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10+ Ways to Use Your Garage – From Functional to Fun

Not sure what to do with your garage other than park in it? Learn 10+ ways to use your garage and determine the use that’s best for you. From functional to fun, there is something for everyone.

Have you ever read the Dr. Seuss book Oh the Thinks You Can Think? I love the way it teaches kids to use their imaginations.

Somehow, as adults, we often forget to use our imagination and see things outside the box. We see, for example, a garage, and assume it’s the place to park our cars and/or store things.

Those aren’t wrong. However, there are so many possibilities many people never imagine. Garages are interesting, versatile spaces. They can be transformed into whatever you want them to be.

Let’s take a look at some potential uses.

Traditional Garage

traditional garage

I suppose this is plenty self-explanatory. You typically use your garage to park your car(s) and, possibly, some extra storage.

That doesn’t mean it has to be boring! I promise, whether you’re using your garage as a giant home theater or a traditional place to park your car, there are ways to deck it out.

Don’t be shy about your traditional use and don’t be afraid to use it for more than one thing, as well.

To build a traditional garage, we recommend starting with a nice and simple garage flooring roll to keep your floor looking nice and clean. You can also check out some simple, unintrusive storage options for all of your gear.

Man Cave

man cave

It seems like ever since I Love You Man came out, the man cave has had a surge in popularity. Since women tend to (but not always!) take charge on decorating and organizing the house, men seem to crave a space that is purely their own.

What better place than the one room in the house most women could not care less about? Garages are the perfect space to build your dream man cave for all your manly activities and hobbies. It’s also a great place for you to get away and have your own space, which can be difficult, especially if you have kids at home.

Because every man is different, every man cave is different, too. Just because a hobby or interest is social deemed “manly”, that doesn’t mean every man enjoys it.

Here are a few ideas for ways to use your man cave.

The "I Want to Watch Sports" Man Cave

the i want to watch sports man cave

Whether it’s Sunday football, college hockey or the NBA playoffs, sports lovers want a place to relax and watch their teams (hopefully) kick some ass. If you have a wife and kids, it’s unlikely that she will want you and 10 of your friends yelling at the TV in the living room for hours at a time.

This is your solution to the “Go watch the game at the bar!” comments you’re tired of hearing. You deck it out with a big screen TV, recliners (the ones with cup holders, obviously) and tons of posters with your favorite team.

If you’re not planning to park your car in this man cave, you should definitely check out our sports carpet tiles to see if we carry your favorite team. If you do plan to park in there also, a garage roll or garage tiles would be a great foundation along with a small storage area for all your manly things.

The "I Want to Drink Craft Beer & Cocktails" Man Cave

Your IPA and fancy scotch lounge awaits. I mean, if you drink Bud Light, I guess that’s okay, too. But I promise, there is better beer out there.

Anyway, a lounge/bar type man cave is a great idea if you’re someone who’s into the beer and cocktail experience. Like, if you have that brewery passport app or you spend $50+ on a bottle of your favorite liquor, this might be the man cave for you.

You can easily set up a home bar in the garage and decorate it like your favorite lounge. Add a TV to watch sports or movies and a storage option for all your beer and cocktail glasses.

A garage flooring roll would be an easy-to-clean option that still lets you park your car in the garage when you’re not having your favorite guys over. If you’re not parking in there, a nice vinyl roll can give you a wood or stone look at a crazy good price!

The "I Want to Play Foosball" Man Cave

the i want to play foosball man cave

Anytime I think about Foosball, I am immediately reminded of the countless episodes of Friends where Joey and Chandler played. I’ve never really understood the fun in that game, but whatever type of games you want to play in your man cave, you can totally make that happen.

To turn your garage into a man cave game room, first decide whether you still want to park your car in there. That will determine which type of flooring is best. Then, pick out your games and furniture. And don’t forget a little storage for all of your things.

The "I'm Unique and Not Like Any of These" Man Cave

So that covered quite a few options, but I know everyone is different and your man cave can be whatever you want it to be! Ain’t nobody tryin’ to pigeon hole you here.

There are countless options for your man cave. More options than one person could ever come up with on their own. Whatever type of man cave you want, you can make it happen with a little decor and, of course, the right floor.


Sometimes you need a dedicated space to do your craft or hobby. The garage can be a great place to keep your projects, especially the messy ones.

It’s easy to set up your garage to be a shared parking area and workspace. Or, if you have tons of stuff going on, you can make it an entirely dedicated works area.

Let’s chat about a few of your workspace options.



No matter how much you love what you do, we all know inside the house is not the best place to be sawing through wood or working on cars. These are messy jobs. Also, can you imagine the logistics of getting your car inside?!

You don’t want to be outside in the dead of summer or winter so that leaves you with the task of figuring out a dedicated workspace that’s shielded from some of the elements.

Now, if you’re going to be working on cars, you will definitely want an epoxy coating or dedicated garage flooring system. These will also work for a woodworking type shop, but that gives you a few more options.

If you’re not parking in there, easy-to-clean vinyl is also a great option for a woodworking shop. I’d for sure take a look at the super-affordable peel & stick vinyl tiles . Your wallet will love you and they are so easy to install yourself.

Last, make sure you have all your tools and, of course, some storage and/or shelving for them to live in/on.

Craft Room

Knitting, beading, painting, origami, you name it. Craft lovers need a space to lay out all of their things and get to work.

Once mostly a hobby, crafting has picked up a lot of steam in the past few years. Maybe you’ve been to a little site called Etsy? Craft enthusiasts can now sell their products online easily and, often, make a living doing it.

This means, you’ve gotta have your space. Get started with an easy-to-clean garage flooring roll or vinyl roll if you’re not going to park your car in the garage. Next, get all your crafts together and some storage and working space . Then you’re good to go!

And Beyond

There are countless ways to create a workspace in your garage. Whatever it is you love to do, you can easily transform your space to accommodate it.

Garage Gym / Fitness Studio

I have seen some sweet garage gyms in my day. When you think about it, it’s really the perfect place to put your home gym if you’re not set on parking your car in there. Garages are generally moderately big and open with a concrete subfloor that you don’t have to worry much about.

Working out and fitness mean different things for a lot of people. Here are just a few ideas of ways you can create your home garage gym.

Traditional Home Garage Gym

traditional home garage gym

If you’re looking to start a fitness regimen or ditch that Planet Fitness membership, but not super passionate about any specific type of fitness, a traditional home gym in your garage is a great place to start.

All you need is your rubber gym flooring and whatever equipment you’d like to use, such as a treadmill, elliptical, free weights, total home gym, etc. You can put up motivational fitness posters, mirrors and/or anything else that motivates you.

CrossFit Home Garage Gym

traditional home garage gym

This is my dream garage right here. The whole idea of CrossFit is kind of a no frills garage gym vibe so putting your own CrossFit workout space in your garage makes a lot of sense.

You don’t need any bells and whistles. All you need to do CrossFit is a good, thick rubber floor (⅜” is perfect) to handle all the heavy Olympic lifts, a barbell and some weights. A rack, pull-up bar, kettlebell and rowing machine are also great to have around, but you can get by with the bare essentials if you need to.

Garage Yoga Studio

This can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. You can simply put down an inexpensive flooring like a vinyl roll (if you’re not planning to park in there) or peel & stick tiles then stock it with a few of your favorite yoga mats, blocks, straps and towels. You probably already have most of that at home.

Alternatively, you could make a full floor yoga mat with soft tiles that you can use for all your yoga and stretching without ever having to get out your mat. This is great if you have multiple people practicing at once.

Once you have your floor situation figured out, add some calming lighting and decor to make this a relaxing and meditative space. The more zen, the better.

Garage Martial Arts Studio

garage martial arts studio

For you martial arts enthusiasts, have you ever imagined having your own studio in your garage? Imagine the improvements you could make with a dedicated practice space just 20 steps from your living room.

Create your own dedicated practice space by covering your garage floor with martial arts mats. Up the ante by adding crash mats to the walls for extra safety.

From there, add any decor or signs you want to personalize your space. And don’t forget some extra storage for your gi and any belts you may collect.

And Beyond

Boxing, Zumba, Barre…there are about a zillion (well-researched data right there – you’re welcome) types of workouts and if I tried to give examples of every one of them, this would become the Garage Use Novel.

If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you’re looking to start a garage home gym for an activity not covered, hit us up! We’ll make sure to get you on the right track.



Are you a person who has a lot of stuff? Like, not the usual amount that fits nicely in your hall closet and bookshelf. But you’ve been collecting things since you were 3 years old and have yet to throw any of them away?

Then you are probably someone who could use a garage storage solution!

Here’s the thing – most people do the garage storage thing totally wrong. They shove everything they don’t use on a daily basis in the garage and hope for the best. Items pile up and, before you know it, you can’t even walk around in there, let alone find anything.

If you ask me, you can go for a garage storage unit and still be able to park your car in there. If you’re smart.

However, you are welcome to fill that baby up with your things. Let’s just do it in an organized and civilized manner.

If you’re going to use your garage for storage, you need to start with the right storage units . A little organization from the very beginning will save you loads of time (and regret) later on.

Practice Space

If you’re a performing artist or in the entertainment industry, you know how much time you spend honing your craft. My brother plays the upright bass and he spends hours upon hours in the university practice rooms.

Sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to create your own practice space at home. Sometimes performers need that opportunity to get out of the house and practice with some new scenery.

But wouldn’t it be nice if that space was in your home? No travel time, no excuses, just a consistent, reliable place to practice.



The great thing about a garage practice space is you can be as loud as you want! Yes, typically, sound will still carry into the house. But there are plenty of things you can do for sound-proofing. Also, either way, it’s going to be way quieter than if you turned your guest room into your studio.

To get started on your garage practice space, you really just need your instrument(s), a great place to store them and, preferably, a garage floor or garage floor coating so you’re not putting your instruments down on the rough, dirty concrete.



I vividly remember practicing pirouettes on my kitchen floor because it was the biggest space that wasn’t carpeted. The struggle is real for dancers who want to practice outside of the dance studio.

Good news! Your garage is a great place to set up your own personal dance studio. With plenty of open space, it’s great for everything from centre to across the floor.

You can install dance flooring, put in ballet bars, you name it. Don’t forget to put in a little storage to store things like dance shoes, leg warmers, etc.

And Others

Magicians, actors, comedians, entertainers of all types – we have not forgotten you! No matter what you want to practice in your garage, you can easily transform it into your dream space.

Put down some flooring, get organized and get practicing!



One thing I hear a lot from parents is the idea of going back to active play. There’s no doubt that we live in an age dominated by technology. However, having a dedicated technology-free playroom with space to run around and play is something many parents still desire.

Not everyone has the space inside their home to create a playroom for the kiddos. Often forgotten, the garage just might be your place!

Now, if I were to suggest your kids play on the hard, dirty concrete, you’d probably think I was nuts. I’d agree with you.

If you don’t plan to park your car in the garage, you can easily put down carpet with a cushy underlayment or soft tiles to keep the little ones safe and sound. Don’t forget a little storage for all their toys.

Entertainment Room

entertainment room

If you’re someone who loves to entertain but just doesn’t have the room or the resources inside your home, a garage entertainment room could be exactly what you need.

There are multiple ways to entertain so think about if you want to add a couch and a big screen TV, an arcade, a fancy dining area, etc. The possibilities are endless.

If you’ll be doing entertaining and not parking, you’ll want to start with an in-home flooring like vinyl, or carpet. And you’ll want some shelving for all your entertainment goodies.


If you don’t have the extra room inside the house and tend to do a lot of work at home, the garage can be a great place to create your home office. You can section off your garage to leave room to park your car or go all out and take up the entire thing.

When I first moved into my house, the garage had been converted into a home office. We decided to turn it back into a garage, but it was a fairly easy transition. Turning it into an office is also relatively quick and painless.

Most people choose to go the inexpensive carpet route, but a nice vinyl roll would also be great. If you still want to park in part of the garage or want to make a later transition more accessible, try out a garage flooring roll . It will still give a nice flooring surface for your office, but it’s multi-use and less limited.

Then all you need is your office furniture and some storage to keep your things.


A less common use, but think about it. Close your eyes. Actually, don’t close your eyes because then you can’t read my instructions. With your eyes open, imagine that library from Beauty and the Beast.

If you’re an avid reader, you’ve probably only dreamed of creating a library like that. It can be yours! Deck out your garage with fancy bookshelves, your favorite books and a gorgeous in-home flooring. It will be a unique, show-stopping house piece that people will talk about for hours after they leave.
Ready to get started? Order samples of your favorite garage flooring today!