very noticeable. If the smell does bother you, we recommend mopping the flooring with a mild soap and water solution and letting it air dry. You can place this over your concrete basement floor, but do know that this will not fix your issue and the calcium will attach to the bottom of the roll. You can clean this off easily with cleaners that can be bought at your local department store.
I want to install a floor mat for dog kennel in one of my bedrooms which has a carpet. are these ok to be used on a carpeted floor?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed over carpet. These garage vinyl rolls wok best over low pile commercial grade carpet but can be used with any thickness of carpet.
I have a 2500 series truck, will I be able to turn the wheels without having the mat rip or slip?
You will be able to turn the wheels of any vehicle on our Diamond Nitro Rolls without ripping them. These rolls have been used in very commercial settings with 18 wheel semis driving over them with no issues.
For a residential garage do you recommend standard grade or commercial grade?
For residential use, we recommend our Standard Grade flooring, but both can be used in a residential application.
Can this be used outside?
We recommend use of our Nitro rolls be kept indoors / in garage uses.
Are there any issues supporting a car on jack stands or using a floor jack on this material?
Hard plastic tiles can be damaged under the weight of a car jack. We recommend using your car jack directly on concrete.
Can the Diamond Nitro rolls be top coated with a gloss polymer or other coating to make it shiny?
To add shine to our Diamond Nitro Rolls, we recommend using our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. This product is a wax based sealer and can be easily removed with our Rubber Floor Cleaner and Degreaser and reapplied as needed.
Is the flooring certified fire resistant?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are Class 1 fire rated.
Looking for a covering for an area of covered concrete and brick outside the garage. Would this be an acceptable use? Concrete and bricks are sealed now.
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are not just for garage floors. These rolls have been installed on patios, decks, in bathrooms, in kitchens, as basement flooring and much more. So our Diamond Nitro Rolls would work as covering for concrete and brick outside your garage.
I live in Wisconsin. First, is there any kind of long term warranty? Also, how does it hold up in the winter with all the salt being used on the roads?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls come with a 7-year warranty. We have sold these rolls all over the US and Canada, and they can withstand salt, sand, water, snow, and ice no problem. These rolls are also resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals.
Can I roll a car lift onto this with no issue? How do spills of car oils, gas, etc...effect the material. Is it easy to wipe up? We are in a very sandy area, will sand sweep off easily? Thank you.
You can roll a car lift over our Diamond Nitro Rolls very easily. Our Nitro Rolls are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. Some things that will stain this product are fresh pavement tar and certain tires. The staining from tar can be cleaned using Purple Power. Staining from tires is a more permanent thing, and the only way to get around this is by buying a black floor. Our Nitro Rolls are very easy to clean and maintain, so sand and other debris are easy to sweep off the floor. For any stuck on dirt and debris, we recommend hosing down the floor.
Can I put this over rough concrete encasement floor in my basement?
Yes, you can put our Diamond Nitro Rolls over a rough concrete encasement floor in your basement. Our Nitro Rolls are non-porous and are mold and mildew resistant. They are also water resistant.
Can this be installed over radiant heat?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed over radiant heat.
I have a basement under my garage. Will this material keep oil, rain water, and snow from seeping through my garage floor and leaking into my basement?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are non-porous and would prevent any liquids from flowing from the floor to the subsurface.
I want to apply the diamond plate commercial over diamond plate aluminum flooring (it has pan head screws in it) in a food truck. How thick is it and will this work. We will be gluing this down.
You can install our Diamond Nitro Tiles over diamond plate aluminum flooring. Our Diamond Nitro Rolls come in two different thicknesses. Our Commercial Grade is 2.5mm thick, and our Standard Grade is 1.6mm thick.
I'd like to put Diamond Nitro rolls on a 2-1/2car garage, but concerned about the possible seams seeping water underneath the rolls. Would that be a breeding ground for mold or any other issue that may cause?
To help prevent seepage of water or other liquids under our Diamond Nitro Rolls, we recommend installing the rolls with an overlap seam. You will just overlap on roll over the other about 6" along the length of the two rolls.
Can be used outdoor over wood deck?
You can install our Diamond Nitro Rolls on a wood deck or any hard, flat surface like concrete, plywood, and the like.
I'm considering to install the commercial grade nitro roll on the garage concrete floor. What type of adhesive or glue is recommended?
For our Diamond Nito Rolls, you don't need to install them with glue or adhesive, but if you do want to use an adhesive, we recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive. You can get this in a spray can or bucket.
Can this be put down over existing vinyl tile?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed over an existing vinyl tile floor.
Can i put this product over a plywood floor in our laundry room and be able to roll our old ringer washer and washtub around on it ?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed over a plywood floor in a laundry room. These rolls are made to be installed in the harsh environment of a garage, so they are slip resistant and resistant to staining, mold, and mildew growth. Since they were developed for garages, they can handle rolling loads like cars and old ringer washers.
I have a side entry garage and my cars are still turning into the garage until parked. Will the rolls buckle or wrinkle under this type of tire turning?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls will not buckle or wrinkle if you have to turn to get into your garage. If in an extreme event the roll does wrinkle, you can use either double-sided tape or a pressure sensitive glue to hold the roll firmly to the concrete.
What type of fire ratings are on the material?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls have a Class 1 fire rating.
Are the rolls slippery? Are they slippery if they get wet?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls have a diamond pattern on the surface that helps to make them slip resistant even when wet.
We want to use this in a gym facility that we are using as a multipurpose packing area for a side business. So we will be rolling pallette jacks over the floor as well with about 400-500 pounds on the pallette - how will the nitro roll hold up? And if not nitro roll whats the best product?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are great as flooring in a multipurpose gym that will also have pallet jacks with product on them. These rolls are meant to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles and will not buckle or tear under the weight of the jacks.
Are the diamond nitro rolls anti fatigue?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are constructed with a very thin vinyl and do not possess the anti-fatigue properties of thicker foam, rubber, or soft plastic product.
Is it safe for children and animals? Can I use it in living areas?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are safe and can be used in areas where pets or children play. These rolls are tested on a regular basis. To obtain the testing for these garage rolls, please feel free to reach out to one our Flooring Heroes via chat, email, or phone.
Can this product be used on a covered porch where snow and rain may get on it?
You can install our Diamond Nitro Rolls outdoors. These rolls are non-porous and will be able to handle all that the elements throw at it. Things to watch out with the rolls is that they will expand and contract in the extreme hot and cold and they may fade in direct sunlight.
Will an exposed edge curl up with foot or vehicle traffic?
The edge of our Diamond Nitro Rolls will not curl up with foot traffic or vehicular traffic.
Do you do custom sizes?
You can get our Diamond Nitro Rolls in custom lengths in several standard widths. On the product page, you would just click the custom cut toggle.
Are the nitro diamond rolls and nitro coin rolls exactly the same material?
Our Diamond and Coin Nitro Rolls are the same material. The only difference is the pattern on top.
What is the difference between precut vs. custom cut?
The only difference between our precut and custom cut Diamond Nitro Rolls is that the precut rolls come in certain sizes where the custom cut rolls can be ordered in any size needed.
I want to cover approximately 36' x 40' what size roll would I use and how are the seams connected?
To cover this space with our Diamond Nitro Rolls, we would recommend 4 - 9' wide rolls 40' long or 4 - 10' rolls 36' long. You can go either route with this size of space. To seam our Nitro Rolls together, you have two options. You can either butt the two rolls next to each other, or you can do an overlap seam. The overlap seam helps to make your floor more water-tight. You can find instructions on how to install your flooring with both types of seams in our installation tab.
My garage tools (woodworking tools mostly) are all on bases with casters. How well do casters roll around on your diamond grid flooring? Any suggestions on selections?
Casters roll easily over our Diamond Nitro Rolls. The diamond pattern doesn't rise high enough to impede the movement of items that have casters.
How does the mat stay in place without adhesive?
The weight of our Diamond Nitro Rolls helps to keep them in place. Under normal driving conditions found in a garage, these rolls won't move, but if you all of sudden saw Racer X trying to beat you in or out of your garage and you decided to peel out, there would be a chance the roll may move. If this happens a lot, you can just add some double sided tape to your installation or some pressure sensitive adhesive.
Can you use the flooring on the wall?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed on walls. To attach our Diamond Nitro Rolls to a wall, we suggest using a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Can the Diamond Nitro be used outdoors under a swing set?
You can use our Diamond Nitro Rolls outdoors under a swing set. These vinyl rolls are very easy to cut to fit and are just as easy to clean and maintain. Since these rolls aren't totally UV stable, they may fade in direct sunlight.
I have an epoxy garage floor. I want to add a piece of Diamond Nitro for my golf cart. I don't want to be tripping over the nitro roll? What do you suggest as far as keeping the nitro roll in place?
You can just lay the Diamond Nitro Roll down with no glue or tape, and the roll will stay in place. It is very thin, so there would be no tripping hazard with this roll. If for some reason the roll did move, you can use double-sided tape or a pressure sensitive adhesive to keep the roll in place.
Can this product be glued to a wall? Garage wall, because sheetrock and car doors don’t do well together- open door, bang, and nick in the wall.
You can glue our Diamond Nitro Rolls to a wall with a pressure sensitive glue.
How do you contain water along the outer edge of the flooring material?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are not containment mats, but if you want to make them into containment mats, you can add foam around the edge of the rolls, or you can add a containment mat to your rolls surface. We offer a wide range of containment mats from Auto Floor Guard that will help to contain any water, melted snow, or ice.
Can this product be heat welded?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls cannot be heat welded. This is due to the film that is applied to our rolls to give it that polished look. If you were to heat weld this product, you would be left with a less than desirable look.
Can these mats be used to make a pattern in a garage floor by creating a different color border on 4 sides and having the center section another color?
You can cut our Diamond Nitro Rolls and install several colors of them to create custom designs and patterns.
Does this product come in 12'wide as my garage is 12'x21'?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls currently only come in the following widths: 4', 5', 7.5', 8', 9', and 10'.
I want to install the diamond roll in an enclosed trailer with plywood flooring. The inside of the trailer is subject to extreme heat cycles being outdoors. I will be using the trailer to haul motorcycles and UTV's so I don't want the flooring to curl or move. What type of adhesive do you recommend?
When installing our Diamond Nitro Rolls in a trailer, we recommend two types of glue. If you are looking for the most permanent install, we would recommend using our Polyurethane adhesive. This adhesive bonds very tightly and drys hard. The second glue that we recommend is our 5900 Series adhesive. This is a pressure sensitive adhesive that will allow you to pull up your flooring if need be. This glue also bonds tightly with the use of added pressure.
Can I put this in my garage shop and wash cars on it without ruining it over time?
You can install our Diamond Nitro Rolls in a garage where cars are washed. The daily washing of cars will not ruin these rolls as they are non-porous and are meant to withstand the daily abuses the come with a garage like cars coming and going, spills, and the elements.
I'm looking to cover a cement floor in a laundry room and entry hallway. Summer humidity causes the cement floor to sweat. Would this product work in this situation? Thanks!
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be installed over a concrete floor. These rolls are non-porous, so if your concrete sweats, the moisture will get trapped under the rolls. We would recommend sealing your concrete to keep this from happening, but if you don't, it won't affect the flooring in any way. We would just recommend lifting the rolls from time to time to dry and clean them as the salts from the concrete will collect under the rolls. It will look white, but it is not mold, it's just salt.
We currently have a gray rubber flooring down and noticed that it is staining from the tires heat, being that this is a garage with show cars, we wanted to know if putting down the same rubber flooring in black would it still show heat stains from the tires?
The staining that you see on our gray rubber rolls is actually not from heat but from a chemical reaction that is happening between the tires and the roll. This is something that you would see with our light colored Nitro Rolls. If you got a Black roll, this reaction would happen, but you wouldn't see the stain because the roll is black. So, if you know you have this issue, we would recommend going with our Black Diamond Nitro Roll over any other color.
I have a Subaru Outback and I was wondering if the mat would stop things from sliding in the back compartment?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls won't really help with keeping your items from shifting your back compartment. It will be better than carpet, but not by much. If you really want to keep things from sliding around, we would recommend using our rubber flooring. These have a very high coefficient of friction and will make it tough for things to slide around on.
I am thinking about putting this on a shed floor. Will my lawn tractor's tire chains tear it up?
Tire chains could cause some damage to our Diamond Nitro Rolls. We have had our nitro rolls installed in spaces where chains and treads have been used on them with great success, but if for any reason the chain was damaged and had a sharp piece on it, there could be damage caused.
We are very interested in this product. Does it have a chemical smell, any sort of outgassing? My wife is very susceptible to chemical smells and knows some of the epoxy systems are very odorous.
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are virtually VOC free. The initial smell you get with these rolls is very light and similar to new plastic items that you buy from the store like toys, appliances, and the like. If the smell were to be too much, you can always clean the floor with a mild soap and water solution and let the flooring air dry.
What kind of adhesive can you use?
If you are going to use adhesive with our Diamond Nitro Rolls, we recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive.
When putting 2 rolls side by side, do the edges lay flat or do you have to glue the edges down?
When installing two Diamond Nitro Rolls next to each other, the edges would lay flat. You can choose to glue them down to keep them in place if need be or use some double-sided tape, but it is not required.
Can a Diamond Nitro Rolls be used in a carport exposed to rain and sun in Florida?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls can be used as flooring in a carport. These rolls are very hardy and can anything and everything that Mother Nature can through at it. The only thing you may notice with these rolls when exposed to direct sunlight is that they may fade a bit in direct sunlight. Other than that, these rolls are very easy to clean and maintain and are stain resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals.
I have a shed, and I would like to protect the floor. I have 3/4 treatable exterior wood as the flooring, now if I install the rolling mat on top will I get any mold or mildew between the mat and the wood floor?
If you install our Diamond Nitro Rolls are mold and mildew resistant, so if you install it over any flooring type, you will not get any mold or mildew growth unless there is some organic matter like food trapped under the garage roll.
I want to use this for a commercial bar floor that is currently wood. Can this product be rolled up the side wall 4-6"? I want to be able to hose it off into a floor drain.
You can install our Diamond Nitro Rolls on a wall. If you want to install our Diamond Nitro Rolls on a wall, we recommend using a spray pressure sensitive adhesive.
Can I move say a refrigerator with a hand truck on the diamond nitro roll?
You can move any item you like with a hand truck over our Diamond Nitro Rolls. These rolls were designed as an alternative to epoxy or concrete floors and are very durable and easy to install and maintain.
Is this product low VOC? Would it be safe for kids if used within a home?
Our Diamond Nitro Rolls are low VOC and would be safe to use indoors in a home. These rolls have been installed in homes all over the country and Canada and are great as flooring for basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and much more.
Can you drive a snowmobile on it with carbides if used in a trailer?
You can drive a snowmobile with carbides on our Diamond Nitro Rolls into a trailer.
Can you use this on dirt? I am looking for affordable flooring for a 20’x30’ temp storage shed on compacted dirt.
You can install our Diamond Nitro Rolls over any hard, flat surface. Recommended subfloors are concrete, plywood, and asphalt. Customers have installed our Nitro Rolls over dirt with great success. You will want to try and make sure there are no major peaks or valleys as these may damage the roll while in use.
What is the best way to install these on plywood floors in a trailer? I'm worried these won't stay down.
The best way to install our Diamond Nitro Rolls in a trailer with a plywood subfloor is with double-sided tape. This is sufficient enough to keep the flooring in place. If you are looking for something that will bond a lot stronger, then we would recommend using our Polyurethane adhesive. This adhesive is very easy to use and is freeze/thaw stable.
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