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3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can these be installed in an office over carpet?
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles can be installed over low pile commercial grade carpet.
What am I getting when I select "beveled?" Does that mean all the borders are beveled, or does it mean something else?
If you select the beveled option in our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles, you will get beveled border and corner tiles. Center tiles are not beveled as they have no finished edges.
I am looking to use rubber as a wall covering part way up a wall. The rubber has to be a hard rubber which would be hard to pick pieces off of. Your 3/8" rubber rolls look like they could work, however I'm worried about the weight adhering to a wall. Do you have any thoughts on this use. I have an autistic son who throws things at the walls when angry and has destroyed the drywall. Something like rubber would be resistant and hopefully toys would just bounce off, also he couldn't injure himself on it.
Jane Smith
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles would work as wall covering for your son's room. These tiles are revulcanized which means there very strong and non-porous. These tiles are on the heavy side but can be glued to the wall without destroying it.
Can you mix 4x4 tiles with 2x2 tiles?
You cannot mix the 4' x 4' and 2' x 2' tiles in our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles or any other Rubber Gym Tile products.
Does it matter which side is used?
The textured side is meant to be the top.
Are there any health hazards related to the rubber?
All of our flooring is tested on a regular basis and is certified to be hazardous free. If you would like documentation of this testing, please feel free to reach out to one of our flooring heroes via chat, email, or phone.
I am looking for home gym flooring tough enough to withstand olympic weight lifting, a treadmill, and a lot of impact. These look like they would fit the bill. I am concerned with the possibility of strong rubber smell as my home gym will be a regular room right off my living room. I don't want a strong rubber odor throughout my house. Other options such as foam or cork, I don't think would withstand the beating they would receive. So... how smelly are they?
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles, as with all of our rubber tiles, do have a smell to them. Depending on how sensitive you are to smells, determines how much of an impact this smell will be. To help mitigate the rubber smell, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution and then letting the flooring air dry. To truly eliminate the smell, you may have to do this a few times.
I am looking for a rubber flooring to put on an outside patio that has no covering for the elements. Would you recommend your product for this application? If so, would you recommend the interlocking tile or the roll? And how would you recommend installing, glue down or floating? Thank you.
Martin Ray
You can install our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles outside. The tiles are non-porous making them great for any outdoor space. These tiles are resistant to mold and mildew growth and would also be water resistant. The only thing you will notice with these tiles outdoors is that they will fade in direct sunlight over time. Other than that, these tiles are perfect for any outdoor application.
How exact is the 4x4 size? Are these exactly 4x4 or is there tolerance ( or minus 1 inch etc.)?
The size of our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles are 2' x 2' and 4' x 4' respectively. When installed they are as follows: 2' x 2' (interlocked size 22.5" x 22.5"), 4' x 4'(interlocked size 46.71" x 46.71").
What is the significance of the percentages written on rubber tiles? Some say 20%, some 95%, etc. I couldn’t find it in your FAQ.
The percentages next to the color names on our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles or any other rubber product represents the amount of color that is in the tile. So, if you see a 20% or a 95% behind the color name, it just means that the tile either has 20% color or 95% color in it. The higher the number, the less black you will see.
How easy are these to clean? If I mop the tiles I currently have you have it leaves a streak because of the texture and I have to hand dry them. Can these just be mopped without streaking? Also, how resistant are they to sliding?
To keep our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles streak free, we recommend using our Rubber Floor Cleaner and Degreaser on our flooring. This cleaning product has been formulated for use with our flooring and needs no water.
Can this be used outside on a play yard? Will it buckle in the sun?
You can use our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles outside in a playground but they are not fall height rated, so we don't recommend using them under jungle gym equipment. These tiles will not buckle in direct sunlight, but they will expand and contract accordingly throughout the day.
I currently have foam flooring in my workout area, and my cats have destroyed it. Will my cats be able to scratch this rubber flooring?
Nicole Sockwell
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles are vulcanized, making them one of our most durable rubber floors. Your cats would be able to scratch it, but they would not be able to destroy these tiles like they did the foam tiles. These tiles are very thick and dense, and any scratches that they would create would be on the surface only.
What would be the best tile for the laundry room that gets some water on it from time to time and where my hot water boiler furnace is, and also my water heater is?
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles are a great tile to use in a laundry room, or anywhere water may be present. These tiles are non-porous, meaning that any water would just sit on top of the tiles. Since these are tiles, if, for some reason, there were to be a major water issue, you can easily pick them up, clean them, let them dry, and reinstall them. Since these tiles are rubber tiles, they are mold and mildew resistant and are very slip resistant when wet or dry.
Are these tiles, 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles made in the USA? If not, where are they made?
Terry Clark
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles are made in the USA.
Do these tiles need to cover the room entirely to keep them from moving? I'm looking to use against one wall, which would leave three sides of the mats not secured against a wall.
You do not have to install our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles wall-to-wall. We offer beveled border tiles for this very fact. The flooring will not move as the interlocked flooring will be heavy enough to stay in place.
Can I put the rubber tiles directly over a wood floor, or should I put felt or something else under the tiles.
J Hall
You can install our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles over wood flooring without it damaging the wood flooring. If you have concerns that it might, we recommend placing a plastic sheet between the rubber and wood flooring. This will ensure that your wood flooring is properly protected.
Are the Rubber Gym Tiles and sport lock tiles wet jet cut? Are Rubber Floor Ramps available for both tiles, or do I have to use beveled border tiles for the door openings?
william d rerecich
Our Rubber Gym Tiles and our Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are water jet cut. Tiles cut this way will have a tighter interlocking seam, making your floor appear more seamless. We have Rubber Floor Ramps for both types of rubber tiles. With our Rubber Gym Tiles, you can also get beveled tiles, which means you won't have to pay extra for a ramp.
How do you cut these tiles?
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles can be cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Since these tiles are vulcanized, they are a little more difficult to cut compared to our standard rubber flooring. When cutting these tiles, you will want to score the tiles first, to get a straight cut. Once you have scored the tile, then you will want to repeatedly cut the tile until you are all the way through.
I have a carpeted floor at the upper level in my house, and I want to use that for a treadmill. Do I need to put some plywood base before placing these rubber tiles?
Our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles can be easily installed over low pile commercial carpet. Over plush, thick padded carpet, a plywood board would need to be installed first to prevent the tiles from separating. If installing these tiles over a dark carpet, staining shouldn't be an issue. When installing over light-colored carpet, you may have some staining. Over this type of carpet, we recommend placing a plastic sheet under the tiles to prevent staining. If you have plush, thick padded carpet, the plywood board would be all that is needed.
Are the 4'x4' beveled tiles beveled on 2 sides?
The number of beveled edges on a tile depends on the type of tile. The border tiles in our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles have on beveled edge. The corner tiles have 2 beveled edges. The center tiles have none.
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