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Coin Flex Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Coin Flex Tiles
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$75.89 Case
reg: $4.33 sqft
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do your coinflex tiles contain phthalates? or VOCs?
Our Coin Flex Tiles are Phthalate free and contain no VOCs. If you would like and MSDS for these tiles, please feel free to contact one of our flooring heroes and they will be more than happy to send it to you.
What is the difference between Coin Flex and Coin Nitro Flex Tiles?
The main differences between the Coin Flex Tiles and the Coin Nitro Flex Tiles are that there are more colors available for the Coin Flex Tiles and the interlocking system. Other than that, they are virtually the same tiles.
How can the tiles be cut if need to work around column or wall?
You can cut our Coin Flex Tiles with a sharp utility knife and straight edge.
I'm looking for a response from users that battle winter elements. We live in Michigan and we have snow. My concern is the floor will be subjected to melting snow and salt 3 months out of the year. Is it a problem with the water seaping under the tiles with no place to dry? I'm concerned with mold and mildew and tiles lifting off the floor.
Our Coin Flex Tiles have been installed all over the U.S. and Cannada, and snow, ice, and salt do not affect the tiles one bit. These tiles interlock very tightly, so water, in most instances does not seep underneath the tiles. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant, so you wouldn't have to worry about it growing on your new flooring. The only time you would see mold or mildew would be in the rare case some food or other organic material got trapped underneath the tiles. If your concrete floor has a high moisture content, what you will see are the salts and minerals trapped under tiles; This typically looks like white mold, but it not. You would need to seal your concrete floor and then clean the tiles with Purple Power.
How do you clean the tiles?
Our Coin Flex Tiles can be cleaned with a blower, broom or hose. We recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution and rinsing it with a hose for stuck on stains.
Are the tiles resistant to extended exposure to sunlight?
Our Coin Flex tiles will fade in direct sunlight. They are not UV stable.
I am thinking about using the black coin pattern tile in a bathroom and laundry room. Can you see the interlocking edges once it is installed or do these disappear? Just trying to choose between the tile and a sheet product.
If you install one color, the interlocking edges will virtually disappear. They will still be visible in certain situations, but for the most part, the floor will appear seamless. If installing more than one color, the interlocking edges will show.
My garage has a drain and I typically powerwash it. I assume I would simply cut around the drain with these tiles - but can they withstand power-washing to get rid of snow, salt, dirt, etc.?
Our Coin Flex Tiles are made of durable, flexible PVC plastic and can withstand the use of a power washer on them.
Is the 3" x 20.5" Side Edge (4 per box) Coin Flex Tile the transition piece between the garage and the driveway? If not, what is the product I need?
Our Edging is the piece that would you install at the front of your driveway transitioning from the garage to the driveway.
This tile is only 4.5 mm thick or 3/16". Can I or do I need to use the 2 mm ShockPad with this to reduce noise?
Since our Coin Flex Tiles are made from flexible PVC plastic, they are very sound absorbing already and would not need an added underlay under them. We also would not recommend using any rubber underlayment under these tiles because staining could occur over time due to a chemical reaction between the tiles and the underlay. Since these tiles are made from flexible PVC, they are also very comfortable underfoot, so no underlay would be needed. If you still wanted to add an underlay, we would recommend using a foam or cork underlay.
Can the coin flex tiles be glued to wood steps in my garage?
You can glue our Coin Flex Tiles to wood steps in your garage. You would use a pressure sensitive adhesive to adhere them to the stairs.
What is the size of the coin flex without adding the interlock? So, with the interlock dimension included, what the overall size is?
The size of our Coin Flex Tiles is 20.5" x 20.5" whether interlocked or not.
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