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1-1/4" Fit Rubber Tiles Questions & Answers

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1-1/4" Fit Rubber Tiles
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I am putting a play structure in my backyard which is dirt at the moment, but I will be putting in grass. I would like to have a section for rubber tiles under and around the playset in the middle of the gras?s yard. However in the future, I may want to move the playset to a different spot. What tiles would be best over dirt and also be able to be pulled up and installed in a different area if I decide to move the playset in a couple of years? I don't want to use mulch because my dog will eat it. I live in southern California.
Our 1" Fit Rubber tiles can be placed over compact dirt, and can be moved from place to place as needed.
I am thinking about using these tiles as a weightlifting platform for my garage. Do these tiles connect straight and flat or do they connected uneven or lopsided at all? I would like to make sure there are no uneven spaces or warping.
Our 1-1/4" Fit Rubber Tiles interlock straight and flat. These tiles would only interlock unevenly if the subfloor were majorly uneven. If that were the case, we would recommend fixing the subfloor issues before installing our tiles.
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